To wait Zorbas

I am not talking about the movie Zorba the Greek,

(what a great movie it was!) or not mentioning Nikos Kazantzakis(that was difinitelly great book!) book. Even I am not referring Samuel Beckett’s play “Waiting for Godot” either. I am talking about powerful storm “Zorbas”. Over Mediterranean, this has been effecting and coming from Sicily about 24 hours ago,

and now at Greece and into 24 hours at Turkey’s west coasts.

This is what I mention


The red eye is Zorbas. It looks like a giant eye, and kind of purple, beaten eye.:)

It is said that this is medicane or powerful storm. But for the people of the all east Aegean sea, this is hurricane! It’s speed can be 100-120 km/h. So the people are reacting this kind of hurricane, maybe the little one. In Greece yesterday,

Medicane “Zorbas” threatens Greece earlier than expected

The medicane which is named “Zorbas”, will form in the Ionian sea and will bring torrential rain and gale force winds to southern Greece, before reaching Attica, the island of Evia and the Cyclades.

The phenomenon is dubbed a ‘Medicane’ as it is a tropical-like storm, not of hurricane strength, but can reach a similar strength to a Category 1 hurricane. It is rare for cyclone type weather to occur in Greece, however this will be the third year in a row that such rare weather occurs.

Greece’s Civil Protection authorities are on high alert awaiting for the Mediterranean Cyclone to strike the country. Fire Service. Police, Coast Guard and other state bodies are on alert to deploy teams to areas most hit by the Medicane. There is a sailing ban for ferries to the Aegean Sea as of Saturday morning (Sept 29th 2018) due to strong winds up to 9-10 Beaufort.

Tomorrow about 12.00 pm it is said that it can reach Izmir, Turkey shore. Like in Greece, as in all coastal cities, Izmir in particular, Turkey was alarmed. Civil defense teams, municipal employees, fire brigades and similar institutions were given a disaster alarm for 48 hours. Some sports matches have been postponed.

In this morning WD and I went out as usual. We needed to buy some things form some stores; we got them. And we witnessed almost everyone talking about Zorbas. In some places we joined the conversations. People were little bit nervous here. Everyone is trying to take precautions in their homes or workplaces. It’s such a fast storm, so it’s a sort of little hurricane that has never been seen in the Aegean Sea, which is an inner sea. Tomorrow I do not know what will happen. Maybe Zorbas won’t stop here and it’il lose his influence by directioning north. I do not know.

The question in WD’s mind is that if Zorbas will come here tomorrow, where WD will make his toilet. We bought some sand for him. He looked at sand and said that it was an insult to him. He said that any storm or even hurricane cannot prevent his life. These are his words, if we cannot go out tomorrow, we will see what will happen. In the meantime, if those who have a hurricane or strong storm experience can give us an idea of ​​what we should do, that would be great. In addition, if the electricity goes down tomorrow due to Zorbas, I may not respond your comments in the same day tomorrow. Because probably at that time we’ll be trying to solve WD’s toilet problem in the dark. 😎

“This social order must change”

In 24th June, there will be an election in Turkey. There will be two ballot boxes in front of the voters. For one of them, the voters will use their votes for president candidates, the other one will be used for the members of parliament, so to the deputies. The president candidates were determined. There are six president cantidates in election race. Some political parties were not allowed to present candidates. Communist Party of Turkey(TKP) is one of them. TKP cannot present a president candidate, but it can present independence deputy candidates to the second ballot box for parliament at 24th June. This post tells how TKP follows a path and the supports that are given for TKP.


Based on additional conditions that are not written in the law, the Supreme Electoral Council concluded that the Communist Party of Turkey, which has already satisfied all conditions that political parties are required to fulfill in order to participate in elections, will not be allowed to take part in the general elections to be held on June 24, 2018.

This is not the first instance when the ruling party and the bureaucracy under its command attack the Communist Party of Turkey’s will to get organized and do politics in order to overthrow this rotten social order. Taking a stand against such attacks and fetters, the TKP has been and will always be carrying the struggle of toiling masses for emancipation forward under any circumstances.

In contradistinction to other parties, our party does not perceive elections as the only channel of doing politics or of the struggle for political objectives. As it stands, it is utterly futile to expect elections that are “fixed” through arrangements entirely in favor of establishment parties to bring emancipation to toiling masses.

