You decide after seeing the video: which side is really poorer, PSV Eindhoven Fans or beggar women?

PSV Eindhoven Fans Throw Coins And Jeer At Beggar Women In Madrid
PSV fans throw coins at beggars in Madrid (Diario AS)

PSV Eindhoven fans in Madrid for the match against Atlético Madrid on Tuesday night were filmed throwing coins and jeering loudly at beggar women in the Spanish capital’s Plaza Mayor this afternoon. The mostly male Dutch fans, sitting on one of the central square’s terraces drinking beer, hurled the coins onto the floor in front of several women who rushed and scrambled to pick them up from the floor, and then cheered when the women did so. The fans repeated the stunt several times. One older Spanish man was filmed trying to stop them, telling the taunting fans that “that’s not right, you bastards”.

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After the shamefull events some Madrid people reacted to the PSV Fans:

I don’t know what can I say for these fans of PSV! But after these events I will never watch any football match of PSV Eindhoven! (Except Galatasaray and PSV)

Yes, I am Galatasaray fan:)