The pure and simple truth

A lot changes on this planet the day everyone has the perception and heart of Anjelika Akbar!

Her tweet translation in English:

“My father was born in Ukraine.

My mother was born in Russia.

I was born in Kazakhstan.

We are all born on Planet Earth located in the Solar System. Our blood color is red. We breathe the same air.

Now is the time to come out of the dungeon of unconsciousness and realize that we are all family of this planet.”

Updated :At least 86 killed in twin bombings near train station in Turkey’s capital Ankara during “Peace Rally”

Those who want peace are dying every day, being killed! To die for PEACE, perhaps it is the most difficult thing. The most difficult thing is to be the blowing wind of hope. Those who responsible for this massacre, nobody will forget you and your goal! If we forget, our hearts would become cold!