The Walking Dead season 5 premiere is today

Yes, today. But, the main question is here:

“Why do the people like to watch The Walking Dead tv series?”

Answer: They are blind.

Yes, I announce to all my friends in the universe. Most of you suppose that they have got the eyes, probably they use this eyes for seeing. But, the truth is not this. Unfortunately, the mankind is blind. If they had used eyes, they would have really seen that most people are already walking dead.

Let’s see the mankind past again…

In 1914, the first gas-poison bomb was used on the border of France (Ypres battle) by the Germans. After the battle, most of French soldiers were blind. The result of a tragic accident (with the blowing wind in the opposite direction:) ) , most of German soldiers were blind too.

This is the first record of the collective blindness of the humanity at their history. After that, they got used this situation and the blindness has spread to all humanity.

Thus, they’ve never seen the real war criminals. They’ve never seen who is really guilty, that causes to become the present situation of the planet. They’ve never seen the real differences between life and death.

Today, on the tv screen, while they are watching the walking dead people, they’ll like to watch it. Because, this show is telling their truth, even if they can not see.