WFDY calls the youth of Turkey to the demonstration on September 4


On the night of July 15, Turkey has witnessed an attempted coup which was encouraged by the imperialist forces. This attempted military coup was aiming to purge the “unreliable allies” in the power from the Turkish political scene and to restore the capitalist order in Turkey in coherence with the new climate in Middle East. We strongly denounce the coup plotters who are in line with the imperialist planning in the area of Middle East, in which the Turkish Government has a significant role.

Nevertheless, none of the sides which took part in this inter-state conflict were representing the people’s and youth’s benefits.

Since 2003, under the rule of the AKP (President of the Republic Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s party) the basic labor rights have been extorted, state institutions have been privatised, democratic actions were banned and police brutality against the student youth was normalised. Erdogan and his clique openly have a fundamentalist agenda and they have been serving the US imperialism and the greedy Turkish capitalist class from the very beginning of their political career.

Declaring Erdogan a hero of democracy and taking side with the fundamentalist and pro-market AKP government is equally wrong with expecting help from the coup plotters and the imperialist forces.

Considering these facts, we call the youth of Turkey not to take part in this rivalry between the two fundamentalist forces but to participate to the demonstration which will be held with the title “We will not yield to religious fundamentalism, imperialism and military coups” on 4th of September in Istanbul, organised by numerous intellectuals, trade union leaders and politicians.

As the World Federation of Democratic Youth, we salute the anti-imperialist and revolutionary legacy of the youth of Turkey. Long live the anti-imperialist, anti-fundamentalist youth struggle! Do not yield!

WFDY HQ Budapest, August 27, 2016

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WFDY, World Federation of Democratic Youth is an international youth organization, recognized by the United Nations as an international youth non-governmental organization. WFDY describes itself as an “anti-imperialist, left-wing.The WFDY Headquarters are in Budapest, Hungary.

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“Dost” word is Turkish word. There is no correspond of this word in another language completely. “Dost” word is the combination of two words “friendship and brotherhood”, but it is more valuable and stronger than two of them. If you accepted to someone or some creature as “dost”, he/she/it would be your next in a life time, as being physical or not.

The beauty of life, is to share it with “dostlar.” Dostlar is plural form of dost word. Whether you’re from this planet or not, the important thing is what you have accumulated to your life with your dostlar.

The song at the video, which sang by Group Yorum, it tells very well to this. Song belongs a Turkish folk poet Asık Mahzuni Serif. Lyrics as follows:

Here! I am leaving, my black eyed
Even if the mountains line up in front of us
My bedevilment is my capital, my fortune is my bereavement
Even if my good fortune is getting worse
I want to walk around supreme mountains for long time
Dost left me into sorrow
I want to sing at devastated vineyards
Even if the heaven is brought in front of my foot

Group Yorum sang this song in their 25. anniversary concert that they gave in Istanbul-Inonu Stadium which is legendary stadium of Besiktas football team. That concert has occured with the participation of 55.000 people. I was not in here that days. Two years later, I watched Iron Maiden concert in Inonu Stadium in 26 July, 2013 with my dostlar. This was the last concert before this legendary stadium was destroyed. Even some of us had planned taking one or two seats of stadium out as souvenir. After all, they will go to garbage, they could be historical souvenir. But it couldn’t be possible:) Iron Maiden concert was great. Better yet, Iron Maiden concert was given the Gezi Park resistance days. Even all we sang the “Fear of the dark” as “Fear of the Park”. That was the spirit of resistance, and to live this with Iron Maiden was spectacular! Anyway, that’s another issue 🙂

If we return back to Group Yorum, they are legendary music band which has left-wing as you can understand with their songs. They render the Anatolian folk songs in an original way. Even their concerts were taken under review by state many times. Already, the state doesn’t like left-wing. There are many words of Nazim Hikmet or Asık Veysel inside their songs. Already, the state doesn’t like them either. Anti-imperialism is inside of their songs. For example, like this song:

For listen:Get out America

And it’s lyric:

We’ve never bent in front of you, while we hold our head high
We are standing in front of you.
We are owner this country as sons of this nation
You America, afraid of us
Hey you, the god of persecution
Nuisance of humanity
Get out get out America!
Get your hands off my bread, my honor
Get out America
Our scream is growing with independece fire
This homeland is ours!
We will throw out your tanks your soldiers your existence from our homeland!