However, elections also provide significant opportunities for promoting socialism, i.e. the only future for humanity, and the alternative of socialist power, i.e. the only way out for our country, before broad masses; for appealing the oppressed to organized political struggle, and for creating conditions for the communist deputies to be the voice of the fight for socialism both within the parliament and local governments.

Under no circumstances will we renounce the right to make use of these opportunities on behalf of the working people.


The TKP will participate in June 24 general elections with independent candidates in various provinces under the slogan “This Social Order Must Change”.

In the coming days, Popular Committees will hold meetings in their constituencies in which they will nominate their candidates. The voice of the toiling masses, the voice of socialism will be louder than ever in these elections.

The outlines of the election manifesto of those who say “This Social Order Must Change” will also be drawn up in these meetings.


Regarding the presidential elections to be held on the same day with general elections, the TKP calls for the people to turn their back on not only to the candidates, but also to this election and the political regime it represents.

The presidential system is nothing but a one-man rule. Our people should reject both doing politics on this ground and submitting their will to a single person.

Besides, the rules and the calendar set for the presidential election do not allow nominating a people’s representative who would question, protest and challenge this system.

The names that have come up so far for nomination in the course of the unscrupulous quest of establishment parties for alliances provide sufficient proof on the rottenness that presidential election, which has already been fixed with an unlawful and rigged poll, will bring about. Our people should take a stand against this rottenness. Just as this presidential system is “spoilt”, our vote should be “spoilt” as well.

Turkey does not need a President with unlimited authority; she needs the millions to get organized and take the bit in their teeth.


In local elections to be held in March 2019, we will take a stand against all establishment parties as a party. We will achieve this end by satisfying all additional rules imposed by the Supreme Electoral Council arbitrarily far and above.


Central Committee

Communist parties invite Turkish people to vote independent candidates

As the communist and workers’ parties listed below, we condemn the Turkish government’s fait accompli in the strongest way possible, which prevented the Communist Party of Turkey from running for the elections on June 24th as one of the candidate parties.

We call on the people of Turkey for refusing to choose between one or another actor of the capitalist order. We invite you all to vote for the independent candidates of “This Social Order Must Change” Platform and to raise the flag of socialism in and after the elections. Do not let the bourgeoisie to hold your future in their hands!

We express our comradely support and solidarity to all independent candidates running for the upcoming elections under the “This Social Order Must Change” Platform, that have taken the responsibility to serve as the source of hope and voice for the working class of Turkey.


Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism (PADS)

Communist Party of Brazil

Communist Party of Britain

Communist Party in Denmark

Communist Party of Greece

Hungarian Workers’ Party

Communist Party of India

Communist Party of India (Marxist)

TUDEH Party of Iran

Workers Party of Ireland

Communist Party (Italy)

Jordanian Communist Party

Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan

Lebanese Communist Party

Communist Party of Luxembourg

Communist Party of Mexico

New Communist Party of the Netherlands

Communist Party of Norway

Communist Party of Pakistan

Palestinian Communist Party

Palestinian Peoples Party

Philippine Communist Party [PKP-1930]

Russian Communist Workers Party

Communist Party of Russian Federation

South African Communist Party

Communist Party of Spain

Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

Communist Party of Sweden

Syrian Communist Party

Communist Party of Ukraine

Communist Party of Venezuela

Message of support from Communist Party of Greece, KKE to Turkey’s communist candidates: This social order must change!

Sunday, 10 June, KKE sent a solidarity message to Turkey’s ‘This Social Order Must Change Platform’ and its communist candidates for the June 24 elections




Communist Party of Greece (KKE) on Sunday expresses its support for Turkey’s ‘This Social Order Must Change Platform’ and the platform’s communist candidates. The message comes in the run-up to legislative elections on June 24.

The KKE Secretary-General, Dimitris Kutsumbas have read the support letter to 17 candidates of This Social Order Must Change Platform.

“The Greek workers are on the Turkish working people, with the struggles of our peoples we can create a region without monopolies, without exploitation, without racism and wars,” Kutsumbas said in a video message.

The Communist Party of Greece expresses its international solidarity with the Communist Party of Turkey, supports its electoral campaign This Social Order Must Change and its independent candidates. The exploitation of labour from capital, the attack on labour-popular rights, poverty, unemployment, refugees, wars show that there is no ‘good’ capitalism, this is confirmed by our experience in Greece and the anti-popular SYRIZA government,” Kutsumbas says in the video message.  

