“This social order must change”

In 24th June, there will be an election in Turkey. There will be two ballot boxes in front of the voters. For one of them, the voters will use their votes for president candidates, the other one will be used for the members of parliament, so to the deputies. The president candidates were determined. There are six president cantidates in election race. Some political parties were not allowed to present candidates. Communist Party of Turkey(TKP) is one of them. TKP cannot present a president candidate, but it can present independence deputy candidates to the second ballot box for parliament at 24th June. This post tells how TKP follows a path and the supports that are given for TKP.


Based on additional conditions that are not written in the law, the Supreme Electoral Council concluded that the Communist Party of Turkey, which has already satisfied all conditions that political parties are required to fulfill in order to participate in elections, will not be allowed to take part in the general elections to be held on June 24, 2018.

This is not the first instance when the ruling party and the bureaucracy under its command attack the Communist Party of Turkey’s will to get organized and do politics in order to overthrow this rotten social order. Taking a stand against such attacks and fetters, the TKP has been and will always be carrying the struggle of toiling masses for emancipation forward under any circumstances.

In contradistinction to other parties, our party does not perceive elections as the only channel of doing politics or of the struggle for political objectives. As it stands, it is utterly futile to expect elections that are “fixed” through arrangements entirely in favor of establishment parties to bring emancipation to toiling masses.

However, elections also provide significant opportunities for promoting socialism, i.e. the only future for humanity, and the alternative of socialist power, i.e. the only way out for our country, before broad masses; for appealing the oppressed to organized political struggle, and for creating conditions for the communist deputies to be the voice of the fight for socialism both within the parliament and local governments.

Under no circumstances will we renounce the right to make use of these opportunities on behalf of the working people.


The TKP will participate in June 24 general elections with independent candidates in various provinces under the slogan “This Social Order Must Change”.

In the coming days, Popular Committees will hold meetings in their constituencies in which they will nominate their candidates. The voice of the toiling masses, the voice of socialism will be louder than ever in these elections.

The outlines of the election manifesto of those who say “This Social Order Must Change” will also be drawn up in these meetings.


Regarding the presidential elections to be held on the same day with general elections, the TKP calls for the people to turn their back on not only to the candidates, but also to this election and the political regime it represents.

The presidential system is nothing but a one-man rule. Our people should reject both doing politics on this ground and submitting their will to a single person.

Besides, the rules and the calendar set for the presidential election do not allow nominating a people’s representative who would question, protest and challenge this system.

The names that have come up so far for nomination in the course of the unscrupulous quest of establishment parties for alliances provide sufficient proof on the rottenness that presidential election, which has already been fixed with an unlawful and rigged poll, will bring about. Our people should take a stand against this rottenness. Just as this presidential system is “spoilt”, our vote should be “spoilt” as well.

Turkey does not need a President with unlimited authority; she needs the millions to get organized and take the bit in their teeth.


In local elections to be held in March 2019, we will take a stand against all establishment parties as a party. We will achieve this end by satisfying all additional rules imposed by the Supreme Electoral Council arbitrarily far and above.


Central Committee

Communist parties invite Turkish people to vote independent candidates

As the communist and workers’ parties listed below, we condemn the Turkish government’s fait accompli in the strongest way possible, which prevented the Communist Party of Turkey from running for the elections on June 24th as one of the candidate parties.

We call on the people of Turkey for refusing to choose between one or another actor of the capitalist order. We invite you all to vote for the independent candidates of “This Social Order Must Change” Platform and to raise the flag of socialism in and after the elections. Do not let the bourgeoisie to hold your future in their hands!

We express our comradely support and solidarity to all independent candidates running for the upcoming elections under the “This Social Order Must Change” Platform, that have taken the responsibility to serve as the source of hope and voice for the working class of Turkey.


Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism (PADS)

Communist Party of Brazil

Communist Party of Britain

Communist Party in Denmark

Communist Party of Greece

Hungarian Workers’ Party

Communist Party of India

Communist Party of India (Marxist)

TUDEH Party of Iran

Workers Party of Ireland

Communist Party (Italy)

Jordanian Communist Party

Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan

Lebanese Communist Party

Communist Party of Luxembourg

Communist Party of Mexico

New Communist Party of the Netherlands

Communist Party of Norway

Communist Party of Pakistan

Palestinian Communist Party

Palestinian Peoples Party

Philippine Communist Party [PKP-1930]

Russian Communist Workers Party

Communist Party of Russian Federation

South African Communist Party

Communist Party of Spain

Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

Communist Party of Sweden

Syrian Communist Party

Communist Party of Ukraine

Communist Party of Venezuela

Message of support from Communist Party of Greece, KKE to Turkey’s communist candidates: This social order must change!

Sunday, 10 June, KKE sent a solidarity message to Turkey’s ‘This Social Order Must Change Platform’ and its communist candidates for the June 24 elections




Communist Party of Greece (KKE) on Sunday expresses its support for Turkey’s ‘This Social Order Must Change Platform’ and the platform’s communist candidates. The message comes in the run-up to legislative elections on June 24.

The KKE Secretary-General, Dimitris Kutsumbas have read the support letter to 17 candidates of This Social Order Must Change Platform.

“The Greek workers are on the Turkish working people, with the struggles of our peoples we can create a region without monopolies, without exploitation, without racism and wars,” Kutsumbas said in a video message.

The Communist Party of Greece expresses its international solidarity with the Communist Party of Turkey, supports its electoral campaign This Social Order Must Change and its independent candidates. The exploitation of labour from capital, the attack on labour-popular rights, poverty, unemployment, refugees, wars show that there is no ‘good’ capitalism, this is confirmed by our experience in Greece and the anti-popular SYRIZA government,” Kutsumbas says in the video message.  

My voting district, the city of Izmir, there are two parliamentary candidates of TKP. One of them, Kemal Okuyan from the second voting district of Izmir, Karsiyaka. The second one is psychiatrist Dr. Deniz Arik Binbay from the first voting district. As far as I have seen until today, both them are really hard working for elections. They are trying to reach almost every corner of the city. They are preparing for the election day, despite of financial shortcomings, as a party that does not receive any monetary aid, especially according to the election law with both these two candidates and the TKP members’ self-sacrificing activities. I am sure the other 15 candidates of TKP at the other cities are working at the same conditions and with same effort.

My earthling friends, more or less know Kemal Okuyan due to my previous posts.  I want to mention a little the other candidate Dr. D. Arik Binbay. She is both warm and rational, and also an energetic and enjoyful person, according to my impressions.

The people can see her one day while she is cycling,


Or on another day, when she is chatting with an elderly man in public bazaar,


Or when she is singing Bella Ciao in a concert,


Her performance is not so bad. 😉 But I have liked the most, her speaking in an interview:

Translation in English:

“As a psychiatrist, as a physician, as a mother, as a woman in this society I have always been someone who struggling and heal people. But I always saw that to heal people by one by was not enough. You can not heal people who are oppressed in order, by giving them a medicine. Profession of a doctor is the same way again; that is, we can not be enough individually, even if we do all the things we best while the problems of public health continue and people are pulling to the bottom. This is a ridiculous system. Someone has to fix this… We decided to start from somewhere to change this order.”

(She continues to speak with refering to the parties which are opposed to the ruling party after this point. In other words, it is an example speech for the billions of people in the world who feel obliged to vote for political parties that do opposition inside system, and voting for them is not an exit from system but a cycle. My opinion, this is the most important part of her words.)

“It is said that there is a being trapped, and let’s just get rid of them. Of course we understand that on the one hand. But we do not think it is possible to relax without changing this order. Some people come to us, some of our patients say that my sleep is out of order, I feel very tired myself, I feel very unhappy. We can not look at the real reasons for this. We can say that it is a temporary relief. “Here you take this pills,” we can say you can relax. But if this person is going to work the next day, if he(or she) is working 12-14 hours, when he goes home in the evening, if he does not have enough energy and time to spare his children, if he can not produce enough, if his produce is exploited, if he does not get the right he deserves, he will be tired. So people who work for this country, people who make money with labor, continue to be exploited, but this order would change just a little. Is that it? I do not think it is.”


“Clinton and Trump have only tactical differences”

Socialists are participating in the U.S elections as well: Only a complete overturning of capitalism can realize the tremendous potential of humanity


Tulga Bugra Işik’s news,  from SoL international

Due to the choices of monopolistic system, imperialist-militarist state structure and anti-communism, only two parties and two candidates are visible in the so-called “fortress of democracy”.

But today in the U.S. elections, there are other candidates such as the candidate of Greens Jill Stein, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and the candidate of Party of Socialism and Liberation, which continues its socialist struggle without concessions, Gloria La Riva.

We talked with the candidate of PSL on the policies of presidential candidates, electoral system of U.S., U.S. economy and the Middle East policy of U.S.


Why is the Party for Socialism and Liberation running in the elections, in a political system designed for two parties? What does PSL think about two-party system and U.S. democracy?

The U.S. electoral and political system is the system of the ruling imperialist class. As such, it is one of the most important mechanisms to maintain its rule. The elections in the United States are one of the most anti-democratic in the capitalist world. For example, even though the presidential election is national, a candidate or party is required to apply for ballot status, state to state, and the requirements vary widely. It takes literally about a billion dollars for one of the two bourgeois candidates to run a campaign, so of course, that makes it necessary for those parties to be wholly responsible to the corporate donors. Then is the problem of access to the large-scale media, which engages in a fierce censorship of other candidates.

And yet, with this inaccessible scenario, our Party has participated in every presidential election since shortly after our founding. We do this because as Leninists, we believe it is essential to be where the masses are, to speak in the name of socialism and struggle as the only way that the crises of the working class and society as a whole can be overcome and resolved. If we were just to criticize from the outside without intervening in the electoral arena, we would not have meaningful access to the people, who still see the elections as the means for political participation.

We have had this year a tremendous experience, with our members and supporters in city after city, reaching out to so many communities, joining in the struggles and helping lead some, with our political program, which has received a positive response and interest from many. We also encourage those who are more interested than in just voting for an alternative candidate and party, to join our Party, which many have done.

We have helped give visibility and popular support to key struggles this year, for instance, when I and other members have traveled to North Dakota to support the great Native resistance struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Our vice-presidential candidate in several states, Dennis Banks, is a well-known Native leader, co-founder of the American Indian Movement, who has been a continual presence there. This struggle is the most important environmental movement in the United States in years, and largest, most united movement of Native people in more than 100 years, with more than 450 Native tribes and nations who have joined together.

We have been part of dozens of protests and manifestations against the brutal police killings of Black and Latino people, defending people against evictions, marching against the US-Saudi bombing of Yemen, organizing protests against the U.S. proxy war against Syria.


What do you think about differences between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? Are there significant differences between them?

By the time you are able to publish this, perhaps the new president will be elected. It looks like it may be Hillary Clinton, since her close numbers seem to be improving in the last hours, due to the intense media push for her, and the fact that Republican and Democratic leaders alike are behind her. But we see that there would be little difference, perhaps small tactical differences, and certainly in their images. The public perception is different, although both candidates are greatly disliked. I can attest to the exhaustion that the mass of people feel, by us talking to so many thousands in the streets, in public events. There is a great feeling of distrust, anger at their justified perception that one, Trump, is a disgusting racist, anti-woman and overall bigot, and billionaire who has gotten away with huge tax breaks; While Clinton is seen by many as being in the pockets of the biggest banks, as a proven warmonger, and not trustworthy. Yet, there is definitely more fear of Trump. And that is the reason that Clinton will likely win, purely out of fear of Trump, and of course for many because she is a woman.

It is virtually a smooth transition from one president to another in terms of neoliberal policies that have intensified, whether it was NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement of President Clinton, to President Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership, or the growing militarism, from the Gulf War of George H.W. Bush, to Clinton’s continuation of the genocidal sanctions against Iraq, to his bombing of Yugoslavia, to Obama’s support of the Honduras coup and the destruction of the Libyan state, notably with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. The fact that most Republican leaders have all given their support to Clinton is because they fear the potential instability and perceived illegitimacy of a Trump presidency.

The U.S. president is simply the CEO of U.S. imperialism, and whomever is elected will pursue those objectives. Of course, history has shown us that when a truly mass movement arises, such as the great civil rights struggle of the African American population, especially in the South, even reactionary politicians can be forced to change their position and make concessions. We see the potential for mass movements developing in this coming period, as some are already on the march.


What do you think about U.S. policies in the Middle East?

The U.S. has undertaken a highly-destructive, genocidal offensive for more than 25 years now since the Gulf War, in the Middle East and nearby regions. But of course, since U.S. imperialism’s emergence as the dominant world power after 1945, generally unscathed by World War II, it has continually waged one aggression after another on each continent. There are too many to mention here. With respect to the Middle East, we have been determined opponents to the U.S. wars and occupations, which of course includes its funding and backing of Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people. Many of us — even before our Party’s formation — were involved in defying the U.S. blockade of Iraq, taking massive shipments of medicines into Iraq. We are very active in the ANSWER Coalition, Act Now to Stop War and End Racism. Every independent state, especially secular government, have been particular targets of the United States, because they are seen as obstacles to full U.S. domination of the region.

We never fail to warn of Hillary Clinton’s openly stated intentions, starting with a U.S.-imposed no-fly zone that would lead to war. It is stunning, the recklessness of Clinton and her hostilities against Russia. We have often pointed out that her foreign policy advisers and future team, if she wins, will be the most hardened neoconservatives, like Rogert Kagan and Victoria Nuland. Clinton’s doctrine draft, one of whose architects is Michelle Flourney (who may become the next Secretary of Defense), the “Campaign for a New American Strategy,” spells out the objective of expanded American dominance in the Middle East, Africa and Europe (directed against Russia), as well as eliminating the “military budget cap,” as if there were any kind of restrictions to the Pentagon’s unlimited budget!


What is the current economic status of U.S.? What is the solution of PSL for the economic problems of U.S.?

In addition to the fact that, according to U.S. government statistics, half of the population is poor or near poor, there are millions more who are economically insecure, who lack medical care, or who are a paycheck away from poverty. This happens at a time when the wealth of the “1%” has grown astronomically. Of course the wealth at the top is because of the capitalists’ increased exploitation over the last 30 years while wages have been stagnant for many years. The 2007-2008 financial meltdown hit the working class and poor very hard, bringing many national pensions to the brink of collapse, and 3 million families lost their homes due to bank foreclosures, and student debt grew to $1.3 trillion dollars! Yet it was the banks that were bailed out by more than $700 billion, which taxpayers had to pay for ultimately. The same speculative actions of the bankers to maximize their profits, plus the cyclical crisis of capitalism, the drop in world commodity prices of oil, minerals and other key resources, overproduction in many other industries, all this points to an inevitable new economic collapse.

Each crisis leaves capitalism and the working class worldwide in a more precarious position, while the environment suffers intensifying degradation. It is critical for revolutionaries to be prepared, to build our organizations, to deepen our roots in the working class and fight the reactionaries’ and ruling class’s solution, which is war on the workers and repression. We believe, in spite of the growing economic crisis, that there is reason for optimism, because more and more people are becoming consciously anti-capitalism, and more are open to the ideas of socialism.

We believe that only a radical transformation of society, a complete overturning of capitalism, can realize the tremendous potential of humanity, on a socialist, sustainable basis.

That was the purpose of our socialist intervention in the U.S. elections, to educate, agitate, and grow the movement on a revolutionary basis, to join in unity with all popular movements and people wanting to work and struggle for real and lasting change.

We thank you comrades for your invitation once again and opportunity to express our views. We are in full solidarity with you in your struggle in Turkey.

For full reading, the quotes were taken from the link ‘Clinton and Trump have only tactical differences’




The board of management of The Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons, Istanbul made a call to the cats: “Keep away from the electric transformers!”

The writing on the caps: “All kinds of blackmail, montage and sabotage about electricity is our business”

This call is not a joke, I mean it. But it is very funny and I am holding myself to not laugh.:)

30 March 2014, after the power outage which occurred during the local elections in Turkey, Turkey’s Energy and Natural Resources Minister said “the cats have entered transformers,” as explanation.

After the three-hour outage, the votes of the AKP (R.T. Erdogan ruling party) had risen especially in the capital city Ankara. 7 June 2015, this sunday, there will be the general election in Turkey. And there is a doubt in the mind of the people of Turkey: What if it will be outage again? So, there are doubts about election security.

Various organizations and opposition parties again has made call about “the entry of the cats to transformers” in different ways. For example, 5 days ago, main opposition party CHP leader Kemal Kılıcdaroglu made a call to its voters:
“If there will be outage again, you sit on the ballot box until the electricity came back.”

At last, The Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons, Istanbul made a call to the cats.

The text of the call to the cats as following:

We warn our cats friends; we will reconsider our friendship again if the same thing would happen.

Yes, we chose this profession because we love you.

Until today, we’re served you without making discrimination that you are Van cat, Iran cat, tabby cat or stray cat.

Whenever you need to us in day or night, we have been with you.


You’ve doomed us to yourself,
with your beautiful colors which reminds us this country,
with your unique eyes which reminds us blue seas,
with your mumbling which is more beautiful than the lullaby.

However, we warn you;

In this important election that will determine the future of this country,

You do not make the acts which will be the reason of disappointment for the millions who will vote with the hopes of fraternal and welfare.
You do not make the acts which will be plunged the citizens into darkness.

Keep away from the electric transformers.

Otherwise, we will reconsider our friendship again.

Tomorrow, when you will come in front us with the reasons “I get sick, my vaccines time has came, or I will breed” with saying meow meow, you don’t be embarrassed.

The statement is funny and providing thought. Already, I do not know, if the people of Turkey do not holding the humor, what would happen. 🙂

the news link:

caps link:


A dream within a dream

Migo is sleeping. It is in a dream. People always wonder: “Can a dog have a dream?” Or “what are the colors of the dogs dream?” Well, have you ever thought that can an alien have a dream? I know Migo has. Because, in a bizarre language, it says some things I could not understand, when it sleeps. I need the alien language dictionary to understand.Unfortunately, I do not have one. By the way, I need to write very important things; I need to reach to my readers and meet with them. I have not meet with them for a long time. But, Migo is sleeping and I can not go, leaving Migo alone to where we used the internet. I have no other choice, except to pee over Migo. Actually, it is not choice, it is the only solution. Because, Migo’ smell sensitivity is on advance level that is enough to compete with a dog. When I will pee on Migo’s legs, it will wake up due to the smell of urine in a few seconds, not due to the wetness. How can I know? Yes, I’ve done this before, so what!

I’m looking at the clock, one, two and three. Here we go!
– What’s that smell, WD?
– I think, a cat which has entered from window into the room, it has pee over you. I have entered to the room quickly like a hero, but I couldn’t catch that cat.
– Really, have we forgotten to close the window?

Migo is looking at the window; it is closed. I have to do attack immediately for doubts.

