Fear of The Dark


Turkish police arrest editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet opposition daily, raid executives’ homes

In a new wave of post-coup purges, Turkish authorities have arrested the editor-in-chief and several columnists of the independent Cumhuriyet newspaper, also raiding the homes of the paper’s executives, who are currently under investigation.

In the early hours of Monday morning, police raided the houses of Cumhuriyet Editor-in-Chief Murat Sabuncu, Executive Board Chairman Akın Atalay, and board member and writer Guray Oz.

Sabuncu and Oz have been taken into custody, Cumhuriyet correspondent Mahir Zeynalov tweeted.

Turkish authorities issued arrest orders for at least 13 Cumhuriyet employees and executives, according to CNN Turk.

The Istanbul Chief Prosecutor’s office said that “an investigation was launched into certain suspects […] on grounds of claims and discoveries that some executives of the Cumhuriyet Foundation had been sponsoring the PKK , FETO/PYD and they had been producing articles justifying the coup [of] July 15,” as by Istanbul-based news agency Bianet.

Сolumnists Guray Oz and Aydin Engin were taken into custody following raids at their homes, Cumhuriyet said on its website. Asked by reporters to comment on his detention, Engin, age 75, said: “I work for Cumhuriyet, isn’t that enough?”

Apart from the current Cumhuriyet staff, an arrest order has been issued for Can Dundar, the newspaper’s former editor-in-chief, who is currently out of the country.

The newspaper’s readers have gathered in front of its headquarters in Istanbul in protest against the arrests.

Ankara accuses cleric Fethullah Gulen and his supporters of orchestrating the July 15 coup that aimed to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Gulen, who lives in the US, denies involvement. A massive crackdown on suspected Gulen supporters followed the coup attempt, with at least 37,000 people arrested and thousands of civil servants suspended.

In the latest move, 15 media outlets were shut down and another 10,131 civil servants were dismissed over the weekend, Anadolu news agency reported.

Also on Saturday, the President Erdogan announced he would support the re-implementation of the death penalty in Turkey if parliament votes in favor of the step.

The initiative, which drew criticism when it was first voiced by Erdogan following the coup, could see those charged with conspiring against him being put to death. European politicians and EU authorities have repeatedly warned Turkey that if it re-establishes capital punishment it will not be accepted into the bloc.

news was quoted from RT news, link:


Cumhuriyet newspaper web page: http://www.cumhuriyet.com.tr/

This is a riot lettering…


It cannot countinue like this, my friend…
We cannot live like this…
Every thought, every view is like a flover in the garden of freedom…
With this low pressure…
this northeaster…
this mistral…
This is a riot lettering…
The voices of our journalist friends are being heard from the prison loopholes. Even comedy shows were hanged by founding guilty. The father of martyr soldier was considered as traitor.
We cannot live an environment,
where the people who say own idea are lynched,
where the people who open their mouth are taken to behind the bars,
where the people who are not side with dictator are being dissipated,
eventually where everyone is silent…
We cannot live in like an environment like this, waterless, landless, breathless
in a flower garden that the flowers were plucked.
We’re alone…
Everything is between the two lips of the power who is lacking in political morality, democracy culture, legal system…
We are like waterless and ligthness tulips against his passion that he removes whatever is bothering of him and in front of mentality that is shameless of commiting crime with hatred and grudge,
in the garden without flowers…
We are crestfallen…
My friend, if you live in legal state, you run the judiciary. In a democracy, alternative opposition is there. If there isn’t any of them, you go to the bosom of the nation.
But if any of them wasn’t left…
We’re the victims of stupid oppositions political parties in parliament,
that are unaware of their treason against the democracy.
We’re victims of judiciary that is judging the people who are not guilty and have closed the doors to justice.
We’re the victims of a nation that is not aware of what happened and in deep sleep.
This is a riot lettering…
When the all values which you can die, have went and when your hopes slipped from your heart,
you twiddle your pen in your palm…
Should I broke my pen or not?

13.01.2016- Bekir Coskun, Sozcu newspaper

quotted source: http://www.sozcu.com.tr/2016/yazarlar/bekir-coskun/bu-bir-isyan-yazisidir-2-1040197/

Bekir Coskun is one of Turkey’s opposition journalists. In fact, he is famous for his humor and satire articles. He has been making honorable journalism for nearly 40 years in Turkey. Bekir Coskun was sued many times by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his politicians of AKP(ruling party of Turkey last 14 years), because of his writings about them. A part of the situation of Turkey, has been told by his own style in this writing. The size of those which are not telling about Turkey’ situation in this writing are enough to fit a thick book.

From past

To your health!

I’m holding wine glass, I’m waiting.
You know this is a dream; one of the world’s great leaders is standing in front of me.

“I am,” I say, “I love you so much.”
“I know,” he says, “I know you very well.”
“Sir,” I say.
“Your democracy is my favorite your part.”

The ancient Greek Senate appears behind us.
One of the Greek Senators at the middle row is yelling: “Democracy has never been so popular.”
All of them stand up with thunderous applause.
I’m seeing that they aren’t wearing Chiton like at painting and sculptures, I ignore these men in boxer shorts.

