Racism: Human Zoos


the quote from enter of the article:

“Racism is deeply embedded in our culture.  Slavery of African people, ethnic cleansing of Native Americans and colonialist imperialism are seeds that intertwine to create racism that still has impacts today.  One example of the sad human history of racism — of colonizers seeing themselves as superior to others — is the long history of human zoos that featured Africans and conquered indigenous peoples, putting them on display in much the same way as animals. People would be kidnapped and brought to be exhibited in human zoos.  It was not uncommon for these people to die quickly, even within a year of their captivity. This history is long and deep and continued into the 1950s.  Several articles below with lots of photos so we can see the reality of this terrible legacy. KZ”

If you take 5 minutes to review this web-site, you will see one of the true face of human history in the capitalist world.

If you take 5 minutes to review, you will see that the people died in starvation and disease and for many reasons in those area. They’ve been exhibited like circus animals with plucking from their world by the civilized(!) humanity.

If you take 5 minutes for examining the articles at this web pages, you will see that all of the majority of the human population on this planet is actually considered as to be a guinea pig.

And in today, the racism has changed only own form. It does repeat in different ways. Just think, what has changed today?