Longing for the Soviet Union

New research: The longing for the Soviet Union in the former Soviet countries is rising

According to a new research, unhappiness in former socialist countries and longing for the Soviet Union are rising.

According to a new study by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), while the dissatisfaction of people in their lives in the former Soviet countries is rising, the longing for the Soviet Union is also growing rapidly. The research from Estonia to Mongolia in 51 countries in 34 countries reveals striking results.

More than 50% of those surveyed think that their lives will improve if they return to a communist system. Only 15% of the Russians think that their lives improved after the Soviet Union’s dissolution. This ratio was around 30% in 2010. Only 9% of participants say that their financial situation has been positive in the last four years.

Another feature part of the study is the way the EBRD interprets of the datas.

EBRD interprets people’s longing for the Soviet Union as a desire to return to “an authoritarian system” or “the control economy” by reading the results of the research from the angle of “democracy or authoritarian system”. According to the EBRD, people are still hesitant about “open system, democracy and free market economy” despite the time spent there.

EBRD chief economist Sergey Guriyev says that “people could not see the benefits of passing to the free market from the control economy”. Guriyev says that the most important factor in this issue is the people lose their jobs or the risk of losing their jobs and he continues:

“If the society does not see the benefits of reforms, then ultimately these reforms will fail. At the moment, the vast majority of people in our countries prefer authoritarian rule instead of democracy. In Germany, 80% is in favor of democracy… This leads to huge, very big questions: What was the wrong and what should be done?”

Anyway, majority doesn’t care already who lives in poverty  circumstances and who are exploited by capitalism. The majority of the human beings, hey, never mind! Hymn is beatiful, isn’t it? Already my opinion, the Hymn of the USSR,  1977 version is the best hymn ever. 🙂

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The board of management of The Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons, Istanbul made a call to the cats: “Keep away from the electric transformers!”

The writing on the caps: “All kinds of blackmail, montage and sabotage about electricity is our business”

This call is not a joke, I mean it. But it is very funny and I am holding myself to not laugh.:)

30 March 2014, after the power outage which occurred during the local elections in Turkey, Turkey’s Energy and Natural Resources Minister said “the cats have entered transformers,” as explanation.

After the three-hour outage, the votes of the AKP (R.T. Erdogan ruling party) had risen especially in the capital city Ankara. 7 June 2015, this sunday, there will be the general election in Turkey. And there is a doubt in the mind of the people of Turkey: What if it will be outage again? So, there are doubts about election security.

Various organizations and opposition parties again has made call about “the entry of the cats to transformers” in different ways. For example, 5 days ago, main opposition party CHP leader Kemal Kılıcdaroglu made a call to its voters:
“If there will be outage again, you sit on the ballot box until the electricity came back.”

At last, The Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons, Istanbul made a call to the cats.

The text of the call to the cats as following:

We warn our cats friends; we will reconsider our friendship again if the same thing would happen.

Yes, we chose this profession because we love you.

Until today, we’re served you without making discrimination that you are Van cat, Iran cat, tabby cat or stray cat.

Whenever you need to us in day or night, we have been with you.


You’ve doomed us to yourself,
with your beautiful colors which reminds us this country,
with your unique eyes which reminds us blue seas,
with your mumbling which is more beautiful than the lullaby.

However, we warn you;

In this important election that will determine the future of this country,

You do not make the acts which will be the reason of disappointment for the millions who will vote with the hopes of fraternal and welfare.
You do not make the acts which will be plunged the citizens into darkness.

Keep away from the electric transformers.

Otherwise, we will reconsider our friendship again.

Tomorrow, when you will come in front us with the reasons “I get sick, my vaccines time has came, or I will breed” with saying meow meow, you don’t be embarrassed.

The statement is funny and providing thought. Already, I do not know, if the people of Turkey do not holding the humor, what would happen. 🙂

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A dream within a dream

Migo is sleeping. It is in a dream. People always wonder: “Can a dog have a dream?” Or “what are the colors of the dogs dream?” Well, have you ever thought that can an alien have a dream? I know Migo has. Because, in a bizarre language, it says some things I could not understand, when it sleeps. I need the alien language dictionary to understand.Unfortunately, I do not have one. By the way, I need to write very important things; I need to reach to my readers and meet with them. I have not meet with them for a long time. But, Migo is sleeping and I can not go, leaving Migo alone to where we used the internet. I have no other choice, except to pee over Migo. Actually, it is not choice, it is the only solution. Because, Migo’ smell sensitivity is on advance level that is enough to compete with a dog. When I will pee on Migo’s legs, it will wake up due to the smell of urine in a few seconds, not due to the wetness. How can I know? Yes, I’ve done this before, so what!

I’m looking at the clock, one, two and three. Here we go!
– What’s that smell, WD?
– I think, a cat which has entered from window into the room, it has pee over you. I have entered to the room quickly like a hero, but I couldn’t catch that cat.
– Really, have we forgotten to close the window?

Migo is looking at the window; it is closed. I have to do attack immediately for doubts.

– Because of I couldn’t catch it; I shut the windows to prevent of its entry again.
– Hmmm, I understood, WD. What time is it? I guess, I slept a lot.
– Yes, you seemed so tired and dreamed and I did not want to wake you up.
– I am a very lucky extraterrestrial.
– Yes, you are. But, I do not need the compliment, right now. I have a lot of job. I would like to respond to letters which came from readers to me. I will go to use the Internet, do you want to come?
– I’d come after a while, you go, WD.
– Okay.

As you can see, my dear readers, the important things for me are the love, respect and friendship. You can see how I approached even an alien with goodness.

Anyway, I have to read a lot of emails. I do not know which one I should start. There are a lot of emails. 126 emails accumulated.

WD email box

WD Fan club continuous updates of the meetings. I do not know what I would do without them. I love you, guys!

I have a fan that is comparing me with Spartacus. I have to respond him immediately,

Reply to dhn88hav:
I’m much honored. Spartacus is my favorite too. If I had to have a team which has a lot of chicks and bloody victory, I would have been my rightful place into history. But I believe that you, my fans, you are sharing a same goal with me except the bloody part. Let’s do not forget when we will be in front of the ballot box. Together, we will reach better and more beautiful!(yes, you know what I mean when I said beautiful;)

Next email: Let’s read what “the excellent article about WD kingdom” says:

Quotes from article:
“A fantastic kingdom.”
WD inner voice:
‘Yes, absolutely fantastic.’

Continue quotes:
“Maybe, WD doesn’t promise amazing things, but it promises the equality.”

WD inner voice:
‘Absolutely, my friend. I wonder who the author of this article is, I should keep reading.’

Continue quotes:
“There is equality in kingdom of course, but not in front of the laws. This equality will be in front of WD. So, WD will do what it wants to do…”

WD outer voice:
What the h**l he says! This is a smear. Shame on you!

The only answer that needs to this e-mail:
“I know the dark forces of democracy behind you!”

The answer is enough, I guess.

I should keep my nerves under control. You see, the policy is dirty work; I have to be calm down. The next e-mail.

Yes, a video prepared for me, I love to these children’s videos. I think these videos should be more popular than the cats. Anyway.

Hahahha, very funny and nice.
Reply to juuWD-love:
I wish your son could give the vote, but at the future, he will already give the vote. What I am saying! Anyway at the future there will not be voting in my kingdom; just we need that we get through this election. You will not endure hardship of voting anymore. Hhahah

Next email. The pre-poll survey is in 2. area in good way: %45 Migo; %55 WD. Even great, hooray! I have to reply this one.

Reply to livedgoggie:
The survey results seem critical. I think there are deficiencies in your campaign work. You should correct them. We do not have much time for elections. You do not come to me with such as these results.

Another email. He or she has got very important questions about my kingdom. How much they can be important? I am here to share an open and transparent election diary with my readers. They are trying to drive me into corner. How many open politicians do you know? Who reads own emails before the public? Which one has the courage? But you still doubt me! You take these questions and you…!

Anyway, another great email, I am feeling. What would be better than a subject title that given a headline as “I love you”?

What is this inside this email? They provide a link; I think it is probably a nice video. Let’s open it now. A video yes, but, the men and women are doing interesting things in video. I guess, one pervert sent this accidentally. But, but, what’s going on! Nooo! This is a virus! All emails are being deleted! Noooo!

– WD, wake up! Wake up quickly! What happened!

– Migo, I saw a bad dream!

– What did you see, my friend?

– They ruined my election campaign. And, you were there, Migo.

– I was there! How?

– I do not remember exactly. You were talking about a cat and the window; how do I know? Give me a break, Migo! You are an oppressive alien! If all aliens oppressive like you, that means we are in trouble. Why are you still coming over me! The thing what you did is very unpalatable, Migo!

– WD?


You can give the vote over internet for election of between WD and Migo:


for the events behind this election :


Amazing facts

I follow in amazement what Migo did. Recently, while I was reading a post in our blog, the expression on my face was in the same condition such as I shared at the picture. Yes, I am saying “our blog”! Although only Migo’s name is above the title, all my fans are well aware that this blog is my blog also as much as its. Even, some of them offered me to open my own blog. They said that:

-The number of your followers are more than Migo’s,
-Never mind Migo,
-It’s an alien, but you’re from this planet, you don’t go adrift,
And even,
-I would like to see you on my blog, what do you want to transfer fees?
Such as these words.

