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Turkish police arrest editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet opposition daily, raid executives’ homes

In a new wave of post-coup purges, Turkish authorities have arrested the editor-in-chief and several columnists of the independent Cumhuriyet newspaper, also raiding the homes of the paper’s executives, who are currently under investigation.

In the early hours of Monday morning, police raided the houses of Cumhuriyet Editor-in-Chief Murat Sabuncu, Executive Board Chairman Akın Atalay, and board member and writer Guray Oz.

Sabuncu and Oz have been taken into custody, Cumhuriyet correspondent Mahir Zeynalov tweeted.

Turkish authorities issued arrest orders for at least 13 Cumhuriyet employees and executives, according to CNN Turk.

The Istanbul Chief Prosecutor’s office said that “an investigation was launched into certain suspects […] on grounds of claims and discoveries that some executives of the Cumhuriyet Foundation had been sponsoring the PKK , FETO/PYD and they had been producing articles justifying the coup [of] July 15,” as by Istanbul-based news agency Bianet.

Сolumnists Guray Oz and Aydin Engin were taken into custody following raids at their homes, Cumhuriyet said on its website. Asked by reporters to comment on his detention, Engin, age 75, said: “I work for Cumhuriyet, isn’t that enough?”

Apart from the current Cumhuriyet staff, an arrest order has been issued for Can Dundar, the newspaper’s former editor-in-chief, who is currently out of the country.

The newspaper’s readers have gathered in front of its headquarters in Istanbul in protest against the arrests.

Ankara accuses cleric Fethullah Gulen and his supporters of orchestrating the July 15 coup that aimed to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Gulen, who lives in the US, denies involvement. A massive crackdown on suspected Gulen supporters followed the coup attempt, with at least 37,000 people arrested and thousands of civil servants suspended.

In the latest move, 15 media outlets were shut down and another 10,131 civil servants were dismissed over the weekend, Anadolu news agency reported.

Also on Saturday, the President Erdogan announced he would support the re-implementation of the death penalty in Turkey if parliament votes in favor of the step.

The initiative, which drew criticism when it was first voiced by Erdogan following the coup, could see those charged with conspiring against him being put to death. European politicians and EU authorities have repeatedly warned Turkey that if it re-establishes capital punishment it will not be accepted into the bloc.

news was quoted from RT news, link:


Cumhuriyet newspaper web page: http://www.cumhuriyet.com.tr/


Salute you, Portuguese kid!

This kid, yesterday after the Portugal-France final match of Euro Cup 2016, he consoled the French fan while he was crying. It is so beautiful behavior, and I want to thank to this kid from here! He left his happiness in a moment and he thought to console the opposing team’s fan. And with this behavior, he showed me there is still hope for this planet!

I am losing my trust to humankind sometimes, but this scene caused to gain my trust back again. Maybe we don’t need too much thing to believe or trust, maybe we don’t need to look at the far away points. Here it is, this kid wrote just in 30 seconds how humanity should be, without the need to write hundreds pages of book about this.

Also, there were many scene we have seen in Euro 2016. If I started from last match, a moth have made a show. 🙂 This moth landed to Ronaldo’s eyelash, while he was in suffer. After Ronaldo injured this moth showed itself, and maybe it wanted to be a super hero moth 🙂 I have no idea why it made this show, but it was incredible!

I think one of the most interesting football player has been Ricardo Quaresma who is a football player in Besiktas team in Turkey and Portugal National Team at Euro Cup 1016. He is really good midfield player and forvet, but I am not sure how can he make many goals while he is playing in midfield, maybe he is kind of midfiled-forvet mix:) He showed himself with enjoyable play and the olive leaf at his head on final match of Euro 2016. It is being said this leaf is their national symbol. Maybe it is I don’t know, I only know Turkish’s and Greek’s olive:) But this leaf seemed very cool, no doubt!

