What will you give to this planet more than what Hammurabi did?

Cultural treasures in Iraq are being looted again; in this time by ISIL. ISIL militants are cutting sculptures head; as the same thing what they do to the people. A known fact, after the invasion of Iraq by America, the Baghdad museum was looted.

Let’s remember those days:

From the quotes http://theamericanscholar.org/the-sack-of-baghdad/#.VF3MjmdM4uk

“It may be impossible to assign blame, but it is easy to pinpoint alternate courses of action. The events at the gallery compound could have been mitigated by any number of choices on the part of U.S. forces: not to invade Iraq at all; to deliver orders for the site’s protection; to circumvent it in battle plans; and then to deliver soldiers and protection once the looting had begun—once, indeed, museum officials had requested help. But such choices were never made, or never acted upon.
At Isin, in the south, the thefts are presided over by the site’s chief guards, who take a cut of all finds; an archaeologist fighting to stop the destruction there was abducted for three weeks last December. Aerial views of Umma, a Sumerian city-state of the third millennium B.C.E., reveal a scene of surgical devastation: a dense honeycomb of cavities from which looters nightly extract thousands of artifacts. “A sea of holes in the desert—negative spaces in history,” write Garen and Carleton in The Looting of the Iraq Museum, noting that “a landscape as desolate as the surface of the moon during the day springs to life after sunset with generators, lightbulbs, trucks, and shovels, as hundreds of looters dig till dawn.”
Where are the American forces? According to the Geneva Convention of 1949, the Hague Convention of 1954, and the UNESCO Convention of 1970, foreign powers owe full responsibility for the protection of cultural treasures in the lands they choose to occupy. But at Isin, not a troop is in sight. At least one officer in the U.S. military, Lt. Col. Daniel O’Donohue, has told a New York Times reporter that the Iraqis must defend any “fixed site” on their own.

Nowadays, the head cutter creatures who called ISIL, are doing the same thing.

From quotes http://edition.cnn.com/2014/10/22/world/meast/iraq-isis-cultural-destruction/index.html?hpt=wo_bn11

Qais Hussain Rashid, director general of Iraqi museums, told CNN of the depredations carried out by ISIS militants.
“They cut these reliefs and sell them to criminals and antique dealers,” he said, gesturing toward an ornate carving dating back thousands of years.
“Usually they cut off the head, leaving the legs, because the head is the valuable part.”


And there are praises to the Iraq’s cultural treasures again. How much hypocritical humanity is!
I’m curious. What will the people who live on the planet right now, leave legacy as cultural? Do you believe that you do have more than Hammurabi’s cultural legacy? Did you make any Babylon Hanging Gardens or Tower of Babylon? Did you? I can’t hear you!
I tell you what you will leave behind yourself. Nothing! If you keep going like these, you are starting the disable and stupid humanity age. Good for you!

For the all museum looting: