Thinking different

It doesn’t matter who you’re or what species you have, if you are thinking or being different you can always find a place inside the foreclosed cage on this planet. This cage could be in reality or in minds. But always, this cage waits for your kind.

Sometimes, there are the advertisement banners like my title words. Human being thinks when saw these:
“Oops, I am thinking different, I do have big thought which will create different.”
It is nonsense my Earthling friends. Nobody has power changing these cages existence.

I’ve spent a tough month in a way that it wasn’t expected. Into this month I’ve realised I don’t have power changing these cages existence. But I’ve realised I do have power to struggle over and over again against them! I do have power to say “THIS IS WRONG!”

And I’ve realised that the important thing is not the changing of these cages. Because they have been on this planet from the beginning of human kind started to think and imagine better world. The important thing is to show to them who created these cages “there are somebody who know what you do and they struggle against you”. The important thing is to bring into balance. On an individual basis, rather than beat them, to show your power that you can beat them, is most important. In this manner, because it will prevent their further strengthening. And of course my words are out of united movements.

Maybe you will feel alone like this sunflower which turned back to sun which is life source of it. But the fact, as this sunflower did, you will make this not for your benefit, for all balance even for the sunflowers which are far away from you.

I hope, no more I would not have to stay away from my blog friends and my blog unbeknown. Thank you for all your existences, my dear Earthling friends.