The weather issues

I’m melting. Air temperature is 109 degrees Fahrenheit in here. WD and I are not knowing what will we do.

I’ve watched all aliens movies again because of the holiday. I was thinking maybe I will go back to my essence and re-encode my DNA. It was not as I expected. After all, the aliens films of Earthlings do not reflect to us.

And I’ve listened to all the metal songs themed snow or cold. It did not benefit.

Nothing useless.

We are creating excuses not to go out. But WD needs to go out at least twice a day. Yesterday it indicated clearly it did not want a molten alien near side of its.

“You’re a bad enough image with me as an alien. You do not expect me that I will accept you as a molten alien!”

In addition melting is getting difficult to breathe. Why don’t all Earthlings try to close all the air conditioning at the same time? Maybe it works. I’m melting, yes we are melting. If it continues like that WD and I will be scratched out the soil.

Play for Nature

“Play for Nature” is a music project which is made to draw attention to the damage to nature by human hand.

With their expressions;

“…The consequences of what’s being done to the world are obvious. The earth and the atmosphere are sending us warning signals.

Global climate changes, with floods, melting ice glaciers, rising sea levels and droughts, are one side of the problem.

Nutrition is the other side. The ones who are able to find food are compelled to eat cheap, genetically modified (GMO) foods, tainted by uncontrolled agricultural spraying and harmful additives. Then, there are those who are plagued by hunger. There are energy wars, clean water wars…the list goes on and on… In other words things are pretty bad.

Both the people in poverty and the ones possessing the tools of power often put their own interests first, choosing to live a self centered existence. Everyone has an excuse!

Protecting our future is our main purpose. But when we do things without consideration for nature, we make our future darker. It’s ironic that nature does not care whether we protect her or not. She’ll somehow, some way continue her existence. No thanks to us!

From the beginning, we at “” have been thinking where to start. With every step we take, there’re signs of a greater purpose: But what more can we do?

Our starting point was the shared, universality of environmental problems and music. Nature as a provider of housing and resources has a strong connection with music, which is a common language of all human beings.

Music… Full of energy, so common… Something that makes us stop and listen… Or something in the background undertaking our souls without us even knowing.

Everyone shares the same responsibility for what has been done to Earth, both those who have acted against it and those who have stood by and watched. Now, it’s our responsibility to find solutions and carry them into action; we should remember and remind people of this every chance we get. Despite knowing that change is a necessity, we still don’t seem to listen or do what we’re supposed to do. So, can a song then be useful and remind us of what we should do every time we listen to it? We hope that it may at least bring some awareness and consciousness to the people who listen to it.

Firat Cavas from, brought together 45 musicians from different walks of life, from different places, opinions and backgrounds, to remind people of the facts once again: that we should work for nature; Play for Nature.

Both literally and figuratively:

Like a delirious lover
Let’s wonder around,
Let’s become a raindrop,
Let’s become a cloud
And meet at Macka

Like it says in the song:

We’ve just started, we will continue…
Come and join us.

quotes from :


What I shared today, it is their 6th work. Artists that are involved to this clip, adapted again two Turkish folk songs. Each of them have joined to complete this project from a different city (from Turkey or from the world).

The first 6.27 minutes “Cokertme” is one of the very old folk songs that tells significant resistance to imperialists in Western Anatolia during Turkey Independence War.

After 6.27 minutes the beginning folk song “Gimildan” is so much fun (recommended:). It will already be understood from music’s rhythm. This moving and energetic folk song again belongs to the Western Anatolia. Its lyrics tells to the act of a lover’s to incentivize to her. And in 10:13 minutes, there is also Murat Ilkan, who is Turkish solist of heavy metal band Pentagram what I shared in here before, into those who accompanied to this song.;)

In the songs, you can also see the musical instruments you’ve never seen before.

Earth guardians, water and land defenders; there is a call for you from ıdlenomore

From the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change website: The 20th session of the Conference of the Parties and the 10th session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol will be held from 1 to 12 December. COP 20/CMP 10 will be hosted by the Government of Peru, in Lima, Peru.

We must make sure the policy makers understand that we know they are meeting to determine whether or not climate chaos will continue unabated. We demand:

– A world-wide reduction in carbon emissions

– Stop to the carbon trading scheme known as REDD+

– Hold fossil fuel corporations financially and legally accountable for their harms

– Fund the account for climate refugees

We invite you and your group (if you have one) to organize an event and share it far and wide. Not in a group? Take a photo of you and your friends with sign(s) of what you want the Climate Negotiators to know and post here and on other social media outlets. #EyesOnPeru

“All eyes on Peru” title and the link for full article

The killing trees provides opportunity for having sex, racing car and catching Ebola

I had read an article, and one wise man said in this article that:
“Only %10 percent of the people population is living the future mind age on the world. The others are living in biological mind age. If it was different, the genius kings would have dominated, Bush would have never been a president and the scientist like Einstein would have formed government. But, Einstein and the others never have been enthusiastic about the managements.”

Entire world try to find a solution to Ebola virus. It is being experienced a desperation about it. Only minority of the people population is realized who is real guilty: Capitalism kills! The viruses, bacteria, wars, terrorism, oil etc, these are only interface of the capitalism.

Since 1926, the latex companies have been cutting the rubber trees in Liberia(¹) Not just Liberia, in Malaysia, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Thailand and the other overseas counties are also included. The numbers of the annual logging are the huge numbers. Annual tree cutting number is changing in the wide range like from 60.000 tons up to 4.17 million tons (²)

No doubt, the newly trees are planted instead of the felled trees. But, it doesn’t seem possible in those years, when the cutting trees rapidly was experienced.(especially after WW2) Planting process is filled with errors. According to the botanists, the distance between two rubber trees must be 150 meters. However, the happening in the Brazil shows that the opposite process works (³)

Far from cutting trees, the workers who worked in these companies, were run under bad conditions. But this is another subject…³

Ebola virus showed up yourself in 1976 in Liberia. Two years old child has caught the virus.
Conditions and practices in 1970’s were not good, if it compared with after 2000’s. Even today, 500.000 hectares of the Liberia forests were destroyed in 2001 and 2012. This map is the graphic distribution of Ebola virus.

If you want to search to these countries especially the red and orange ones in Africa, you will see the some truths. These counties are the most deforestation countries with the South America’s counties in the world between years 1950-2010. Chad, Nigeria, Cameroun, Congo, Gabon Ethiopia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana and the others. For example let’s see Ghana- Ghana forest field has decreased 57.000 hectares in 1990-2005. The others are not different.
The source for the deforestation analyze numbers:

Is it a coincidence that the Ebola virus spreads rapidly into these countries in proportion to the others? If I turn back to the beginning this article, I want to remind the wise man words:
“Only %10 percent of the people population is living the future mind age on the world…”
And, if you are in this %10 percent, you probably know “Nothing is coincidence.”

The trees is being cut, the people use those trees for latex. Latex is used for making condom, automobile tire or surgical gloves. And the other side, because of the destroying forests, you catch the diseases more rapidly. This is tragically. Especially making surgical grove is more tragically issue.

So, killing trees provides opportunity for having sex, racing car and catching Ebola. It’s the vicious circle. The choice is yours: To see or not see that how the capitalism kills, rather than to believe the governments, who says that “we try to prevent the global warming,” but who never did execute in real terms.
The used sources to write this article: