While German capital shows the refugees as reason, it sets it’s eye on workers’ rights

The president of Germany’s most influential Institute for Economic Research IFO which gives advice on capital organizations, Hans Werner Sinn, has suggested a new business and social reforms policy implementation on the canceled of the minimum wage, with reason of refugees.

Sinn who has spoken to Die Zeit, suggested “more working hours, further extension of the retirement age and canceling of the minimum wage” for Germans. There is only one reason of these social rights pruning: Refugees!

Hans Werner Sinn said that ”The Germans should work longer. Borders should be closed. Retirement age should be increased so that the refugees could be fed”

Germany is the country that will accept most refugees in Europe. The government has announced they would accept 800.000 refugees. Well, what was the source of this love of refugees. Let’s remember.

German big capital wants to overcome this refugee crisis by turning into opportunity. Because they need low-cost labor.

Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel, said once again thatthere is a low birth rate in Germany and the aging population and besides he said without hesitancy that the country’s workforce needs 500 thousand annually. Except the fascist movement which its mind never work on anything other than blind violence, all the elements of bourgeois society has justified to Gabriel’ announcing. Deutsche Bahn, BASF, Siemens, Evonik, Deim-Benz with the most influential big business groups in the country announced one by one as they greet the new refugee policy of the government. The only request from the state of the German bosses was just the opening of language courses for refugees.

It is always about money on this planet. All deaths, all wars, all in the hands of the emperialist-capitalist elites. They are returning this planet into a toy ball.

Please wake up planet Earth, please be quick!