Yesterday he had the hopes, today he has got a hashtag with his name…


Berkay Akbas, 19-year-old student at Baskent University School of Medicine in Ankara, yesterday night lost his life at the bombed attack near the Vodafone Arena Stadium in Besiktas, Istanbul.

According to the informations in the news, after the midterm exams, he came to visit Istanbul with friends for the weekend. While passing near the Besiktas Vodafone Arena stadium, he was seriously injured in the vehicle with the effect of the blast. Then he lost his life in the hospital where he was taken.

The result of bomb attacks, 38 people dead and 166 people were injured, 14 of injured people are in critical care unit. According the news this terror attack has been made by TAK terorrist organization. TAK (Eyrêbazên Azadiya Kurdistan in Kurdish) according to wikipedia in English “Kurdistan Freedom Falcons.” Again according the wikipedia this terrorist organization is not only explosioning bombs, they have undertook the blame of some forrest fire’s in Turkey.

And young Berkay has been victim due to these f**king terrorists and the dirty politic accounts!

Only one Berkay life is more important than all terrorists and accounts!!

I am sorry my Earthling friends because of my words, I am feeling so much full with anger and sadness…

Also Berkay’s father talked today and expressed his feelings.

Explanation from the father of Berkay Akbas

Salim Akbas, father of Berkay Akbas said:

“He is 19 years old. Medical School 2nd grade student. He came to Istanbul for only 2 days after the exams from Ankara. They came to visit and by chance they pass by taxi around there. It is just so coincidental. It is so cheap and so simple. For this he is martyr. No, I do not want that my son would be martyr. Mustafa Berkay Akbas is a promising medical student, at Baskent University. His dreams were to be a doctor, and helping these people, but I am taking him back with the funeral car. Now, he is person who has missing person report on twitter. If terror has been finished with only condemn… We have been condemned it for years. They would leave flowers tomorrow. They will not do anything else. I do not want my son to be a martyr. My son was murdered.”

Yes, he was murdered, he doesn’t exist anymore…

He was 19 years old!

He will be always 19 years old…

news was quoted from:

The people of Turkey are dying due to trust and stability environment day by day


A suicide bombing has left at least five people dead in a busy shopping area popular with tourists and locals in Taksim, Istanbul today.

news and picture from:

My title definition “trust and stability environment” is used by Tayyip Erdogan in almost every meeting. For example where did he use:

“Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has spoke at meeting DEIK Business Council 11.11.2015
-The election environment has provided stability and trust. Uncertainity and hesitant environment has been elimineted after 7 June election.”

“His speech at parliament 10.12.2013:
After a long time, Turkey gained the trust and stability environment with AKP government.”

“He had said by alluding to Artvin-Cerattepe protestors 01.01.2016:
One of the first targets of attacks to undermine the trust and stability in our country in recent years has been always energy investments”

And many times; these are the just the news that I could find easily at first glance when I search at google by typing “trust and stability environment”.

As long as he and the others of AKP politicians say “trust and stability environment”, it doesn’t effect to any terror decreasing.

The other side, HDP’s(Kurdish party at parliament) thoughtless politics. -like, two HDP deputies went to the funeral home of suicide bomber of second Ankara bombing for condolences-

Already HDP has never showed real react against PKK terror organization. One day they show sympathise to USA politics, the other day show sympathise to Russia politics. They look like be an instrument of terror events by wrong judgment willingly or not.

AKP politics and HDP politics, the parties are in feeding with each other currently. When one of them makes something, the other side gets stronger. When the other side makes something, the other side gets stronger. But always innocent people are dying.

And today, Istanbul Istiklal Street now, 4 people died 20 people injured again with suicide bombing. Yesterday Germany Embassy gave an alarm for a possibility of bombing. But Istanbul governor:

Istanbul governor has said yesterday for Germany’s alarm:”source and purpose are questionable and sensational news”.

They didn’t care! Before Ankara bombing, US Embassy gave an alarm like that. But they hadn’t cared again! And the people in Turkey follow anymore to US and Germany Embassy twitter accounts. Seemingly they do care too much more their citizens.

the quotes:

A huge explosion hit central square of Istanbul, at least 10 people were killed and 15 injured

A huge explosion hit central square of Istanbul, Dogan news agency reports. At least 10 people were killed and 15 injured, a statement from the Istanbul governor’s office said.


 Latest update: Pirime minister Davutoglu made an explanation: Suicide bomber is member of ISIS and citizen of Syria. And exploding happened when German tourist group was at the square. All people who were killed are tourist. Probably all are German citizen. And the number of victims is 11.
Four hours later, vice prime minister made an explanation about bomber: Citizen of Syria and born in 1988.
Turkey main opposition political party CHP leader Kemal Kılıcdaroglu blamed the government and Erdogan after event:
“We have been warning many times to this government, we said that don’t drag this country to swamp of Middle East… AKP government cannot manage Turkey, it doesn’t manage. Turkey cannot be managed with third-class personell. We waited until yesterday, but we’re out of patiance. If you cannot manage you will go and the ones who can manage this country will come. The things that they do; without getting ambulances, they impose a broadcast ban on the news about bombing. What do you hide from the people? All world is watching already. In a place like the heart of tourism Istanbul, a suicide bomber will explode and you will not take any precautions! Where is your intelligence service? But this government cannot find opportunity to listen terrorists, because of the government listens to us! And again our dictator image is speaking! The things what happened in Hitler’s Germany, today same things are making in Turkey.