I am shedding tears of happiness.

Weather is clear and sunny, the men and women at the outside.
They keep going press the keys of their pocket pc.

“Please watch sir,” I say,
“People seem look so happy. If your democracy didn’t exist, they weren’t going to learn that who fu**s to whom in where.”

His assistant nods, he is giving a document by saying:
“Sir, this is for a weapon agreement; nuclear version of them.”
“Let’s signature on it, immediately,” he says; my beloved leader is grinning from ear to ear.

The Greek senators at background are being photographed intimately.
I guess, they took overdose intimacy that; they don’t realize that Diogenes hangs over their heads.
While Diogenes dangles with a huge guffaw at the end of the rope, he is flushing the toilet.
All of them on images are drawn into the hole in a vortex.

When Diogenes went out with laughing behind them,
“You see, democracy lovers never been understood in history, like today’s,” says my unique leader.

My dear leader is very sad.
Obviously, there are a lot of things get bored of him.

Assistant is showing gazette on the table.
What the hell is that! Big headline is about leaders!

‘A few people about one million, demonstrated against world leaders. They accused to the leaders with dictatorship.’

I stood speechless.

“We are democracy disciples, but they don’t understand us,” his sorrow voice says.

I’m bending with all my body.
I want to stick on floor, while I make to him a curtsy.

I am starting to talk.
“Sir, even the best sheep man can be confused in a world where so many sheep is.”

He is becoming happy.
He is throwing out crumpled paper to the waste basket.
His assistant turns on the television.

In another corner of the world,
Again protesters and anarchists, again accusations.

I’m looking at his assistant, I don’t like him.
Constantly he is creating something could be worrisome for my dear leader.
While I was thinking about him “You are inauspicious man”, each letter on my thought is flying and sticks into him like a dart.

Assistant of my leader is being injured with flying letters, he almost falls down.
Last impact is coming from my leader; with kind of showy karate stroke.
The assistant is going down in slow motion.
At the same time, the voices heard from television are very loud.

‘We are hungry, out stomach is empty.
Not just we, even animals can’t find food.
From jellyfish in the sea to bear at the forest, all of them complain about you.’

“Reprobates!” I say, and I attach than:
“Although you feed them with too much popular things for saturating! Sir, these are rapacious!”

“Come,” he says, “don’t worry.”
He is holding my hand. We are starting to make tap dance like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.
Meanwhile his assistant is at his last gasp.
But, he accompanies to us by playing contrabass.
I think that I was wrong about him; now, I’m looking at him with mercy.
My dear leader soothes me: “Don’t be sad, he is a democracy martyr.”

We are walking on air, when I lose myself, my eyes are opening.
My dear leader as Hitler of Charlot, is bouncing the world at his ass.
A lot of magnificent leader are keeping time.
“Give me, give me too!” by yelling they all.
All together jumps around.

But I am waking up.
I am in the hospital room.
I will burst with happiness under the influence of dream.
But I can’t fly; even I am not able to walk after the nuclear explosion.

-Migo, when have you written this?

-In September 10, 2011, WD.

-So, this is your first and last poem.

-Yes, something like that, maybe there are another three or five. I’ve realized when I’ve written poem, it was not like a poem. While writing this, I was in serious mood, but the funny thing appeared.

-This one is something I can do, not yours. I am the funny one in this relationship, Migo!

-Ok, ok. You know, I love writing stories real or not. But, this one already, I guess, is the work belongs to poets. And of course, I will never intervene your “funny” space, WD;)

-I am sure, you will!

Do not forget how it was!

A few minutes before when Salvador Allende was killed.

About 3200 people were killed,
38,300 people were illegally arrested and tortured,
238 children were tortured (those children ages were under the 15 years old),
the trained dogs and rats were used on the arrested women and children during the torture.

Those numbers is the result of Chile military coup d’état, which made against to Salvador Allende by Augusto Pinochet, who was supported by US former Foreign minister Henry Kissinger and CIA.

And Augusto Pinochet’s 18 years dictatorship has gain 30 million dollars wealth to himself. Now, Santiago appellate court has ordered the state to pay around $7.5m (£4.8m) to 30 former political prisoners.(*) All those happened in the past, are happening today (in different names and forms) and will happen at tomorrow. If you ask why it will happen at next; here is the answer.
Those, who were truly responsible for what happened, are still doing what their wants on the planet with the triumphant manner.

Or if I mistake, probably I broadcast to you from the wrong planet news.

(*) news link: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-30124703

Do you want total war?

These are not my words. This question asked by Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels at the Berlin Sportpalast in 18 February 1943. When he made his most famous speech in front of the overcrowded, he was explaining actually how Nazi fascism rise. Every fascism raises like that. But some people see the truth at the beginning. Most people are getting late to understand.

This is a part of original voice record of Joseph Goebbels’s speech.(12 minutes part)

I don’t know what he says in this part. Because, I don’t know Deutsch; maybe someone knows and adds below as comment.

As you can see, the dictators easily ascend in front of the large excited crowds. But, they do not leave easily from their authorities, which they raised.