But my emotional heart, did not want to leave an alien alone. Also, for the transfer fee, about a sufficient number of beer cans, our negotiations which were made by the first and last offerer, it’s over before it starts. Anyway, let’s back to the topic.

Everything has begun an article in last days. What was the country in the news, hmmm, ok, Liberland. A new country was established and it was giving citizenship etc. Of course, it was interesting news, so until I read the comments below of Migo.

Let’s see what Migo was saying:

 “I declare my “WD and Migarium Republic”

What the h**l! Migo did not ask me! Or how can it use my name without my permission? My name has a prestige on this planet! Migo uses whenever it wants, what’s the point? It is an alien. Who knows which hidden purposes it is pursuing? Here is another proof at the comments on the same news for this.

“untouched island, and of course some ufo’s can make landing in secretly (for my extraterrestrial friends)”

Do you see? Who knows what it’s up! Who knows these “some alien friends!” will come for what? It hasn’t noticed by anyone is too much worrisome! Am I only one who thinks the safety of this planet! Only I and screenwriters of Hollywood know all these aliens have a hidden agenda, really! Are you blind? No way!

And let’s say Migo asked my opinion about to establish a new residential area over an island. Well, what makes it think that I wanted a republic! If I’ve found an island I would have established a kingdom instead of republic. Who has the benefit of the republic? If we establish the republic today, everyone will want to be given the right to vote and democracy tomorrow. Then those who want the right to vote begin to complain. Votes would be divided; it becomes an opposition and power.

If the majority wants, another day, even they may want to bring the cats to the island! Even if the majority wants they ban beer! I will go there for that! If it would be anything, it should be a kingdom; and it has to be known as the “Kingdom of WD.”

Ok, there will not democracy, but we will have a rule understanding that everyone is happy. Because of that some of us will be happy, others will not be sorry. My kingdom will not become concerned about freedom of speech and etc. Because, it will not any freedom of speech in my kingdom. There is freedom of speech in here, but the results are obvious; anybody doesn’t listen to anybody already. Your basic rights and freedoms which will be given to you, will be limited to the island environment, it doesn’t need too much. We won’t deceive ourselves by saying “our freedoms and rights”. So there will be a rulership with an advanced management concept in my kingdom, the choice is yours.

You accept a republic with a non-specific alien has hidden agenda (sorry Migo but you have forced me to say it), or accept the kingdom of intelligent, handsome, sympathetic dog that already said, what it will do.

The choice is yours. And, if you answer my survey before leaving the page, you will help to my campaigning that I’ll do at the future. Thank you in advance for your interest:)

Survey link:


From past

To your health!

I’m holding wine glass, I’m waiting.
You know this is a dream; one of the world’s great leaders is standing in front of me.

“I am,” I say, “I love you so much.”
“I know,” he says, “I know you very well.”
“Sir,” I say.
“Your democracy is my favorite your part.”

The ancient Greek Senate appears behind us.
One of the Greek Senators at the middle row is yelling: “Democracy has never been so popular.”
All of them stand up with thunderous applause.
I’m seeing that they aren’t wearing Chiton like at painting and sculptures, I ignore these men in boxer shorts.

I am shedding tears of happiness.

Weather is clear and sunny, the men and women at the outside.
They keep going press the keys of their pocket pc.

“Please watch sir,” I say,
“People seem look so happy. If your democracy didn’t exist, they weren’t going to learn that who fu**s to whom in where.”

His assistant nods, he is giving a document by saying:
“Sir, this is for a weapon agreement; nuclear version of them.”
“Let’s signature on it, immediately,” he says; my beloved leader is grinning from ear to ear.

The Greek senators at background are being photographed intimately.
I guess, they took overdose intimacy that; they don’t realize that Diogenes hangs over their heads.
While Diogenes dangles with a huge guffaw at the end of the rope, he is flushing the toilet.
All of them on images are drawn into the hole in a vortex.

When Diogenes went out with laughing behind them,
“You see, democracy lovers never been understood in history, like today’s,” says my unique leader.

My dear leader is very sad.
Obviously, there are a lot of things get bored of him.

Assistant is showing gazette on the table.
What the hell is that! Big headline is about leaders!

‘A few people about one million, demonstrated against world leaders. They accused to the leaders with dictatorship.’

I stood speechless.

“We are democracy disciples, but they don’t understand us,” his sorrow voice says.

I’m bending with all my body.
I want to stick on floor, while I make to him a curtsy.

I am starting to talk.
“Sir, even the best sheep man can be confused in a world where so many sheep is.”

He is becoming happy.
He is throwing out crumpled paper to the waste basket.
His assistant turns on the television.

In another corner of the world,
Again protesters and anarchists, again accusations.

