While trying to establish a new Ottoman, to destroy the tomb of the ancestor of Ottoman’s founder

Turkey’s territory in Syria, in Suleyman Shah tomb and police station, it was made an operation with 50 tanks in the morning. 40 soldiers were brought with Turkey Military Special Forces’ operation to Turkey, one soldier lost his life. Soldiers before leaving the area during the operation, blew up the tomb with explosives, and they brought 3 sarcophagus from the tomb to Turkey. It was reported that the tomb have been destroyed because of the tomb not capturing by the ISIS.

News seems like a heroic story. However, there are sub-texts, the world isn’t aware. Region of the tomb of Suleyman Shah is single land, which the 92 years-old Republic of Turkey owned land outside the Anatolian territory. And this has been protected by international treaties.

Turkish troops in here have been changed every six months. About 6 months ago opposition deputies in Turkey assemble, gave parliamentary questions about why troops didn’t exchange.

AKP government could not give a satisfactory answer to this question. Opposition Turks were worried about the lives of these soldiers. After the 11 months silence, the military operation was made. What was changed at 11 months? And what was changed that Republic of Turkey  lost a land into the first time in its 92 years history. The answer is hidden at the imperialism.

Tragicomic sides of this event, AKP and Recap Tayyip Erdogan wish and take as aim to resurrection of Ottoman Empire. And while they are trying to do this, they do not hesitate to destroy the tomb of the ancestor of Ottoman’s founder. It seems that they try to resurrection the collapse period of the Ottoman Empire.

Quotes from: http://haber.sol.org.tr/turkiye/tskdan-suleyman-saha-operasyon-108350

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Fantastic Welcome; this is not a screen shot from “Age of Empires” game series

Palestine leader Mahmoud Abbas has visited to Turkey. Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accepted Mahmoud Abbas in Ak-Saray, which was cost about 700 million dollars. And the soldiers, who are standing both sides on the stairs are the people, who represent of the 16 Turks states in the world history.

This is a tragicomic news. The leader of Palestine that has been trying to survive in the Middle East is on one side; the president of Turkey that Turks and Kurds and the others struggle against difficulties which are increasing day by day under the government’s sanctions over them, is on the other side.

news source from: http://www.cumhuriyet.com.tr/haber/turkiye/183267/Film_seti_degil__Saltanat_Sarayi.html

Tragicomic: ISIL seeks manager for oil refineries – salary $225,000

Wanted – experienced oil plant manager, pay £140,000 p.a….send CV to ISIS: Jihadists advertising for skilled professionals to man its failing oil fields after string of fatal accidents

This is not a joke. It’s true.

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Tragicomic: Airdrops weapons were dropped to isil side in Kobane-Iraq mistakenly by US air forces

After that happened, next day, so today, US air forces bombed ammunition, which was thrown by themselves.

This news is on the east media today. But I couldn’t see it in any western media yet.

I don’t know arabian language. but, according to milliyet (turkish newspaper) news, this man says that:


Isil has published aid package on social media.
Isil militant is talking:
-Food, military supplies, other materials
-These are the some military supplies, which US forces was airdropped to the ypg and pkk organizations.
-These are rpg bullets.
-These are also hand grenades for the Kurdish organization throwing by US.

There is only one question in my mind after this news:
Will America save this planet from these butchers, who cut the human head, in this way? Mistakenly!