When these were living into the football field at final match yesterday, French police was spraying the pepper gas to the French people out of the football field. After 6 pm the French police sprayed the pepper spray to the football fans at Fan Zone, because of they claimed that the enterence to the Fan Zone is forbidden after 6 pm.

Enter a caption

Tear gas floats in the air during clashes near the Paris fans zone during the Portugal v France EURO 2016 final soccer match, at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, July 10, 2016. © Stephane Mahe / Reuters

By Thomas Samson/AFP

If you don’t have money or you couldn’t find a ticket you can meet with pepper spray! This is another kind of rule of this system. And I don’t know have you ever tasted the pepper spray, my Earthling friends. It is painfull according to my experiences and, highly no recommended by me! 🙂

If I turned back into Euro Cup, we have seen many ugly things besides the good things. Especially, the war between British and Russian fans in Marseille, or British fans who threw coins to the refugees children. Yes, we had seen at March, PSV Eindhoven fans had made similar humiliation to the Gypsy children at Champions League.

And very first time at their history , North Ireland joined to Euro Cup in this year. And their opposite team had been Ukraine for a match. While the match was playing on field, the Ukranian fascists were showed their Nazi tattoos on tribunes. And these tattoos weren’t be usefull again, because Ukraine defeated with 2 goals by North Ireland 🙂

picture was taken from: haber.sol.org.tr

I started to my post with very beatiful kid. And I want to finish this post with very beatiful football team. This team is National Football Team of Iceland. They gave joy to all of us when they played their football game at Euro 2016. We have learnt and seen Iceland team in very first time. They were incredible! Even not only with their game, for example we learnt how we can call the whales? Yes 🙂 While the football team was on field the fans of Iceland on tribunes chanted this way:

After these scenes, we learnt that this ovation was made by Icelanders to call the whales. Very interesting! The team of Iceland with their good football, they came to the quarterfinals of Euro 2016. This is very big success for a team which joins first time at Cup. And the Iceland people met their team with ceremony when the team turned back motherland, and of course with whale call 🙂 Here it is:

At this video it is written “Viking war chant” as tittle. But I am very sure this chant meaning is firstly “to call whales”. Maybe this can be another mean or RT video makers made wrong.

Also, I’ve watched a video on youtube about Iceland football team, and a man was saying that: “We don’t have an army, if we go the war, we would easily be defeated. This is kind of army for us.”

Icelanders, I think you should be proud of yourself, if you don’t have army. This meaning is you are very peaceful people. Please you build your army over the sport or other good things. We loved you with this kind of army! And, thank you to Icelanders, because you showed us the soul of Vikings 🙂





Remembering Alexis

Today, police forces in Greece have attacked to the people who protesting 15-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos killing by a police. 13 people were detained. Greek police took under custody 13 people including 6 children.

7 years passed over Alexis’s killing by police.

January 2015, I had written an article about Alexis. Some of my Earthling friends will remember. For those who want to read, my writing about him:


I had quoted an announcement written by his friends at his funeral. They had written these lines to the adults.

You’ve forgotten…
We’ve expected from you to support us,
Even if it would be once time in your life, we were expecting that you made us proud.
In vain…
You are living lie life,
You’ve knuckled down,
You’ve took off your underpants and you are waiting for the day you will die.
You don’t have a dream, you do not fell in love
You do not create.
You are only selling and buying.
The materiality is in everywhere
Love is in nowhere, truth is in nowhere
Where are the parents, where are the artists?
Why don’t they go out and protect us?
They’re killing us…
Help us…

Signature: CHILDREN

Maybe, there is no place for children inside adults human world on this planet. Today, I want that we just remember his name once again. This beatiful brave human child was the target of attacks while he fought for a better planet. Maybe we just should say his name aloud! And perhaps he will hear us and realise that he would be remembered and he will smile. Alexis Grigoropoulos!