My voting district, the city of Izmir, there are two parliamentary candidates of TKP. One of them, Kemal Okuyan from the second voting district of Izmir, Karsiyaka. The second one is psychiatrist Dr. Deniz Arik Binbay from the first voting district. As far as I have seen until today, both them are really hard working for elections. They are trying to reach almost every corner of the city. They are preparing for the election day, despite of financial shortcomings, as a party that does not receive any monetary aid, especially according to the election law with both these two candidates and the TKP members’ self-sacrificing activities. I am sure the other 15 candidates of TKP at the other cities are working at the same conditions and with same effort.

My earthling friends, more or less know Kemal Okuyan due to my previous posts.  I want to mention a little the other candidate Dr. D. Arik Binbay. She is both warm and rational, and also an energetic and enjoyful person, according to my impressions.

The people can see her one day while she is cycling,


Or on another day, when she is chatting with an elderly man in public bazaar,


Or when she is singing Bella Ciao in a concert,


Her performance is not so bad. 😉 But I have liked the most, her speaking in an interview:

Translation in English:

“As a psychiatrist, as a physician, as a mother, as a woman in this society I have always been someone who struggling and heal people. But I always saw that to heal people by one by was not enough. You can not heal people who are oppressed in order, by giving them a medicine. Profession of a doctor is the same way again; that is, we can not be enough individually, even if we do all the things we best while the problems of public health continue and people are pulling to the bottom. This is a ridiculous system. Someone has to fix this… We decided to start from somewhere to change this order.”

(She continues to speak with refering to the parties which are opposed to the ruling party after this point. In other words, it is an example speech for the billions of people in the world who feel obliged to vote for political parties that do opposition inside system, and voting for them is not an exit from system but a cycle. My opinion, this is the most important part of her words.)

“It is said that there is a being trapped, and let’s just get rid of them. Of course we understand that on the one hand. But we do not think it is possible to relax without changing this order. Some people come to us, some of our patients say that my sleep is out of order, I feel very tired myself, I feel very unhappy. We can not look at the real reasons for this. We can say that it is a temporary relief. “Here you take this pills,” we can say you can relax. But if this person is going to work the next day, if he(or she) is working 12-14 hours, when he goes home in the evening, if he does not have enough energy and time to spare his children, if he can not produce enough, if his produce is exploited, if he does not get the right he deserves, he will be tired. So people who work for this country, people who make money with labor, continue to be exploited, but this order would change just a little. Is that it? I do not think it is.”


Russia, Turkey & Syria Condemn US Creation Of Kurdish “Border Force” — American Everyman, — and My Post About the Issue

from Penny for Your Thoughts I covered the “border force” creation January 7/2018

I covered the “border force” creation January 7/2018 US Plans to Recognize Annexed Syrian Territory as Kurdish. And had actually thought about doing a reminder post yesterday on this news, but, decided against it out of fear of being to repetitive.
 Clearly the US is making preparations to officially recognize the annexed Syrian territory- which was always THE PLAN! As has been stated here repeatedly.  No gibberish about a plan a/plan b was presented here- THE PLAN has been to remake the region. Balkanize Syria.
Replaying Kosovo.

“Last week, it was reported that a new ‘North Syrian Army‘ which included SDF formations and backed by the US-led coalition, was being created to carry out ‘border security duties’ in territories under their control.”

Damascus has voiced its opposition to the US presence and operations on Syrian territory, including Rojava, saying that it does not accord with the principles of international law, including respect for Syria’s territorial integrity. The Syrian government has insisted that US operations inside Syria are illegal, since they were never invited into the country by Damascus.

Go back to December 30/2017: 

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Sees U.S Civilian Presence Increasing in Syria

Mattis said :”What we will be doing is shifting from what I would call an offensive, shifting from an offensive terrain-seizing approach to a stabilizing [effort]…you’ll see more U.S. diplomats on the ground,” Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon. “Shifting from an OFFENSIVE, TERRAIN- SEIZING APPROACH….”

Penny said:  Land grabbing. As stated for years now. For that Greater Israel..

 The term “border force” is a manipulative, perception management term chosen to obfuscate the fact that the US is creating an occupying army to hold on to the Syrian territory annexed by the PKK/YPG terrorists and the USrael.

Onto the latest.
Chronicle Herald
 Russia, Turkey and the Syrian government on Monday denounced the U.S.-led coalition plans to form a Kurdish-led border force to secure the areas along Syria’s international border to the north with Turkey and to the east, with Iraq.

