New level in the evolution of the mankind: planting the flag

Today, there is a lot of news about the terrorism and the war. These news now became commonplace. But, why? If humanity is a living organism, which tries to complete the development and evolution, then why the war and terrorism are on the agenda constantly?

Each organism undertakes complementary tasks without being aware of own evolution. They do many things in their lives. Actually, the genes tell to the organism: “you have to do these things, if you want to continue and survive.”

Let’s see the animals’ agenda:
Bees’ agenda is based on making honey
Dolphins’ agenda is based on going to the warm waters
Cats’ agenda is based on being most popular sharing video. -Ok, this one was not appropriate:)

People agenda is based on the war and the terrorism. But, it shouldn’t be easy like that. If so, a common feature of these articles must be. It is enough to shoot a glance to these news, the common point of all are flags. There are always the flags in the war pictures background. And they are planting these flags, killing thousands of people. As a living organism, the humanity is the only species, who misunderstood the evolutionary process. Unfortunately, planting the flag is not a way for protecting natural areas of the habitat. And again unfortunately, you cannot go on to the next evolution level with planting the flag.

Worst part of this action is not limited with only this planet. They do the same thing wherever they go. I’m transferring this information to the other species in the universe. If someday, if you see a species, which came with a piece of shaped fabric and a long stick in his hand to your planet, not forget that it has not yet completed the evolution of own species. Be gentle to them. Their perception is a little bit weak mostly.

In here, you put the Russian flag, China flag or the others instead of the American flag. All are doing the same thing; it does not change anything.

Yes, humanity sees the planting the flag as a step to complete the evolution. This case has been continuing in this way since the medieval age. The philosophers and the scientists have perished in vain. Darwin has written the origin of species in vain, Giordano Bruno was burned in vain. In fact, humanity did not understand anything about evolution.