Cold in the night my mind is freezin
Why do they fool me how disgracin
Meaningless war, no one can leave it
Why do they live on people bleedin

Hiding this truth, we kill the peace, man
Pray for these thousands in the eastland, thousands in the east…

Lie on the ground, I’ll still be thinkin
How they accept this life in true sin
Unreal is the peace, that we still believe in
I hear this sound of madness growin

Fighting with hatred feeds the rich men
Pray for these thousands in the eastland, thousands in the east…


*Pentagram is Turkish heavy metal band; but at this song, “1000 in the Eastland” the lyric is in English. It has great music, great melody, great lyrics!

Water Wars in Middle East

We can consider as a starting point is the report of Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) headquartered in Washington, DC, “the Middle East’s water problem”, in 1986. In the report, there were such as the prophecies that the drought which begins due to reduced of the rivers flow in the Middle East, will increase, and water will be more valuable than oil included in the results of the research in daily life. The most interesting part of this report was that:
“Nile, Tigris and the Euphrates … In the Middle East, a future war, surely will be the sharing of the waters of three rivers …”

What happened in those years?

Saddam was massacring thousands of Kurds from 1986 until 1989. How Saddam has achieved this bloody power? In 1979, Saddam became president with a covered revolution. The same year, the Islamic revolution happened in Iran. Western countries and lead actor America, had backed the bloody war that lasted eight years of Saddam with Iran. Saddam weapons which have used between 1986-1989 did not fall from the sky, those had been American and European aids.

But, Saddam like every dictator, did not fit in mold. And, he betrayed the feeding him. He invaded Kuwait in 1990. America would not no longer be together with Saddam, and then he started to dance with Russia.

From 1990 in quickly, the statement about Israel’s water problems began to come out successively.

“Israel’s University of Haifa, Prof. Armon Sofer said, it will be war in the Middle East due to the use of water resources.” (Milliyet, 31 October 1990)

“Angry water fights were not new for the Middle East. It was related to the previous several battles three major rivers: the Nile, Tigris, Euphrates.” (Newsweek, 12 February 1990)

“Water scarcity threatens Israel.” (Shalom, Jan. 9, 1991)

“At next years in Jerusalem’s boulevards will not smell rose, and perhaps a country that Israel will be forced to abandon the image of desert bloom eye-catching. As in the old culture and inside the Negev cotton, the holy city needs a lot of water for decoration, but there is no water. (L’Express, August 16, 1991)

“Shimon Peres: Population is increasing. If we can not create the possibility to produce the water, this time we will fight for water.” (Cumhuriyet, 12 June 1991)

“One of the most important reasons of Israel’s invaded Southern Lebanon and the West Bank, these places have the rich water resources. Golan Heights are mountainous, rainy and fertile regions. It can not afford to lose these places in. Also, Israel occupied the portion of Lake Tiberias which belongs the Syria and using the whole lake. Because the sea water treatment process too costly. It even affects the inflation of Israel…

Water power can be used together to win the friendship and trade. But at the same time it is similar nuclear power, if once known by the people that you have it, it awakens in them great respect. Turkey’s water-rich regions of the Southeast. If the events in the Southeast Anatolia expand, also neighborly relations will be even more important.” (Economist, December 14, 1991)

“The Israeli Agriculture Minister Rafael Eitan: water in the region is a ticking bomb.” (Hürriyet, 14 July 1991)

“The Israeli Agriculture Minister Rafael Eitan, warns:” The water level in Lake Tiberias has never been so low any time. Water reserves of Israel under life-threatening.” (Nature, Aug. 1991)

“Israel stated that it is willing to cooperate with Turkey on GAP, Israel is deprived of water resources, but Turkey has rich in water, land and labor.” (Shalom January 29, 1992)
“Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin: I hope that the water problem is not resolved with the gun.” (Sabah, 22 December 1992)

“Western sources have pointed that the water which has begun to become more valuable than oil in the Middle East, can blow the war winds in the region by winning a strategic importance towards the 2000s.” (Cumhuriyet, 23 July 1992)

In the same year the terrorist organization PKK that is so-called defence the rights of Kurds in Turkey, was signature the bloodiest actions. PKK was busting the villages and killing children, elders, teachers and soldiers.

