All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again

Our subject is Ukraine, not Battlestar Galactica.:) However, this topic sentence was so proper for Ukraine that if I couldn’t use, something would have been missing.

And, let our history tour begin.

200,000 BC
There were conflicts between Amargasaurus and Albertosaurus dinosaur species in today’s Ukraine’s lands.
Result: There is no winner from both sides.

100,000 BC
Hunter tribes wanted to step into new age with making pottery and hunting tools. You can see the remains of their teeth that they passed over without inventing them.
Result: There is no winner.

10,000-7,000 BC
The tribes, who have developed a passion in fishing, have discovered the bow and arrow while trying to catch the fish. This one was great discovery. For this new tools, they’ve fought each other, and so on.
Result: Unknown winner.

7000- 3000 BC
“These works will not be this way, let’s set our hands to the works of vineyards and orchards,” they said. There are no GMO foods in the market already. They worked the soil in peace. Of course, we mentioned about the mankind, they were bored without fighting. They decided to create some of polytheistic religions; and built the temples. With saying “My God sun is superior more than your God moon,” they began to fight until 2000 BC.
Result: There is no winner from both sides.

Around 8th century BC
Scythians came running from Asia and the environment has become cheerful. Cimmerians and Persian-Scythians began to fight each other. As a rumor, the “revenge” word could be used in very first time in those years. Until the 3rd century, from Avars to Caspians or from Cumans to Germens, almost all people came and see to these lands. Of course, the aim was not tourism. With thinking “while we are in here, we don’t turn back with empty hand, we take some spoil of war”, they were constantly at war.
Result: Unknown winner.

9th century
Seven tribes on the territory of Ukraine were constantly fighting with each other. Three of them were successful. East Slavs and Russians are two of them. They sent the other four packing from this area.

We came to recent history:

A beautiful April day, we are faced with a trilogy in this time.
Three forces in Ukraine are doing show of strength against each other.
-Red Army
-UPR- Ukraine troops
-White Army troops

There are switching hats very fast and serially. While the Bolsheviks occupy the North Caucasus in April, in May, the White Army with the command of General Denikin is taking back the North Caucasus. “We are unable to slow down, direction is Kiev!” they said. They come near by Kiev in June, without understanding what happened. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Galician Army emerges; they jump to the Bolsheviks with taking power it. In July, this time the Polish Army intervenes, with saying “let’s go friends!” they are jumping to the events. At that time, the approximately 5.4 million people were in war immediately to provide superior to the each other in and around Ukraine territory. Of course, not only for the power, anyway…

Then, the Soviet Union period. After, separation from Russia and independence. Nowadays, passion of join to the EU with the support of US.

And, total result of about 202,000 years world history, winner is unknown.

In fact, over the planet Earth, the mankind’s passion to Ukraine does not end.:)