Some good things happen on Earth

This advertisement was made by LOSEV (Turkey Foundation for Children with Leukemia)
The boy says in the advertisement that
“My name is Serdar, my mother and my father loves me so much,
and my doctor and my nurses loves me too(while he takes his periwig off),
can you hold my hand before sleeping tonight?”

This advertisement and the other advertisements of LOSEV are not being allowed to broadcast on tv as public service ad at Turkey becuase of Radio and Television Supreme Council. (at Turkey RTSC decides to every tv broadcasting and it totaly belongs to government, and in Turkey some foundation can have many field at broadcasting because of they are pro-government, some can’t, LOSEV cannot have.)

Two days ago, PayPal announced that the company will stop its operations in Turkey in effective from 6th June 2016. And added “Customers can log in to your PayPal account balance in the account and, if there is an applicable money, they can be transfer that money to bank accounts in Turkey.”

So many PayPal users or customers in Turkey. And it left the money in their PayPal accounts. These accounts mostly small figures intı the accounts, like 5, 10 Turkish liras, 1-2 USD or Avro. And so many costumer probably won’t intent to take back these money form the back. And one Eksi Sozluk‘s user (Eksi Sozluk is a participant discussing social platform in Turkey last 17 years, even Eksi Sozluk more popular than twitter in Turkey) started a compaign for these money accounts. These small money started to transfer to LOSEV (Turkey Foundation for Children with Leukemia)

LOSEV is making really good works for the children with Leukemia in Turkey. And they stand with the donations.

The campaign has spread immediatly to the social media, like via twitter. And according to LOSEV twitter account into just last 24 hours, fund-raised;
41.591,53 TL (about 13.000 USD)
17.274,07 USD
802,30 €


It is really amazing, because as much I’ve seen that the money accunts are very small on  the Eksi Sozluk platform.

People share how much money left into their accounts and they transferred, at the web page.

in  page of Eksi Sozluk,

we can see for example very small figure of the moneys, 0,98 USD, 1,76 USD, 1,95 USD, 4 TL, 1,50 €.

They are making a big lake! 🙂

Thank you to show us the good things happen on Earth!

Also, I will edit after 6th June this post.