Hereafter, we will speak the other things…

Caglayan courthouse in Istanbul (Turkey’s biggest courthouse): Chairman of the Istanbul Bar Association, Umit Kocasakal and other lawyers were thrown out by the police forces from the courthouse.

These are lived today, after the killing of the prosecutor the two days ago, entrance and exit of the lawyers at the courthouse, was applied high precaution suspected of terrorism to the all lawyers. Lawyers opposed to body search and X-Ray.

English translation of the speech of Istanbul Bar Association Chairman Umit Kocasakal, you’ll hear from the video from 2 minutes on, as follows:

“In a place where I was… also over me… that intervention was made me too. Hereafter, we will speak the other things and we will tell… So far our approach was extremely sensitive, unfortunately this has been evaluated differently. If the police can do that to a Bar Association Chairman today… You see what they do to the lawyers already. But this is not going to end like this, you’ll see.”

Words are ended in here,
Laws are ended anymore.
And you beautiful Anatolia, cry!
Cry, until your tears will end…

                             anonymous Turkish folk poem

news quotes from:



Guilty has been found: Humor!

The cover of the latest issue; there is criticism about the previous lawsuit. cover writing at right corner:”We are still countinuing to draw” / Penguin Humor magazine

At the date of February 23, 2015 at the newspapers in Turkey, there was a news as follows:

CHP(Biggest opposite party at Turkey)Deputy Chairman Sezgin Tanrikulu, asked that how many people had been arrested on charges about defamation of President of Republic Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Tanrikulu, gave the proposal presented to the Parliament Presidency for answering of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.
“The last 10 years, on the grounds of insulting the president, has been suit about defamation case to 110 people; this is true?”

110? Is it true? Of course not, there is more and more.

Because, after than, 3 days later in March 26, another news took its place in follows at the newspapers:

“After the day, President of Republic Erdogan who has sit on the seat of president at August 10, 2014; 236 people were sued with the ‘insult’ claim in 226 days.”

So almost in every single day, one person was sued.

Usually there was a common feature of these cases. The majority of the defendants consisted of humorists. Or they were ordinary citizen, who shared a humorous element (visual or written humor text) in social media.

At March 26, that news was continuing as follows.

“Opened investigations 105 of 226 turned into lawsuit. There are also high school students into them. Eight defendants have been arrested until today.”

In general, about the people who are accused until today, if we study the newspaper archives about them, we can see the following information.

“The Penguen cartoonist Bahadır Baruter and Ozer Aydogan, were sentenced to 11 months 20 days imprisonment. Imprisonment was commuted to a fine containing seven thousand Turkish liras.
The topic at cover page about the lawsuit of that: “A citizen come into Erdogan’s presence at the Ak-saray( The residence of President of Republic with the disputed cost of it) button up his jacket in front of Erdogan.
Citizen makes it round of the thumb and forefinger, he has been also claimed to be an insult to the President of Republic with this finger.”

Let’s continue:

“A dentist was taken into custody due to claim of she made “obscene gesture” towards the Erdogan’s autocade, which passed the Doctors Street in Denizli in 21 March.”

“A student from Ege University (Izmir), was taken into custody by police at school. Student accompanied by a song with his friends, and the song was suggested that an insult to Erdogan said.”

“Laz Marks was taken into custody:
Haldun Acıksozlu, the Prime Minister of the period Laz Marks game was detained for allegedly insulting Erdogan. Acıksozlu was released six thousand paying fines.”

Haldun Acıksozlu, has created the “Laz Marx” character, he is a writer, theatre player. And he has been showing a political humor state against imperialism and capitalism with intelligence humor for decades. At his words, it is located in the dialect of the Black Sea. For me, that one is my favorite into his anectodes:

“As long as the money which is a universal gentle prosti**te and p**p of the people and all publics, doesn’t abandon to the relationships and social life; brothers and sisters are not able to kiss each other free and unreturned.” from Laz Capital

17 years old high school student is on trial with imprisonment up to 4 years for shouting slogan as “Illegal your palace illegal” in Turkish “Kaçak sarayın kaçak” in a commemoration ceremony in Konya, Turkey.

