The board of management of The Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons, Istanbul made a call to the cats: “Keep away from the electric transformers!”

The writing on the caps: “All kinds of blackmail, montage and sabotage about electricity is our business”

This call is not a joke, I mean it. But it is very funny and I am holding myself to not laugh.:)

30 March 2014, after the power outage which occurred during the local elections in Turkey, Turkey’s Energy and Natural Resources Minister said “the cats have entered transformers,” as explanation.

After the three-hour outage, the votes of the AKP (R.T. Erdogan ruling party) had risen especially in the capital city Ankara. 7 June 2015, this sunday, there will be the general election in Turkey. And there is a doubt in the mind of the people of Turkey: What if it will be outage again? So, there are doubts about election security.

Various organizations and opposition parties again has made call about “the entry of the cats to transformers” in different ways. For example, 5 days ago, main opposition party CHP leader Kemal Kılıcdaroglu made a call to its voters:
“If there will be outage again, you sit on the ballot box until the electricity came back.”

At last, The Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons, Istanbul made a call to the cats.

The text of the call to the cats as following:

We warn our cats friends; we will reconsider our friendship again if the same thing would happen.

Yes, we chose this profession because we love you.

Until today, we’re served you without making discrimination that you are Van cat, Iran cat, tabby cat or stray cat.

Whenever you need to us in day or night, we have been with you.


You’ve doomed us to yourself,
with your beautiful colors which reminds us this country,
with your unique eyes which reminds us blue seas,
with your mumbling which is more beautiful than the lullaby.

However, we warn you;

In this important election that will determine the future of this country,

You do not make the acts which will be the reason of disappointment for the millions who will vote with the hopes of fraternal and welfare.
You do not make the acts which will be plunged the citizens into darkness.

Keep away from the electric transformers.

Otherwise, we will reconsider our friendship again.

Tomorrow, when you will come in front us with the reasons “I get sick, my vaccines time has came, or I will breed” with saying meow meow, you don’t be embarrassed.

The statement is funny and providing thought. Already, I do not know, if the people of Turkey do not holding the humor, what would happen. 🙂

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In these snowy days, do something good for Mother Earth: you share some of your foods with the other children of her

In the last three years, even if the expected winter didn’t still come to Winterfell, the winter has come to the northern hemisphere again. We can conclude that there are not expert meteorologists at Westeros, but this is irrelevant with our subject.

Northern hemisphere on this planet is cold anymore. Most people are living in the houses, however there are living creatures at the outside under the cold. The stray animals need more food in these days. Even remaining foods on your plate are enough for that dogs and cats. It is not difficult to deserve their friendships.