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Turkish police arrest editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet opposition daily, raid executives’ homes

In a new wave of post-coup purges, Turkish authorities have arrested the editor-in-chief and several columnists of the independent Cumhuriyet newspaper, also raiding the homes of the paper’s executives, who are currently under investigation.

In the early hours of Monday morning, police raided the houses of Cumhuriyet Editor-in-Chief Murat Sabuncu, Executive Board Chairman Akın Atalay, and board member and writer Guray Oz.

Sabuncu and Oz have been taken into custody, Cumhuriyet correspondent Mahir Zeynalov tweeted.

Turkish authorities issued arrest orders for at least 13 Cumhuriyet employees and executives, according to CNN Turk.

The Istanbul Chief Prosecutor’s office said that “an investigation was launched into certain suspects […] on grounds of claims and discoveries that some executives of the Cumhuriyet Foundation had been sponsoring the PKK , FETO/PYD and they had been producing articles justifying the coup [of] July 15,” as by Istanbul-based news agency Bianet.

Сolumnists Guray Oz and Aydin Engin were taken into custody following raids at their homes, Cumhuriyet said on its website. Asked by reporters to comment on his detention, Engin, age 75, said: “I work for Cumhuriyet, isn’t that enough?”

Apart from the current Cumhuriyet staff, an arrest order has been issued for Can Dundar, the newspaper’s former editor-in-chief, who is currently out of the country.

The newspaper’s readers have gathered in front of its headquarters in Istanbul in protest against the arrests.

Ankara accuses cleric Fethullah Gulen and his supporters of orchestrating the July 15 coup that aimed to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Gulen, who lives in the US, denies involvement. A massive crackdown on suspected Gulen supporters followed the coup attempt, with at least 37,000 people arrested and thousands of civil servants suspended.

In the latest move, 15 media outlets were shut down and another 10,131 civil servants were dismissed over the weekend, Anadolu news agency reported.

Also on Saturday, the President Erdogan announced he would support the re-implementation of the death penalty in Turkey if parliament votes in favor of the step.

The initiative, which drew criticism when it was first voiced by Erdogan following the coup, could see those charged with conspiring against him being put to death. European politicians and EU authorities have repeatedly warned Turkey that if it re-establishes capital punishment it will not be accepted into the bloc.

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Cumhuriyet newspaper web page: http://www.cumhuriyet.com.tr/

This is a riot lettering…


It cannot countinue like this, my friend…
We cannot live like this…
Every thought, every view is like a flover in the garden of freedom…
With this low pressure…
this northeaster…
this mistral…
This is a riot lettering…
The voices of our journalist friends are being heard from the prison loopholes. Even comedy shows were hanged by founding guilty. The father of martyr soldier was considered as traitor.
We cannot live an environment,
where the people who say own idea are lynched,
where the people who open their mouth are taken to behind the bars,
where the people who are not side with dictator are being dissipated,
eventually where everyone is silent…
We cannot live in like an environment like this, waterless, landless, breathless
in a flower garden that the flowers were plucked.
We’re alone…
Everything is between the two lips of the power who is lacking in political morality, democracy culture, legal system…
We are like waterless and ligthness tulips against his passion that he removes whatever is bothering of him and in front of mentality that is shameless of commiting crime with hatred and grudge,
in the garden without flowers…
We are crestfallen…
My friend, if you live in legal state, you run the judiciary. In a democracy, alternative opposition is there. If there isn’t any of them, you go to the bosom of the nation.
But if any of them wasn’t left…
We’re the victims of stupid oppositions political parties in parliament,
that are unaware of their treason against the democracy.
We’re victims of judiciary that is judging the people who are not guilty and have closed the doors to justice.
We’re the victims of a nation that is not aware of what happened and in deep sleep.
This is a riot lettering…
When the all values which you can die, have went and when your hopes slipped from your heart,
you twiddle your pen in your palm…
Should I broke my pen or not?

13.01.2016- Bekir Coskun, Sozcu newspaper

quotted source: http://www.sozcu.com.tr/2016/yazarlar/bekir-coskun/bu-bir-isyan-yazisidir-2-1040197/

Bekir Coskun is one of Turkey’s opposition journalists. In fact, he is famous for his humor and satire articles. He has been making honorable journalism for nearly 40 years in Turkey. Bekir Coskun was sued many times by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his politicians of AKP(ruling party of Turkey last 14 years), because of his writings about them. A part of the situation of Turkey, has been told by his own style in this writing. The size of those which are not telling about Turkey’ situation in this writing are enough to fit a thick book.

“You are not able to have an idea, without having knowledge.” Ugur Mumcu

22 years ago today, Ugur Mumcu, Turkish journalist and writer was killed with the bomb, which was exploded in his car, in front of his house. He was working at Cumhuriyet newspaper and writing about the Islamic capital, which began to settle Turkey, when he was killed.

His explanation with his words:
“Today in Turkey, strands of Islam, who are fed with financial assistance from the abroad run wild. I will explain all them name by name. I am trying to prove that they are included which political powers and the capital groups which they have behind.”

From the one of his last articles,
January 7, 1993 with the title, “Mossad and Barzani,”
“If the Kurds are making the war of independence against colonialism, what are CIA and Mossad doing inside the Kurds? Or the CIA and Mossad are fighting against imperialism, but entire world is not aware of their war!”

Today in 2015, if it is wanted to learn what is happening into the Middle East, the answer of this belongs to past, at that years. That years, seven important journalist, professor and politician were killed in Turkey. Tragicomic side of all, their killers never found… What a pain for a public. Today, if the imperialism can kill thousands in this region easily, because of that the imperialism has prepared of this for years.

But, imperialism has not accounted one thing as always. One million people were in his funeral ceremony at that day, and today millions of people have same thought with him. “Imperialism kills.”

After his death, a poem-folk song sang for him:

…When we are planted, we come back as crop
When we are crushed; we come back as flour
When we go as only one person; we come back as thousands
To shoot me, is it salvation?

Here are some of his thoughts with his words:

He was anti-imperialist
“I am Kemalist. I am republican. I am secular. I am anti-imperialist. I am side with full independent Turkey. I am defender of human rights. I am against the terrorists. I am the enemy of bigots, thieves, profiteers, self-seeking. Until yesterday morning, you could not deny any subject, which I’ve written with researching. If so, you shoot me, you break me into pieces; the people who will go beyond of me, will born from into every pieces of mine.”

He felt responsible himself for entire humanity
“People are not responsible only for what they are talking; they are also responsible for what they are silent.”

He was a realistic
“You are not able to have an idea, without having knowledge.”

He has stood with justice
“Injustice, which is done to a person, it is a crime against the whole society.”

He was human rights defender in real sense
“The people who keep in silence, would be involved to these crimes against humanity. These innocent people could be Jews, Arabian, Christian; the race and religion discrimination are not made. The dead people are human being.”

He was poetical
“Some of dead, how much close to us,
Most of livings, how much dead…”

He was against Nato and United States imperialism
“Our republic, which has got independence underlying own basis, were delivered in the imperialist octopus arms after the World War II. It is such a surrender that our underground sources are at multinational corporations’ disposal; it is such a surrender that our mining, petroleum and foreign investment laws have been prepared by the foreign experts; it is a such a surrender that the parts of our country lands were donated to another state’s general staff under the name of “base”; it is a such a surrender that our army weapons, vehicles and equipment are connected to the dictates of transoceanic countries.”

And, he is still anti-imperialist, he fells himself responsible of entire humanity, he is a realistic, he stands with justice, he is human rights defender in real sense, he was poetical, he is against Nato and United States imperialism. Because, the thoughts are never killed.

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