Turkey was never independent from 1950’s to today’s. It has been under USA hegemony. Thousands of people who aware of this have resisted, have been tortured, and killed. And still they are resisting. And this song is “Yankee go home” song of Turkey.

Another “dost” song is “Dostum, dostum”. Dostum means “my dost”. And if you want to listen “Dostum dostum” song with Selda Bagcan, here it is

lyrics of “Dostum dostum”:

I am in such a place that
One of my side is blue moss, and it would become rough in blue waters
Dostum dostum my beatiful dost
What a worse line this is,
What a infuriating balance this is,
One of our side is dropping leaves
The other side of ours is blossom garden

An another “dost” song belongs to Asık Veysel: “Dostum, I don’t want to any wealth without you”. There are numerous songs that have written for “dost” in Anatolia.

I have made many “dost” in Turkey. I have made many “dost” who against imperialism in diffrent parts on this planet. We laughed a lot of with together. I learned a lot of things from them. I have lived many good things with them, and I am living still. Some of them lost their lives, they don’t breathe on this planet anymore. But even if they breathe or not, wherever I go, they are always with me.

“You are not able to have an idea, without having knowledge.” Ugur Mumcu

22 years ago today, Ugur Mumcu, Turkish journalist and writer was killed with the bomb, which was exploded in his car, in front of his house. He was working at Cumhuriyet newspaper and writing about the Islamic capital, which began to settle Turkey, when he was killed.

His explanation with his words:
“Today in Turkey, strands of Islam, who are fed with financial assistance from the abroad run wild. I will explain all them name by name. I am trying to prove that they are included which political powers and the capital groups which they have behind.”

From the one of his last articles,
January 7, 1993 with the title, “Mossad and Barzani,”
“If the Kurds are making the war of independence against colonialism, what are CIA and Mossad doing inside the Kurds? Or the CIA and Mossad are fighting against imperialism, but entire world is not aware of their war!”

Today in 2015, if it is wanted to learn what is happening into the Middle East, the answer of this belongs to past, at that years. That years, seven important journalist, professor and politician were killed in Turkey. Tragicomic side of all, their killers never found… What a pain for a public. Today, if the imperialism can kill thousands in this region easily, because of that the imperialism has prepared of this for years.

But, imperialism has not accounted one thing as always. One million people were in his funeral ceremony at that day, and today millions of people have same thought with him. “Imperialism kills.”

After his death, a poem-folk song sang for him:

…When we are planted, we come back as crop
When we are crushed; we come back as flour
When we go as only one person; we come back as thousands
To shoot me, is it salvation?

Here are some of his thoughts with his words:

He was anti-imperialist
“I am Kemalist. I am republican. I am secular. I am anti-imperialist. I am side with full independent Turkey. I am defender of human rights. I am against the terrorists. I am the enemy of bigots, thieves, profiteers, self-seeking. Until yesterday morning, you could not deny any subject, which I’ve written with researching. If so, you shoot me, you break me into pieces; the people who will go beyond of me, will born from into every pieces of mine.”

He felt responsible himself for entire humanity
“People are not responsible only for what they are talking; they are also responsible for what they are silent.”

He was a realistic
“You are not able to have an idea, without having knowledge.”

He has stood with justice
“Injustice, which is done to a person, it is a crime against the whole society.”

He was human rights defender in real sense
“The people who keep in silence, would be involved to these crimes against humanity. These innocent people could be Jews, Arabian, Christian; the race and religion discrimination are not made. The dead people are human being.”

He was poetical
“Some of dead, how much close to us,
Most of livings, how much dead…”

He was against Nato and United States imperialism
“Our republic, which has got independence underlying own basis, were delivered in the imperialist octopus arms after the World War II. It is such a surrender that our underground sources are at multinational corporations’ disposal; it is such a surrender that our mining, petroleum and foreign investment laws have been prepared by the foreign experts; it is a such a surrender that the parts of our country lands were donated to another state’s general staff under the name of “base”; it is a such a surrender that our army weapons, vehicles and equipment are connected to the dictates of transoceanic countries.”

And, he is still anti-imperialist, he fells himself responsible of entire humanity, he is a realistic, he stands with justice, he is human rights defender in real sense, he was poetical, he is against Nato and United States imperialism. Because, the thoughts are never killed.

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