I’m looking at his assistant, I don’t like him.
Constantly he is creating something could be worrisome for my dear leader.
While I was thinking about him “You are inauspicious man”, each letter on my thought is flying and sticks into him like a dart.

Assistant of my leader is being injured with flying letters, he almost falls down.
Last impact is coming from my leader; with kind of showy karate stroke.
The assistant is going down in slow motion.
At the same time, the voices heard from television are very loud.

‘We are hungry, out stomach is empty.
Not just we, even animals can’t find food.
From jellyfish in the sea to bear at the forest, all of them complain about you.’

“Reprobates!” I say, and I attach than:
“Although you feed them with too much popular things for saturating! Sir, these are rapacious!”

“Come,” he says, “don’t worry.”
He is holding my hand. We are starting to make tap dance like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.
Meanwhile his assistant is at his last gasp.
But, he accompanies to us by playing contrabass.
I think that I was wrong about him; now, I’m looking at him with mercy.
My dear leader soothes me: “Don’t be sad, he is a democracy martyr.”

We are walking on air, when I lose myself, my eyes are opening.
My dear leader as Hitler of Charlot, is bouncing the world at his ass.
A lot of magnificent leader are keeping time.
“Give me, give me too!” by yelling they all.
All together jumps around.

But I am waking up.
I am in the hospital room.
I will burst with happiness under the influence of dream.
But I can’t fly; even I am not able to walk after the nuclear explosion.

-Migo, when have you written this?

-In September 10, 2011, WD.

-So, this is your first and last poem.

-Yes, something like that, maybe there are another three or five. I’ve realized when I’ve written poem, it was not like a poem. While writing this, I was in serious mood, but the funny thing appeared.

-This one is something I can do, not yours. I am the funny one in this relationship, Migo!

-Ok, ok. You know, I love writing stories real or not. But, this one already, I guess, is the work belongs to poets. And of course, I will never intervene your “funny” space, WD;)

-I am sure, you will!

Puppets of the governments; it’s called the mainstream media

I really congratulate the mainstream media of France, United Kingdom and United States. That media type has an energy which will able to make negative news about Russia and Turkey constantly. They are unlimited ambitious. Indeed, mainstream media should have a good financial resources that they can sustain continuous unchanged this anti campaign. In particular, United Kingdom, France and the United States governments made the biggest massacres on this planet. Still they do in with many ways. They were act representative of that all kinds of inhuman behavior on this planet. But they always try to show that they are doing all these in the name of the democracy. What a democracy! Blood and war and death, all mean are the same mean with that democracy. Nowadays, the mainstream media shout almost in every single moment “democracy and justice” with making argument a terrorist organization, which is describing with that it has created by the CIA with United States government, except the western world.

I wonder if humanity is really so stupid. I don’t think so. In the Middle East, which is continuously boiling such as cauldron, why is Saudi Arabia that is the biggest bigot country in there, always taking the big support from British government? Those who know the answer to this question, they already know better what it means Russia and Turkey anti-news.

The pot reproaches the kettle: Turkey president criticized to US government about Ferguson events “Those, who claim to defend democracy in the world, how much anti-democratic they are, was seen.”

Turkey president R. T. Erdogan said these words in an association meeting in 6 Dec, 2014. What did he say before and after these words? Let’s see.

“What would have happened if the Gezi events were not taken under control by the government and it had surrendered to street violence? The answer to this question has been given in Egypt and Ukraine. Those, who claim to defend democracy in the world, how much anti-democratic they are, was seen. Here it is Ferguson events. They put people down and kill them by hitting their heads to the ground, leaving them breathless. He did not hold a gun or fire bombs. In here, did our policeman kill the citizens, pull a gun? Shouldn’t the police defend themselves to avoid being killed? ”

And, “Is there any related with this picture and this news?” If you are interested with the answer to this question, here is the answer.
This photo was taken in Roger Waters Istanbul concert in 04 August 2013, two month after occupy gezi. When Roger Waters started to legend song “The wall” these 5 people pictures were seen at the wall, which is behind Roger Waters. They’re dead in gezi events. And he said before the song:

“We are doing this concert due to many reasons, for justice, for those who died and the victims of state terrorism. I’d like to dedicate our works to those people. We will always remember you!”

for link about Turkey president meeting speech-


Jack Lane’s Address at Kilmichael

Pat Walsh

Jack Lane’s Address at the 94th Kilmichael Commemoration, Co. Cork, scene of the devastating ambush of Crown forces in Ireland, refers to the fact that the Irish War of Independence is being fought all over again today. He emphasises that the Boys of Kilmichael “should be honoured without qualification or reservation”. Jack Lane also says that “honouring the Boys of Kilmichael is our way of asserting our own self- respect today because if we ever disown them we would be disowning ourselves and what we are. We would become self-haters”.

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