Russian style:) ‘If you want to fly, give the plane a push’

An airplane has never so much supported by the people on the planet 🙂

Hardy Siberians undaunted by aircraft frozen on tarmac as temperatures sank to a biting minus 52C

When their plane literally froze on the ground at Igarka airport, above the Arctic Circle, there was no need to panic. Fearing the UTair service to regional capital Krasnoyarsk could be delayed, many of the 70 passengers used brute strength to free the 30-ton Tupolev 134.

Men are heard shouting: ‘Come on, push!’ As one was heard saying on a video of the incident: ‘Real men can plant a tree, build a house, and push a plane.’

Another added: ‘We just want to get back home.’

The passengers pushed the plane’s wings, moving it backwards.

By The Siberian Times reporter: ‘If you want to fly, give the plane a push’.

“Something terrible has become at Chernobyl …”

At the first hours 26th day of April 1986, clocks are being shown 01 hour 23th minute 47th second. 2 tons radioactive material started to release to the surface of the planet. Radioactivity unit is 10 billion curies.

Tens of thousands people, civilians and soldiers will be evacuated, the cities will be became to the ghost towns, as same as Edgar Allan Poe’s poems, and even the people will run out they will never get rid of this big disaster.

First, let’s see the morning April 26, after we back to the past. On the morning, there were those broadcastings on radio frequency:

“Stockholm was covered with radioactive cloud.”
“Radioactive contamination exceeds the limit dozens of times.”
“Cloud is going right path to Norway.”
“There’s radioactive clouding on the northern border of Poland.”
“Radioactive contamination is south of Finland.”

“Something terrible has become at Chernobyl …”

The first words, which came from Chernobyl:
“Yes, there was an accident at the plant; fire occurs with the bursting; the fire will be extinguished … silence … the bars of reactor were closed; the fire would be extinguished, but … silence … friends of the station, acquaintances … silence …”

The urgent task notice was sent to all the military units in the region, including those retired. The things what they needed to collect was the evidence of a major disaster.

The government has made emergency call for convening the assembly. The information what should be done, were asked to the authorities immediately.
Emergency cooling system; ECCS, local automatic regulators; lar system; including lowering the pressure differential bs is to protect the reactor accident; the signal regulating valves to close for locking the turbine generator; (after many technical terms insert also)
These terms, which the public was unable to understand, were told consistently for trying to make sense of the generations who died caused of the cancer without knowing what was experiments at the plant.

There are too many stories…

We zoom in on all things became. Let’s look a bit in the other direction, getting back in time on decades.

The radio signal, which was known as the Russian Woodpecker were heard in shortwave radio frequencies worldwide between 1976 and1989. The earthlings have followed evidences; it was spreading from the Soviet Union. Russia has refused this (as you know those were cold war years). Anyway, when the times came to the in 1988, Russia made a statement: This signal is for measurements to reflect the radio waves in the ionosphere, including the extreme horizon radar systems. The means of this statement shortly, “We consider carefully, after we are sending the signal to our submarines or air transports.” This system which was talked about name is “Duga” in Russian, also known as “Doug 5N32” horizon radar system, which was based on board intercontinental ballistic missile detection. Besides, it was a system that was able to control the North American airspace (was it really so?). Duga is nearby Chernobyl with massive steel pile (60 km away).

Our subject is Chernobyl; this is the first of these bread crumbs; and with continuing to follow the crumbs.

Chernobyl plant was built with to be spent 7 billion Rubles; like a great number for Russians at that time. The cost of Chernobyl’s system is quite a bit more, when in considering 2010’s reactors costs. This experiment, the event, which was created explosion at nuclear plant, can keep any secret something else under cover? For example, because of the security barriers have collapsed, Duga and its connected were transported hurriedly after Chernobyl explosion. It’s not a nuclear plant or establishment unit, we mention about a mass, which the humanitarian elements can be transported after a while. But somehow, the connection of between Chernobyl and Duga was finished to the function of Duga at there.

This system could be used for the ballistic missile radar system by US military administration at the beginnings in 1990’s. Russian’s engineering intelligence is known, but it is not that issue in here.

There is a point of view of US of this issue; Disintegration of the Soviet Union, how they collapsed financially and etc. US was censored even the hypothesis which made on this issue at that time.

During the Cold War years, the bizarre events were happened. On the planet, the things the people make are not certain known already. According to me those years were actually a lot of fun. Example: Duga’s radio signal which was known as the Russian Woodpecker, was put forward by US as the control of the human brain of Russians.:)))

There is no matter what behind this disaster, the so-called “intelligent creatures” on this planet sent again a very bad message to the universe. The response of the creatures in the universe is shown in most extra-terrestrial movie by the mankind.

According to extra-terrestrial creatures, there are hundreds of responses of the question “Why the aliens don’t like the people, and why they attack constantly to the earth?” which is in human imagination, such as the Chernobyl disaster.

The mankind is the species, who doesn’t accept to be human

If they had accepted, their perceptions would have been different.

If one person says: “I am white/black people”, that person tries to bring own race into the forefront firstly.
If one person says: “I am a woman/man”, that person tries to bring own gender into the forefront firstly.
If one person says:”I am a christian/muslim/jew,” that person tries to bring own religion into the forefront firstly.

This list goes on. I’ve rarely seen the people, who never told about those particulars. They are the minority on this planet. If most of the people had accepted being human at the beginning, and they had started to conversation “I am a human”, in that case The differences between them would have been minimized.

But we all know, they will never accept. Because they love to fight so much more than everything, as I said before:)

That’s why, they are a hopeless kind into the universe.

Tragicomic: Airdrops weapons were dropped to isil side in Kobane-Iraq mistakenly by US air forces

After that happened, next day, so today, US air forces bombed ammunition, which was thrown by themselves.

This news is on the east media today. But I couldn’t see it in any western media yet.

I don’t know arabian language. but, according to milliyet (turkish newspaper) news, this man says that:

Isil has published aid package on social media.
Isil militant is talking:
-Food, military supplies, other materials
-These are the some military supplies, which US forces was airdropped to the ypg and pkk organizations.
-These are rpg bullets.
-These are also hand grenades for the Kurdish organization throwing by US.

There is only one question in my mind after this news:
Will America save this planet from these butchers, who cut the human head, in this way? Mistakenly!

Racism: Human Zoos

the quote from enter of the article:

“Racism is deeply embedded in our culture.  Slavery of African people, ethnic cleansing of Native Americans and colonialist imperialism are seeds that intertwine to create racism that still has impacts today.  One example of the sad human history of racism — of colonizers seeing themselves as superior to others — is the long history of human zoos that featured Africans and conquered indigenous peoples, putting them on display in much the same way as animals. People would be kidnapped and brought to be exhibited in human zoos.  It was not uncommon for these people to die quickly, even within a year of their captivity. This history is long and deep and continued into the 1950s.  Several articles below with lots of photos so we can see the reality of this terrible legacy. KZ”

If you take 5 minutes to review this web-site, you will see one of the true face of human history in the capitalist world.

If you take 5 minutes to review, you will see that the people died in starvation and disease and for many reasons in those area. They’ve been exhibited like circus animals with plucking from their world by the civilized(!) humanity.

If you take 5 minutes for examining the articles at this web pages, you will see that all of the majority of the human population on this planet is actually considered as to be a guinea pig.

And in today, the racism has changed only own form. It does repeat in different ways. Just think, what has changed today?

if the god really exists…

People love to believe in a religion. There are many religions on this planet. A global 2012 poll reports that 59% of the world’s population is religious, and 36% are not religious. /Source Wikipedia/ However, three of them comes to the forefront prominently. And, Christianty, Islam and Judaism are blocking the development with pressuring continuous to the humanity. This means a further aspect; the majority puts the pressure on the minority, in a way contrary to the scientific facts. The world date is 2014, and the people can believe in these, leaving aside all scientifically thoughts:

-A virgin can give birth. / virgin Mary-Christianity
-A man can rises to the sky against to the gravity. / Mohammed- Mi’raj- Islam
-A man can divide a river into two parts. / Moses- Judaism

Yes, if the god really exists he should have good excuse for the answer to this question: Why he didn’t upgrade the capacity of human brain?

