You gotta be kidding me! Chinese people are in Syria???

According to “Isis in Syria: The story of the martyred soldiers who fought ‘to the last bullet’ to avoid the fate of captured comrades beheaded by militants” news of journalist Robert Fisk from Independent UK, Chinese people may be in Syria. This possibility has been put into words by a general of Syrian Army. Here is the part of his news:

Nor did the Syrian colonel and general travelling with me take their enemies lightly. Repeatedly, the general told his men we were entering a “silence zone” in which no soldiers were permitted to use radios. He acknowledged that Isis must listen in, just as the Syrians can hear Isis communications. “We often don’t understand them because they are foreigners speaking their own language,” the general said. When I asked him which language he heard most frequently, he replied. “Well, it’s very strange, but we think many of them are speaking in a language which is Chinese.” He was not joking.

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