Those who could not live in Turkey, were fleeing to Syria, then were returning with armed again to Turkey. Some of the PKK terrorists were getting training in Germany, Greece, Italy, Belgium and France camps. Almost every west countries support them.

But, for what?

“…Many communities use the water of the Tigris and Euphrates basin or are affected by dams built on the river though. Kurds are the most affected communities. A many important rivers arise in Turkey where the population density consist from Kurds or in the control of Kurdish areas where are in safe Kurdish region in northern Iraq. As the most significant beneficiaries, Kurdish communities have the right to participate in a meaningful way in the decision-making process that will affect them. Therefore, the delegation calls to establish effective mechanisms to all relevant states to Turkey, Iraq and Syria in the region, in all negotiations related to water, the Kurdish minority and such as those affected social groups and water users to ensure the participation of the most important rights…”(1)

This quotes from Kurdish Human Rights Project (established in England) web pages documents. But now it cannot read I don’t know why. What do you think?

Let’s see Turkey’s waters that could not be shared.

UN sees the Middle East as the most problematic region of the world about water.
While Middle East Region has 5% of the world’s population, it has water resources only 1% of world. Moreover, 90% of the water resources (as in the Euphrates and Tigris for example) consist from transboundary waters in this region. Turkey is located in the midst of war, which will be released in this case.

Euphrates River arise from Turkey. After entering Syria going out from Turkey near Birecik, Balik and Khabur River, which are included of main source of the Euphrates, join it. Therefore, 98% of the Euphrates stems from Turkey. However, Syria argues that Balik and Khabur stem from its territory. Syria’s contribution is actually only about 11%. Iraq does not make any contribution to the water of Euphrates River, but Iraq is using 44% section of the river waters. While water contribution to the Euphrates of Turkey is 89%, Turkey is using only around 35% rate. Despite Syria contributed 11% on the Euphrates, Syria is using 21% of the river water. This rate increases with the Southeastern Anatolia Project(21 dams over the Tigris and Euphrates in Turkey) That’s why, Syria and Iraq seriously worried because of this situation. Tigris also arises from Turkey as the Euphrates; is leaving the border with Turkey near Cizre. Hezil waters of the Great Zab which are arising from Turkey, is joining the Tigris in Iraq. Tigris water had contributed to the 40% of Turkey, Iraq ‘s contribution is around 60%. Tigris is after leaving from Turkey, without going into Iraq, it forms 50 for 60 km the border between Turkey and Syria. This waterfront Tigris get Syria to benefit from the contribution of the Tigris water does not eat at all. Syria which get the opportunity to benefit from the Tigris this shore, does not contribute to Tigris water at all.

The problem Iraq and Syria with the dispute Turkey over starts in in the terminology of water. While Turkey claim the Euphrates and Tigris are”transboundary waters” as being right, Syria and Iraq, argue them as “international waters,”. Thus, they are trying to restrict Turkey’s rights of the Euphrates and on the Tigris. While Turkey accepts the amount as it sees fit “allocation of water”, Syria and Iraq, want to share the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates will connect with the agreements states. This difference of opinion creates breaking point of the problem for Turkey.

In fact, Turkey came under obligations on the Euphrates and Tigris rivers in Treaty of Lausanne(1923). It is written in a manner that will protect the interests of Turkey’s water in Lausanne. More particularly, various protocols were signed during the World War 2. After 1946,1947,1976 and 1987. However, these agreements and protocols in Turkey, the Tigris and Euphrates defined benefit industrial and agricultural purposes which prevents Ankara obligations under the put provisions, were not included. About transboundary waters, there is no international rules in a comprehensive and all disputes that can be applied to determine the rights and obligations of the riparian states…

The United Nations and the European Union since 2006, wants to the Euphrates and Tigris waters are “international waters,”; not “transboundary waters”, and publish reports on this issue. The importance of water for the communities and countries, is undeniable. However, while helping a country, if the damage to other countries, this assistance is doubt the innocence.

Already the EU handle the Euphrates and Tigris subject as two separate basins, also Jordan’s basin to include Euphrates, only shows that EU protected the interests of Israel. Indeed, the underlying reason of the base of the attempt to become dependent on foreign of Turkey’s political as well as economic, mainly because water that is seen as a pretext for war after oil. How else could be interpreted that USA is trying to make Turkey economically dependent by using US’s own children IMF and the stepchild UN and the World Bank, and occupy the agenda of Turkey by using another countries data? (2)

Israel has obvious a serious water problem, has not it? This is not about Syria, Iraq or the puppet state Kurdistan, which will established by the United States in the interests of Israel.

There has been water problem which couldn’t been solved between Israel and its neighboring countries which Jordan River stakeholders, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, for years. The biggest causes of the problem are the drought which has been surrounding the region since 1988, and the withdrawal of the waters of the Jordan River. Jordan River water level has fallen below the red level which is considered to be alert in the framework of the national security concept. In 2001 the level of the river water has fallen below 215 m above sea level. If the every 30 cm level falls is correspond to 10% of Israel’s annual water consumption, is considered, it will be easier to understand the experience of water shortages of Israel. According to the estimates; If the current agricultural production to continue in the coming years in Israel, 210 million cubic meters water will need more than the current drinking water, and 375 million cubic meters water will need more than in the amount of agricultural and industrial, in 2020. (3)

Palestinian’s viewpoint: the words of “Minister for Imaginary Water”

Palestinian Water Authority Chairman Sheddad El Atili is giving a great fight against the water problem in the region. El Atili who is proclaimed himself “Minister for Imaginary Water” complains that Palestinian could not even open a single well without the permission of the Israel…

West Bank hills have the caves and crevices, where filled with the accumulation of rainwater. Groundwaters are creating only natural water source in the region. Israel which uses these reserves since the 1950s, holds the control of the region since the Six-Day War in 1967, and thus holds the military control of resources. While annual per capita is using 57 cubic meters of water in the Palestinian territories, Jewish settlement in the Israelis can use it quintuple the amount of this water. Palestinian Water Authority Chairman Sheddad says:
“I do not have the luxury to waste even a drop in the West Bank. But the situation is worse than in Gaza where the world’s largest prison is. About 2 million Palestinians live at there, due to the blockade Israel has imposed; they are not able to reach the water which deserves the definition of ‘drinking water’.”(4)

Golan Heights where Israel occupied in 1967 war and has been received back a small portion of it in 1973, are creating another problem which is increasingly complex due to related policy the underground and aboveground water sources in the region. According to information which is given by A. Arsan who is Water Works Director of Kuneytr (Syrian town at Syria- Israeli border), the Israeli administration continues to use the Banyas and Kadı River waters which are under occupied Golan region and south of the Sheikh mountain, despite UN decisions.

Despite UN decisions stating that Israel should withdraw from the Golan Heights, 4 dams were built in order to supply the water needs of residents who are placed in this area by Israel. However, because of some dams have been very close to the points on open fire and were built on the rivers which are flowing towards Syria, the water problem grown steadily.

Like a joke: Israel is not aware the dams which built by itself.

Arsan stated that they received a response letter from UN, after Syria brought this problem to the UN. And according to letter, “the other side, so that Israel was not aware of these dams”.

Who cares Genava Convention

According to the Geneva Convention on the use of waters by any occupier position (in this case Golan Heights are in occupied) also is prohibited. Syrian side is accusing Israel of stealing water under this contract. In addition to this, it is known that Israel takes various taxes from Syrians who are living around the lakes that Israel draws water, in return of using the lake water.

As well as the use of 750-800 million cubic meters of water per year of Israel, recently another issue emerged in Syria about the mixing sewage into the waters. Kuneytr Governor Riyad Hijab, drawing attention to a new problem, which will begin to take effect in the coming years, “the Israeli side is burying nuclear waste in the soil of the Golan and in the areas close to Syria,” he says. (5)

Do you still believe the war of the Middle East emerged out from petroleum? Do you still believe the Kurdistan which will established by US is interested in Kurdish rights?


(2) Cumhuriyet Strategy Journal




The power of children

This boy name Alexandros Grigoropoulos. He was killed in 7 Dec, 2008 by police bullet in Greece. Now this boy is remembered with Michael, Ivan, Berkin, Ali, Adesewa, Omer…it doesn’t matter their countries. They all were killed by the police bullet or terrorism war, in Greece, US, Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine…

After, Alexis (Alexandros) was killed, one of his friends has spoken after his funeral:

“Alexis said goodbye to us with few words «friends, they’ve hit me» … he just managed to say, then his legs gave way, he fell to the ground and died.”

What did the children of Greece do in that days? They made a statement; here are some of parts their statement:

Global call out to the parents of all 15 year olds.
In Greece we are all called Alexis and Michaelis … The cops kill us… They kill us with bullets to the chest, they kill us by beating us to death.
Cops kill 15 year olds. Not only in Greece but throughout the world in the same way.
We call for the solidarity of our parents. We call for for the solidarity of all of you.
Students, workers, the unemployed, labourers, farmers and all who have children …
Our teachers, our lecturers, our friends, our neighbors, all those people who resist the unjust and the unreasonable.
Because they definately have children too, if we’re not mistaken. And if their children do not die from bullets to their chests, they die every day in explosions in nafpigoepiskefasthikes zones with industrial accidents, they drown en mass mass in dilapidated boats …

No we are not of this society. We are 15 year olds and we think… differently.
.. Cops kill in the same way everywhere.
Some of them say batons and one bullet is enough. Others shoot 15 times for fun..
Do not become their accomplices.
Those who remain silent, those who condemn our rage because of the blatent lies of the corporate media, the police and the politicians you vote for, determine our future … you are responsible and liable.
Because the future of Alexis was murdered on the 6th of December 2008 in Greece. Because the futures of 15 year olds are ended by the bullets of cops in each and every corner of this world.
One night in Exarhia with one bullet to the heart.
The place may change, but the situation remains the same.
We are all, each and every one of us an «Alexis» and a «Michaelis.
And we are not celebrating our birthdays because we were assassinated at the age of 15. Pigs.

And they were angry in right way. They gave an announcement at the funeral.

You’ve forgotten…
We’ve expected from you to support us,
Even if it would be once time in your life, we were expecting that you made us proud.
In vain…
You are living lie life,
You’ve knuckled down,
You’ve took off your underpants and you are waiting for the day you will die.
You don’t have a dream, you do not fell in love
You do not create.
You are only selling and buying.
The materiality is in everywhere
Love is in nowhere, truth is in nowhere
Where are the parents, where are the artists?
Why don’t they go out and protect us?
They’re killing us…
Help us…

Signature: CHILDREN

Today, capitalists talk too much about what will the Syriza do? How did they become to power? Can they succeed for economy issues in EU? They have a lot of questions. The capitalists want to muddy the water. Which they always do this. They didn’t see those children, they do not see still.

Imperialists want to make the direction of perception. They want to settle the thought “Greeks only know the Syrtos play, they don’t understand the economy management,” over the main-stream media. What a big hypocrisy! When they wanted they can say “our roots based on the Greek civilization” or they can make in bloody way the propaganda “Turks and Greeks are the enemy of each other,”. So, imperialism is trying to show the newborn government is defeat at the beginning.
It is not easy like that! Any of these children did not die in vain! Building of new, free and friendship world against to their “new world” is in the hand of the humanity. More children are not sacrificed for a free world anymore! If the human being is in same thought, should be supported to Syriza. And this is a wave. The imperialists want to put a set in front of this wave. They are afraid that this wave effect would spread the other countries. But, I believe that the mankind is aware a lot of things anymore.

Those kids did not die in vain, did they…

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Fantastic Welcome; this is not a screen shot from “Age of Empires” game series

Palestine leader Mahmoud Abbas has visited to Turkey. Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accepted Mahmoud Abbas in Ak-Saray, which was cost about 700 million dollars. And the soldiers, who are standing both sides on the stairs are the people, who represent of the 16 Turks states in the world history.

This is a tragicomic news. The leader of Palestine that has been trying to survive in the Middle East is on one side; the president of Turkey that Turks and Kurds and the others struggle against difficulties which are increasing day by day under the government’s sanctions over them, is on the other side.

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America is closer to World War III than ever before

What is American government doing? And, do American people know what US government did in the Middle East? Actually, American people are friendly and wholehearted. However, they judge undeservingly with the reason of US government’s steps in the Middle East. America is closer to World War III than ever before. Do American people really want to be part of this? I don’t think so. Well, all these for what? Yesterday, Michael Rubin who is a former Pentagon official whose major research areas are Middle East, Turkey, Iran and diplomacy, gave an interview to the Turkish newspaper “Aydınlık”. And he made statements which is terrible but, more real opinion of the American government about the Middle East. Some main specific answers of him as follows. And there will be my explanation (according to the perception of the people of this region) under every part about how American government is in a big mistake and misjudge.

Question-The private-soldiers hadn’t been targeted by PKK for a long time; with their propaganda “they are the children of the public”. They were shooting to the senior-rank officers instead of this. But today, they shoot the civilian-dressed soldiers in the middle of the street in the leave day. Which reason was caused their act changing? Michael Rubin answer- There is no peace process that the defeatist groups (in PKK) same as includes Palestinian, Ireland or anywhere else, didn’t do terrorist acts for trying the derail the peace process. However, Erdogan has created a very dangerous precedent, legitimizing Hamas. Because, Hamas is performing actions in the same manner and Erdogan declares legitimate to their brutality. These precedents which were created by Erdogan, ultimately it will cost to flow Turkish blood. And maybe it will cause to the state’s division in a short time that many Turks could never dream.

//The perception of the people of this region (Iran, Syria, Turkey, and big part of Iraq): Resister people of Palestinian and Ireland never has been the same with PKK. They’ve been fought against to imperialism always. But PKK fight for benefits of American government now. And Russians will think, “If American government is so much against the Hamas, why they ignored that Yasser Arafat’s death when he was under the siege of Israel Army. He was the closer person for the peace of this region. And in this way, did the terrorist group Hamas gain strength?” And Turks will think: “We will never be divided. For hundred years, we have been lived for our lands. And we used to flow our blood, it makes no difference for us, we always be ready to dead for our country. (Yes, Turks are more excited people:) //

Question-What did you intend with saying “PKK is stronger than ever” Do you mention of PKK’s political power? Because as the military, we have seen they are not strong ever thought in Ayn al-Arab(Kobane). Do you think PKK is at the summit of military power? Michael Rubin answer- PKK is the only successful group against both ISIS and Assad regime in Syria. Of course they are fighting but they have difficulty in this. However, there are Turkey’s blocking in several months and the military ammunitions which ISIS captured in Mosul and transported, behind the scenes. In military sense, PKK has showed that they could manage the cities as Hakkari in Turkey and large areas as Kobane in Syria, more or less. They are faced with a frontal attack in Kobane. On the other hand, they are a guerilla group which is fighting completely different methods in Turkey. It doesn’t need always to the determinants war such as World War II or Korean War. In terms of population, Kurds birth rate is higher than Turkish people. Also Erdogan pushed Turkey to a slippery surface, justifying PKK in the eyes of the world.