Twitter- How much stupidity can be reflected with 140 characters?

Why Twitter was created? For saving time or for being in dialogue with each other and maybe for following world agenda closely. None of these answers is correct.

Example, do the people really have communication/dialog problems? This is a big lie. Since I came to this planet, I did not see any communication problems. Because, the mankind doesn’t care about the communication. They love to fight. If you write the Google search “fighting gif, fighting people or etc” you will see the fighting pictures, which are the most popular sharing. Such that, they deeply love to fight, even they like to see the other creatures fighting like dogs, cats etc.

The saving time issue is another lie. Too many people are spending hours and days with in curiosity such as these questions: “who did follow me today? who did write about me?” So, in fact twitter is wasting your time.

What about world agenda? – (Top three)

Real world agenda is like that right now- source yahoo news.

-Turkey bombs Kurdish rebel targets in southeast

-Russian diplomats seek thaw in tensions

-Dozens arrested on 4th day of St. Louis protests

Twitter world agenda is like that right now- source twitter



-TOP100Djs CountdowninIstanbul

Briefly, on the twitter, no one is not really interested in what is going on in the world. So, that’s another lie.

Humanity is entering a new age. The name of this age is the age of deception. The perceptions have never been so unreal like the present time. These days will pass into the human history as the beginning of the decline in mental activities. The people are following visual sharing, not written, no longer. They are racing about how stupid I can be with 140 characters. The invention of writing gave to cause for the beginning of civilizations. Well, if nobody read the writing stuff, maybe, this is the beginning of the destruction of the civilizations. Of course, the concept of civilization can be discussed here.

Anyway, the concept of time is perceived very differently in contrast to the rhetoric of quantum physicists, by the human beings. This planet is filled with crowd, which does bustle around constantly, moving with this thought: “I have no time!” In fact, most of the people don’t know real interests. They are killing time, attending with the issues, which are not in related with them. Socrates said that “know thyself,” to the humanity. However, it has been misunderstood like many wise people’s idea.

New level in the evolution of the mankind: planting the flag

Today, there is a lot of news about the terrorism and the war. These news now became commonplace. But, why? If humanity is a living organism, which tries to complete the development and evolution, then why the war and terrorism are on the agenda constantly?

Each organism undertakes complementary tasks without being aware of own evolution. They do many things in their lives. Actually, the genes tell to the organism: “you have to do these things, if you want to continue and survive.”

Let’s see the animals’ agenda:
Bees’ agenda is based on making honey
Dolphins’ agenda is based on going to the warm waters
Cats’ agenda is based on being most popular sharing video. -Ok, this one was not appropriate:)

People agenda is based on the war and the terrorism. But, it shouldn’t be easy like that. If so, a common feature of these articles must be. It is enough to shoot a glance to these news, the common point of all are flags. There are always the flags in the war pictures background. And they are planting these flags, killing thousands of people. As a living organism, the humanity is the only species, who misunderstood the evolutionary process. Unfortunately, planting the flag is not a way for protecting natural areas of the habitat. And again unfortunately, you cannot go on to the next evolution level with planting the flag.

Worst part of this action is not limited with only this planet. They do the same thing wherever they go. I’m transferring this information to the other species in the universe. If someday, if you see a species, which came with a piece of shaped fabric and a long stick in his hand to your planet, not forget that it has not yet completed the evolution of own species. Be gentle to them. Their perception is a little bit weak mostly.

In here, you put the Russian flag, China flag or the others instead of the American flag. All are doing the same thing; it does not change anything.

Yes, humanity sees the planting the flag as a step to complete the evolution. This case has been continuing in this way since the medieval age. The philosophers and the scientists have perished in vain. Darwin has written the origin of species in vain, Giordano Bruno was burned in vain. In fact, humanity did not understand anything about evolution.