“The residence of President of Republic “Ak-saray”, which is disputed cost of it is full translation in English “White palace”.
However, you can see that,
The last two letter of “Kaçak” word so in English “illegal” word
And first two letter of “Ak-saray” is the same.
This can be used as a humor element for this reason.
In the shape of “Kaç-ak-saray”

Besides, there are a famous Turkish director and doctor, Miss Turkey-2006 and BBC-Turk announcer in the people, who has been sued.

Latest yesterday, with claim insulting Erdogan, 17 people were indicted to stand trial, to 3 years.

In this case, total case number 245. And yes, it is still “Every day, one citizen is sued”
Stabilization continues in this situation, maybe only in this situation in Turkey:)





The Logic of the US Imperial Security State

…These are observers whose mindset is stuck in models of the past. They may have in mind WW II, a declared war, battles, victory, negotiations, treaties, and reconstruction. Say, Europe and the Marshall Plan or Japan. They may be thinking of a world order ruled by international law, Geneva Conventions, the United Nations, and of America as safeguarding this order…

for full read, via-

The Logic of the US Imperial Security State | The True News.

Fascism’s footsteps

Tonight, the new “internal security” laws, which are wanted by AKP’s insist but the all opposition parties are opposed, were discussed at Turkish Grand National Assembly. In the congress, AKP deputies have attacked the other parties deputies with hammer.

These national security laws, if they can bring, are going to bring incredible pressure to the public. And interestingly way, even HDP(Kurdish nationalist party) and MHP(Turkish nationalist party) are in same thought about these laws.

All Turkey, bar association, medical units, doctors and the others, workers, students, almost everyone has been in the streets meeting for days, at the moment when they heard this new security laws. However, we know that, mainstream media on this planet doesn’t know anything again. Turkey is an interesting country. If you look outside to this country, you might think that this country is consist of the AKP and the people in its line. I thought before like this. But it is not.

There is a very wrong electoral system in Turkey. After the 1980, Turkey military coup, which United States is behind and support, a limit on the election figures has been determined. If any party does not get the %10 vote in all Turkey, it is not able to represent in the National Assembly. This is caused, normally 30% of the votes of the AKP, as represented in parliament in the rate of 45-50% in an unfair manner.

Putting the pressure on at least 65% population by minority is experienced for 12 years. People are being poorer day by day. Justice mechanism no longer doesn’t work. Every rules work for the AKP. This country seems like a boiler anymore. What happens if you put continuous wood below a simmering the boiler? Here, Turkey is waiting, getting angry day by day. Turkey is really important country because of it is secular republic, mostly muslim country. If there are so many games over this country because of this. People can not see actually, if Turkey loses its secular republic structure, this planet turns upside down again, just look at history, but anyway…this is another subject. And tonight, after the young woman Özgecan Aslan murdered savagely, AKP deputies hit with hammer to a HDP woman deputy.

Yesterday they shed crocodile tears, firstly Recap Tayyip Erdogan, which is he is president now, but he acts still AKP party leader and the other deputies. 5 deputies have injured,(in CHP and HDP) at that times, AKP insisted to the laws discuss, when these deputies were in the infirmary.

The signal cutting tools were put to parliament, not broadcasting by the national parliament. So my Earthling friends, these measures were taken because of anyone shouldn’t learn the events in parliament. Those, who made to this to deputies under the National Assembly roof in today, who knows what make to the public tomorrow. No one’s safety is no longer in this country! Congratulations United States and British imperialism! You can make proud your self with your performance-work anymore!

relevant news: http://haber.sol.org.tr/turkiye/tbmmde-fasizm-akpliler-ertugrul-kurkcu-musa-cam-ve-aykut-erdogduya-saldirdi-108022