Are you aware of danger?

Think of an island; it is one of the places people hear the most often. An island, a place where almost every rich state on world wants to get a share because of an interest, the citizens do not have much of a right to speak, but somehow, an island that is introduced to the world as if the citizens have a voice, by the rulers and power holders. It’s actually a heavenly place. But…

Very strange things have been happening on this island for about 1.5 years. Yes, everything has started after the pandemic in Cyprus.

Let’s look at what has happened only since January 10 in Cyprus, without mentioning what happened last year for now.

In these days, if you are a Cyprus citizen, you must fill the forms such as “DECLARATION OF CITIZEN’S MOVEMENT BY EXCEPTION” on your way out home. The first document on the Cyprus Government Press and Information Office web page side link.


According to this document, if you are a Cyprus citizen, you have to send an SMS to the state’s SMS-based data system every time you go out and let them know where you are going. In fact, the government has been so helpful(!) in this regard because in the second document on the same link, “it has divided your departure locations and departure purposes into categories for WITHOUT LIMITATION 3 HOURS”. Then, the data sytem will not get confused, haha! How thoughtful they are!

In the same document, according to article 6, if I was living in there, I have been in truble, because they would have limited WD’s movement too. Article 6. “In what cases is movement by exception permitted without sending a text message?” Item 2: “for walking a domestic animal or for physical exercise, provided that the movement is limited to the area adjacent to the residence (within a radius of 500 m from the residence) and provided that no more than two persons are present, except for minor children accompanied by their parents.”

What! 500 m? Are you serious! Limiting it to 500 meters means for us WD can’t go to his favorite park and see his friends!

Again, according to the same article, places of worship are allowed, you can go without sending an SMS to those places. So you don’t need to send an SMS to go to places of worship where many people can be collectively and quicly you can get Covid-19, but you have to send an SMS to buy a box of milk from the convenience store.

Here is a good article on the subject.

Cyprus and privacy in the time of Covid

The government of the RoC has been enforcing on every person living on the island an SMS-based system which collects data about them on a daily basis, without any right or choice to opt out.
Data being collected are known to you all:
Passport/ID number which identifies you as an individual, therefore provides information about your citizenship and potentially plenty of data (including name, surname, DoB, residency, especially if you are a European citizen, and all your data that are stored in any government database on the island);
Home postcode which exposes where you live;
Reason to go out, may this be supermarkets, pharmacy or simply going out to do some sport;
This mass-collection of data can and has been used instead as a tool to analyse where and when people of Cyprus spend most of their time.
I don’t mean to say that this is a totally unreliable method to contain the spread but everything comes at a cost. In this case the cost is our right to privacy.
The simple fact of being a citizen, a resident or simply a person living on this island doesn’t subscribe or mandate me or anyone else to be subjected to this.
If, instead, this sounds right to you, we might as well be living in a black mirror-like dystopian world, in which police and government get along to take advantage of their people and violate their basic human rights (yes, privacy is a human right, says the EU)…
These practices are also extended to Covid tests, in which personal data related to a medical test are stored god knows where, without people being provided with any privacy policy (or any information to whom I can request a data deletion or the so-called, right to erasure). Oh, and yes, recurrent rapid tests are mandatory if you work in any business on the island.
Local companies and banks would have been fined by the Cyprus commissioner of data protection (EDPB) for way less.

But there is one group that is exempt from all these. They are tourists. If you are in Cyprus as a tourist then you do not have to send SMS anywhere. The Tuesday edition of a daily paper reported that tourists would not be subject to the SMS tyranny for their movements.

I guess the tourists are 100% immune to Covid-19 for reasons that are not yet known. Covid-19 also scared in front of tourists. The scientific world needs to examine this issue. Maybe when you switch to tourist identity, you switch from human to another species, and your genetics change.:)

Or, it is necessary to admit how absurd and unfair this is to the people of Cyprus and to deal with all events from the beginning!

Likewise Cyprus, there are other countries on this planet that do not enforce the restrictions on tourists. The main item is not actually protecting its own people from Covid-19, as seen. The main item is money, money, money.

This is a dystopian movie.The story of the sovereigns who have a magnificent trump card like Covid-19 in their hands. It is the human species who came here with a tourist identity. When he returns to his own country, probably he will experience the same thing tomorrow. But we said it’s a dystopian movie. He is a tourist now and will only wake up when he returns to his home.

Are you aware of the danger? These have been happening in Cyprus nowadays, but who knows which country citizens experience these tomorrow?

You might say “nothing happens to me, I live in an EU country, or another country with (so-called) civilization at the top. But let’s not forget that Cyprus is an EU member. And it does apply this to its own people as an EU member country. It also bases these applications entirely on European Commission missions.

A name stands out here: Stella Kyriakides (she is vice-president in Cyprus since 2013) is European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety since 1 December 2019.

On this link there is “Mission letter” which was sent by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission to Stella Kyriakides in 1 December 2019. While reading many fancy sentences, some interesting points in the letter mean a lot to those who want to see it.

For example, Ursula von der Leyen says under the title “Protecting and promoting public health” to Stella Kyriakides in page 4:

“I want you to look at ways to help ensure Europe has the supply of affordable medicines to meet its needs. In doing so, you should support the European pharmaceutical industry to ensure that it remains an innovator and world leader.
Hmm, I wonder what needs to be done to keep the big pharma in Europe as the world leader?

In page 5, she says:

“We need to make the most of the potential of e-health to provide high-quality healthcare and reduce inequalities. I want you to work on the creation of a European Health Data Space to promote health-data exchange and support research on new preventive strategies, as well as on treatments, medicines, medical devices and outcomes. As part of this, you should ensure citizens have control over their own personal data.”

