The plan

We are living extreme-extreme hot; you know. We had started to melt before. Now we are about to evaporate. Besides, temperature is sensed 55 Celsius, so 131 Fahrenheit degrees with high humidity (90%). I have to find a way to reach the north! I didn’t ask this to Migo. Because, when I’ve wanted to talk with Migo, it sounds strange. It shows me war, destruction, horror news. It wigged out well in this heat. Migo wasn’t a normal alien. Now, it was a thoroughly abnormal.

Anyway, I can’t leave this plan into Migo hands. I should make a plan and apply for both Migo and I. Where were we?  Yes, we have to have “a plan”.

Scenario 1

A raft is made from empty from beer cans; interestingly enough, we have already enough empty beer cans. The right direction map of the Arctic Ocean is found. For flag, the pennant which is symbolizing to my great kingdom is hung. Thus, getting on board of illegal refugees is prevented; interestingly enough, there are enough of them around, too. Migo rows, it would be crew. I should be the captain who determines routes and looks pensive and worried far away. It is more important task. And this task should be mine of course. An alien can not take this task instead of handsome, intelligent and sympathetic dog! When we approached to the pole, we would land on the nearest piece of land. We would come face to face a polar bear! A polar bear which is starved due to global warming runs towards us. Migo and I start running away. But finally it catches us and eats us.

This plan was not good!

Scenario 2

Against the possibility of encountering with a polar bear, Migo offers its junky spaceship to carry with us. Migo says that polar bears could be surprised with the frequency developers inside the ship. I would accept it as a logical dog. The same procedure is applied with Scenario 1 until we approached the pole. When we came to the land, a polar bear starts running towards us. Migo would make something in its poor quality spaceship. Migo goes out and says “Ok, I made it, bear won’t attack to us”. But, polar bear still runs towards us. There is something wrong. Apparently, Migo has sent signals to it’s alien friends for they invade to the planet. I knew it! While Migo’s alien friends invade the world, polar bear would eat us again.

This plan was not good either!

Scenario 3

Migo should be out of this. And this alien should be under observation! Therefore, it is made a deal with two obese bribe-taker cats to row of raft. Cats are bribe-taker! Most recently, I had read a news that the bribe which is inside the black-market of the cats is about 2 tons of cat food. An annual cat food is offered to these two cats. They would agree on. We ship out toward the north on our beer cans raft. Cats start rowing. We reach the pole. When we came ashore at the poles, the polar bear starts to run toward us. Yes, same polar bear! I threw two cats to polar bear, for distraction of bear. We would run away with Migo. But these obese bribe-taker cats would make a new deal with polar bear; instead of they need to attack to polar bear. And they give an idea to the bear about how it will catch me and Migo. It seems that the cats have learned weakest points of me and Migo from our conversations along the way. Damn! Polar bear catches and eats us.

At the end of every scenario, the bear eats us.

I should try to ask to Migo.

“Migo, we have to make a plan to go north. Can you help?”

“There are too much destruction, injustice and death. This planet does not deserve to live it.”

“Migo, I said north, I said we should go. Do you hear me?”

“I do not know, maybe the possibility of mankind does destroy itself, is a good option.”


“This planet does not deserve the cruelty of mankind. A new mass extinctions possibly is a good option.”

It was a thoroughly abnormal; even Migo doesn’t hear me anymore. Damn!

Earth guardians, water and land defenders; there is a call for you from ıdlenomore

From the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change website: The 20th session of the Conference of the Parties and the 10th session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol will be held from 1 to 12 December. COP 20/CMP 10 will be hosted by the Government of Peru, in Lima, Peru.

We must make sure the policy makers understand that we know they are meeting to determine whether or not climate chaos will continue unabated. We demand:

– A world-wide reduction in carbon emissions

– Stop to the carbon trading scheme known as REDD+

– Hold fossil fuel corporations financially and legally accountable for their harms

– Fund the account for climate refugees

We invite you and your group (if you have one) to organize an event and share it far and wide. Not in a group? Take a photo of you and your friends with sign(s) of what you want the Climate Negotiators to know and post here and on other social media outlets. #EyesOnPeru

“All eyes on Peru” title and the link for full article

The killing trees provides opportunity for having sex, racing car and catching Ebola

I had read an article, and one wise man said in this article that:
“Only %10 percent of the people population is living the future mind age on the world. The others are living in biological mind age. If it was different, the genius kings would have dominated, Bush would have never been a president and the scientist like Einstein would have formed government. But, Einstein and the others never have been enthusiastic about the managements.”

Entire world try to find a solution to Ebola virus. It is being experienced a desperation about it. Only minority of the people population is realized who is real guilty: Capitalism kills! The viruses, bacteria, wars, terrorism, oil etc, these are only interface of the capitalism.

Since 1926, the latex companies have been cutting the rubber trees in Liberia(¹) Not just Liberia, in Malaysia, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Thailand and the other overseas counties are also included. The numbers of the annual logging are the huge numbers. Annual tree cutting number is changing in the wide range like from 60.000 tons up to 4.17 million tons (²)

No doubt, the newly trees are planted instead of the felled trees. But, it doesn’t seem possible in those years, when the cutting trees rapidly was experienced.(especially after WW2) Planting process is filled with errors. According to the botanists, the distance between two rubber trees must be 150 meters. However, the happening in the Brazil shows that the opposite process works (³)

Far from cutting trees, the workers who worked in these companies, were run under bad conditions. But this is another subject…³

Ebola virus showed up yourself in 1976 in Liberia. Two years old child has caught the virus.
Conditions and practices in 1970’s were not good, if it compared with after 2000’s. Even today, 500.000 hectares of the Liberia forests were destroyed in 2001 and 2012. This map is the graphic distribution of Ebola virus.

If you want to search to these countries especially the red and orange ones in Africa, you will see the some truths. These counties are the most deforestation countries with the South America’s counties in the world between years 1950-2010. Chad, Nigeria, Cameroun, Congo, Gabon Ethiopia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana and the others. For example let’s see Ghana- Ghana forest field has decreased 57.000 hectares in 1990-2005. The others are not different.
The source for the deforestation analyze numbers:

Is it a coincidence that the Ebola virus spreads rapidly into these countries in proportion to the others? If I turn back to the beginning this article, I want to remind the wise man words:
“Only %10 percent of the people population is living the future mind age on the world…”
And, if you are in this %10 percent, you probably know “Nothing is coincidence.”

The trees is being cut, the people use those trees for latex. Latex is used for making condom, automobile tire or surgical gloves. And the other side, because of the destroying forests, you catch the diseases more rapidly. This is tragically. Especially making surgical grove is more tragically issue.

So, killing trees provides opportunity for having sex, racing car and catching Ebola. It’s the vicious circle. The choice is yours: To see or not see that how the capitalism kills, rather than to believe the governments, who says that “we try to prevent the global warming,” but who never did execute in real terms.
The used sources to write this article: