Which one is your choice: Safety or freedom?

When you watch The Walking Dead seoson 5 episode 4- “Slabtown”, you ask to yourself:

Which one is your choice: Safety or freedom?
To live in captivity behind the secure doors, or to be free inside the zombies?

In the real world, how many people have the freedom to choose?

if the god really exists…

People love to believe in a religion. There are many religions on this planet. A global 2012 poll reports that 59% of the world’s population is religious, and 36% are not religious. /Source Wikipedia/ However, three of them comes to the forefront prominently. And, Christianty, Islam and Judaism are blocking the development with pressuring continuous to the humanity. This means a further aspect; the majority puts the pressure on the minority, in a way contrary to the scientific facts. The world date is 2014, and the people can believe in these, leaving aside all scientifically thoughts:

-A virgin can give birth. / virgin Mary-Christianity
-A man can rises to the sky against to the gravity. / Mohammed- Mi’raj- Islam
-A man can divide a river into two parts. / Moses- Judaism

Yes, if the god really exists he should have good excuse for the answer to this question: Why he didn’t upgrade the capacity of human brain?

1 million iPhone 6 was pre-ordered, in 6 hours in China

New technology madness name is iPhone 6. The people use last improved stuff, but they couldn’t find cure many illness or remedy to the hunger yet. Using improved stuff, they believe and think “we are foremost species in our galaxy.”  Bull shit. Because, we know their past and future.

Let’s see the mankind past…

Not many, four thousand years ago, humanity was getting ready for being fossil and being examined in good shape maintaining. For this, they died at the big nature wars; sometimes under the mammoths, sometimes in starving.

Those days were good days. They did not have the dictators, the religions, the ipads, the tv screens and gmo foods.

Already, the average life expectancy was 20 years. And just for 20 years, it was difficult to believe in a religion. Those days were the days, that the churches, the mosques and the synagogues didn’t lie to the people and didn’t give the reason to war each other. No one knew the meaning of the insincerity.

Undoubtedly, scientific developments were the high-level. Finding the fire (or the wheel) was a brighter breakthrough more than finding the windows software. As every living thing in the universe to live in, they knew that they had to protect the natural environment. Fucking up to the earth was not first priority.

Anyway, this is a huge progression for the mankind, don’t you think :))