“You should ensure citizens have control over their own personal data,” is one of the fancy sentences. As far as we know, this having control issue is not working with one side. This is a double-sided knife, and for some reason one side, that is, the side that the government controls this system, is sharper for some reasons(!), but that’s not mentioned here, of course. As I have said, this is one of the fancy sentences.

If you ask why I mentioned European Health Data Space as bold letters upper, now we come to that subject.

According to European Health Data Space web page and some other links, “The creation of a European Data Space is one of the priorities of the Commission 2019-2025, including the health sector. “

This year in February (as far as I have understood) it should have been launched but it did not. And according to web page “It will build on and potentially scale up existing initiatives such as the eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure, the European Reference Networks and the Genomics project.”

build on and potentially scale up Genomics projects!

Lets remember what is the Genomics
“Genomics, study of the structure, function, and inheritance of the genome (entire set of genetic material) of an organism. A major part of genomics is determining the sequence of molecules that make up the genomic deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) content of an organism.”

If the human species were an ideal species, and had given equal rights to every member of its species, and acted in an unprofitable manner for the true improvement of its species, I would be in favor of somehow gathering and evaluating data for health. However, the human species is not such a species. Besides, what does a database that is said to be a human health priority have to do with Genomic projects? Someone can explain it to me?

You see, the subject is so deep that when you take one out, like Matryoshka Dolls, continuously new one comes out of inside it, haha!

Brief summary of what we have seen so far in this article:

-The people of Cyprus are under pressure with the state’s Covid-19 so-called measures.

-These measures are applied only to the public and not to tourists.

-These measures are based on the European Commission missions.

-Stella Kyriakides, is Cyprus vice president also European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety

-The letter of assignment sent to her concerns not only the island but the whole of Europe.

-Stella Kyriakides needs to work to ensure that European big pharma monopolies do not lose their world leadership, and one of her duties is to help build the European Health Data Space.

-And one mission of European Health Data Space is to scale up Genomic projects.

Let’s now turn back again the “Mission letter” which was sent by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission to Stella Kyriakides in 1 December 2019, page 5

“Many of today’s epidemics are linked to the rise or return of highly infectious diseases. I want you to focus on the full implementation of the European One Health Action Plan against Antimicrobial Resistance and work with our international partners to advocate for a global agreement on the use of and access to antimicrobials.”

She is mentioning Antimicrobial medicines and again a number of international partners and a global agreement for these. What does she mean, hmm?:)

It is also great that she winked in the last sentence at the end of the letter.

“I look forward to working losely together at that is an exciting and testing time for our Union. You can of course count on my full personal and political support throughout our mandate.”

Actually, both Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission and Stella Kyriakides, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety are the humans who can make heroic speeches when the time comes. We should be fair to them!

Like in here:

Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, said: “It is only by working together globally, in solidarity, that we can defeat the coronavirus. We need an inclusive international approach and as we are showing today, Team Europe – European Commission and EU Member States – is committed to ensuring the success of the COVAX Facility and facilitating access to a vaccine in an equitable manner for all people across the world.”

Very touching and heroic!

Let’s state that, COVAX Facility, co-led by Gavi, (she mentioned in her speech) was launched at the end of April 2020 at an event co-hosted by the Director-General of the World Health Organization, the President of France, the President of the European Commission, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Any ringing bell?

By the way, if you ask what the people of Cyprus are doing? They are trying to make their voices. However, every protest they make is violently suppressed!

Calls for minister’s resignation over police’s use of force at demo (Update 2)

Protesters and activists clash with riot police during a rally against corruption and COVID-19 restriction measures, in Nicosia, Cyprus February 13, 2021. REUTERS/Yiannis Kourtoglou

The world has turned a blind eye to what is happening in Cyprus. A period when almost everyone is in a difficult situation in some way; this is understandable. However, it seems that there is a disappearance of individual freedoms and an agenda that is not yet known what is in the background. There is no such thing as little or most of individual freedoms. If you start to lose, the rest will follow, and you will have nothing left.

The individual freedoms of the people of Cyprus are our individual freedoms. Likewise, the individual freedoms of tourists who go to that island and pretend that nothing is happening, everything is normal. Because this topic really concerns everyone.

Cyprus is an island which has about 876.000 human population.

From this point of view, and considering what has happened so far, it looks like Cyprus is an ideal place as we’ve seen in the some movies where people are the subject of testing. There always will of course be those who need a test space to adapt some things to the whole planet next!

Of course, there are many aspects of this subject that will be discussed more. We will follow all these and what will happen in the future in Cyprus. Always solidarity with the people of Cyprus and all the oppressed peoples alike! Nobody is in a position to complain or cry. There is always a way out and hope in every situation. It just needs awakening for whole people on the planet!

Because all this plan and program on:

“Surveillance for governments, Slavery for humans, Benefit for rich”

(Yes, I was inspired by The Witcher for this sentence, so what.;))

EDIT 5th May, 2021

According to latest news from Cyprus, there is improvement about the issue.
Coronavirus: Cabinet introduces Coronapass for access to venues after lockdown ends

The cabinet on Wednesday night decided to reopen most closed businesses and to introduce a so-called Coronapass for people to be allowed into hospitality venues, churches, gyms, and other places starting Monday, while keeping an overnight curfew.

A Coronapass entails either having a 72-hour-old negative PCR/rapid test for Covid or having received at least one dose of a vaccine three weeks earlier or having contracted the virus in the past six months.

A curfew will remain in force between 11pm and 5am with the following exceptions: travelling to and from work; visiting a medical centre or hospital or pharmacy or vet for an emergency; no need to send a text for permission before going out.

Schools will reopen with physical presence with pupils having to submit to a weekly rapid antigen test. Gymnasium, lyceum, and certain primary school years would have to present a 72-hour-old test on the first day, May 10.