– Because of I couldn’t catch it; I shut the windows to prevent of its entry again.
– Hmmm, I understood, WD. What time is it? I guess, I slept a lot.
– Yes, you seemed so tired and dreamed and I did not want to wake you up.
– I am a very lucky extraterrestrial.
– Yes, you are. But, I do not need the compliment, right now. I have a lot of job. I would like to respond to letters which came from readers to me. I will go to use the Internet, do you want to come?
– I’d come after a while, you go, WD.
– Okay.

As you can see, my dear readers, the important things for me are the love, respect and friendship. You can see how I approached even an alien with goodness.

Anyway, I have to read a lot of emails. I do not know which one I should start. There are a lot of emails. 126 emails accumulated.

WD email box

WD Fan club continuous updates of the meetings. I do not know what I would do without them. I love you, guys!

I have a fan that is comparing me with Spartacus. I have to respond him immediately,

Reply to dhn88hav:
I’m much honored. Spartacus is my favorite too. If I had to have a team which has a lot of chicks and bloody victory, I would have been my rightful place into history. But I believe that you, my fans, you are sharing a same goal with me except the bloody part. Let’s do not forget when we will be in front of the ballot box. Together, we will reach better and more beautiful!(yes, you know what I mean when I said beautiful;)

Next email: Let’s read what “the excellent article about WD kingdom” says:

Quotes from article:
“A fantastic kingdom.”
WD inner voice:
‘Yes, absolutely fantastic.’

Continue quotes:
“Maybe, WD doesn’t promise amazing things, but it promises the equality.”

WD inner voice:
‘Absolutely, my friend. I wonder who the author of this article is, I should keep reading.’

Continue quotes:
“There is equality in kingdom of course, but not in front of the laws. This equality will be in front of WD. So, WD will do what it wants to do…”

WD outer voice:
What the h**l he says! This is a smear. Shame on you!

The only answer that needs to this e-mail:
“I know the dark forces of democracy behind you!”

The answer is enough, I guess.

I should keep my nerves under control. You see, the policy is dirty work; I have to be calm down. The next e-mail.

Yes, a video prepared for me, I love to these children’s videos. I think these videos should be more popular than the cats. Anyway.

Hahahha, very funny and nice.
Reply to juuWD-love:
I wish your son could give the vote, but at the future, he will already give the vote. What I am saying! Anyway at the future there will not be voting in my kingdom; just we need that we get through this election. You will not endure hardship of voting anymore. Hhahah

Next email. The pre-poll survey is in 2. area in good way: %45 Migo; %55 WD. Even great, hooray! I have to reply this one.

Reply to livedgoggie:
The survey results seem critical. I think there are deficiencies in your campaign work. You should correct them. We do not have much time for elections. You do not come to me with such as these results.

Another email. He or she has got very important questions about my kingdom. How much they can be important? I am here to share an open and transparent election diary with my readers. They are trying to drive me into corner. How many open politicians do you know? Who reads own emails before the public? Which one has the courage? But you still doubt me! You take these questions and you…!

Anyway, another great email, I am feeling. What would be better than a subject title that given a headline as “I love you”?

What is this inside this email? They provide a link; I think it is probably a nice video. Let’s open it now. A video yes, but, the men and women are doing interesting things in video. I guess, one pervert sent this accidentally. But, but, what’s going on! Nooo! This is a virus! All emails are being deleted! Noooo!

– WD, wake up! Wake up quickly! What happened!

– Migo, I saw a bad dream!

– What did you see, my friend?

– They ruined my election campaign. And, you were there, Migo.

– I was there! How?

– I do not remember exactly. You were talking about a cat and the window; how do I know? Give me a break, Migo! You are an oppressive alien! If all aliens oppressive like you, that means we are in trouble. Why are you still coming over me! The thing what you did is very unpalatable, Migo!

– WD?


You can give the vote over internet for election of between WD and Migo:


for the events behind this election :