//The perception of the people of this region (Iran, Syria, Turkey, and big part of Iraq): Hakkari is a city of Turkey. So, American government thinks that I can be managed any legal country city with a terrorist group like PKK. And Iran will think: My country will be in danger in next time. The fears of the people of this region have been always same. If my neighborhood country is in danger, it may be my country at next. This fear spreads in ripple, until that surrounds the entire region. And Russia; do you know what will Russia think?: Until today, United States tried to fill all Europe with the ballistic missiles. Of course this fear will be effect to Russia too. And Turks will think: Birth rate? It means that US government enters our bedroom for this counting? We have to be more careful?:)//

Question-PKK and PYD has the same leadership? So they are the same with? Michael Rubin answer- In general terms, yes. But of course PYD is local wing and they are dealing with substantial local problems such as managing local area. Question- American mainstream press is using the term “freedom fighters” for PKK/PYD in Ayn al-Arab. Does this reflect Washington’s political stance?

Michael Rubin answer- Even if only this truth, so, American people say the Kobane instead of Ayn al-Arab means that United States accepted the Kurdish rhetoric. And if we are currently providing direct support to PKK’s arm, this is a natural consequence of Erdogan’s anti-Americanism, which is not very clever during of the period of ten years. In the past, Kurdish nationalists has blushed me because I’d say them: “You don’t force United States to make a choice between Kurds and Turkish Government. If we had to choose between Ankara and Kurdistan, we choose to Ankara.” After all, Turkey was NATO ally for many years and United States and Turkey had a comprehensive relationship. However, the result of anti-Americanism of Erdogan and his deputies and also religious provocations process, we came to a point where Washington’s preferred PKK instead of Turkey.

//The perception of the people of this region (Iran, Syria, Turkey, and big part of Iraq): They use anymore Kurdistan word. They want to divide this region clearly. So our fears are not unfair. And he said that Turkey was Nato ally, so in now, Turkey is not inside Nato. If they don’t want to third powerful army in the world we all together build a new alliance. Even Russia and China will come by running to this new alliance. And when did Erdogan make anti-Americanism propaganda? Obama and Erdogan always talk each other. If last ten year Erdogan made anti-Americanism propaganda, why did Obama maintain a stance against to Erdogan? It is really interesting. //

American people know that “PKK is the worst terrorist group for Turkish people” The mean of Al Qaeda for American people is the same with PKK means for Turks. The only solution of this terror problem in the Middle East would be common decision of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Russia. With such as every step of US government both American people and the people of this region will be put in a large war, probably World War III. Right now, these countries don’t seem like in good relationship. However, it should not be forgotten that these countries haven’t entered a serious war against each other during history. And their partnerships are common in the historical sense. Conversely, they helped each other in difficult situations. Plus, this will not affect to only this region. Besides, let’s think for a moment: Germany would be side by side with the American government on such an case?:)

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Assange: Google Is Not What It Seems

Quotes from article:

It was Cohen who, while he was still at the Department of State, was said to have emailed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to delay scheduled maintenance in order to assist the aborted 2009 uprising in Iran. His documented love affair with Google began the same year when he befriended Eric Schmidt as they together surveyed the post-occupation wreckage of Baghdad. Just months later, Schmidt re-created Cohen’s natural habitat within Google itself by engineering a “think/do tank” based in New York and appointing Cohen as its head. Google Ideas was born.

The people at Stratfor, who liked to think of themselves as a sort of corporate CIA, were acutely conscious of other ventures that they perceived as making inroads into their sector. Google had turned up on their radar. In a series of colorful emails they discussed a pattern of activity conducted by Cohen under the Google Ideas aegis, suggesting what the “do” in “think/do tank” actually means. Cohen’s directorate appeared to cross over from public relations and “corporate responsibility” work into active corporate intervention in foreign affairs at a level that is normally reserved for states. Jared Cohen could be wryly named Google’s “director of regime change.” According to the emails, he was trying to plant his fingerprints on some of the major historical events in the contemporary Middle East. He could be placed in Egypt during the revolution, meeting with Wael Ghonim, the Google employee whose arrest and imprisonment hours later would make him a PR-friendly symbol of the uprising in the Western press. Meetings had been planned in Palestine and Turkey, both of which—claimed Stratfor emails—were killed by the senior Google leadership as too risky. – Assange: Google Is Not What It Seems.

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