And the southwest with Syria. Not reported because the chronicleherald is obfuscating or hiding reality.
The core of the force is to be made up of fighters from the existing Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, the coalition’s main ally in the fight against Islamic State militants. The SDF currently controls nearly 25 per cent of Syrian territory in the north and east”

“Assad’s government on Monday also condemned the U.S. plans for the border force, calling it “a blatant encroachment upon the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Syria” and a violation of international law.”

Turkey and Russia blast US backed Syrian Force as a “terror army”

Which is, in fact, what it is!

– Russia, Turkey and the Syrian government on Monday denounced the U.S.-led coalition plans to form a Kurdish-led border force to secure the areas along Syria’s international border to the north with Turkey and to the east, with Iraq.

I have been ostracized for pointing out the obvious fact, years ago, that the PKK/YPG  Kurdish militias were backed by the US and  they were displacing Syrians and annexing territory?  There is post after post of evidence here demonstrating this reality. Instead the media alt and 5 eyes cheered the US backed terrorists on! It’s easy to be the best fighter against ISIS when your on the same team! Hence my creation of the term KurdIShIS!


BEIRUT/MOSCOW (Reuters) – Syria, Turkey and Russia responded vehemently on Monday to new U.S.-backed plans to set up a 30,000-strong “border force” inside Syria to protect territory held by Washington’s mainly Kurdish allies.

The Syrian government vowed to drive the U.S. presence from the country. Turkey, an increasingly estranged U.S. ally within NATO, accused Washington of setting up a “terror army” on the Turkish border, and said it would take steps to protect itself.

Russia, the main ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, said the U.S. plans revealed a plot to partition Syria.

Yes, it does reveal the plot to partition Syria

via Russia, Turkey & Syria Condemn US Creation Of Kurdish “Border Force” — American Everyman


My Post About the Issue

I was glad to read this article. It’s good to see that people say similar things that I’ve said for years. That’s why I needed to share it. Thank you to “Penny for your thoughts” for this article! I have put it before mine, because it already explained the issue well, if I had written I would have written very similar things.(By the way while I was sharing post the pictures cannot be added that’s why weird blank images happened in the post)

Now, when the majority think that the war in Syria is over, American government says that shortly “I will make an army from the 30,000 YPG-PKK militans and put them on border protection.” YPG is known as the mainly-Kurdish militia that the western media has introduced them as the freedom fighters; until today, the epics were written almost nearly like Spatacus by western media. Freshwater leftists also stood behind them, by saying, “But they are heroes who resist against the oppressive regimes.”

PKK is the terrorist organization has carried out the bloody terrorist actions in Turkey, since 1984. It is obvious that American governments have helped them for decades. Why obvious, because almost all of the weapons seized from them are western countries and American-made. I do not even count the progagandas and hypocritical politics by western politicians and media.

And also there is another one, it is PJAK and it is branch of PKK in Iran.

Until today, you know my earthling friends, especially until a year ago, in my blog I wrote so many things about that neither the YPG nor the PKK are fighting for freedom, they are the militants that the American and Israeli governments both support. Even I have been banned very much by some bloggers due to I have said these, but it’s all been in vain.

Anyway, I am sure some of you are remembering my this post.

There is nothing new on the eastern front

Post date, 9 September 2016. I was saying at there and by putting this picture:


This map was prepared by an American officer in 2006 and published by the Armed Force Journal.

The real issue is to create the puppet Kurdish state, actually in real to create Israel-Kurdish state at the region on very large lands. The map we all saw, it is about to create state for Israel aims, it has never been about with to establish free Kurdish state. In first already we have seen this map which made by Ralph Peters who was former lieutenant colonel United States Army in 2006. 

Today I decided to explain this map a bit. It is not possible for everyone to know the region and country boundaries. Especially for those who live far from the region, hard to know the borders of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, where they begin and end. I want to explain this.

I. map


This map is a slightly enlarged version of the map of the American officer, Free Kurdistan has been the Greater Kurdistan. I am putting it here because it shows that it is actually closer to their purpose, and I could not find the biggest one of first one.

In reality, the borders of the countries are as follows; so approximately.

II. map


I know I am very bad about to line drawing(:)), but you know, I did my best to draw the borders of these countries.

In this II. map, it shows that Syria lost its 1/3 lands, and northern Syria(so the part of I indicated with blue letters) is under control by US government and its back up forces right now, Kurdish militans YPG and the others. Only the part of  the westernmost, is under control of Turkey.

As same as the norhthern Iraq has been Iraqi Kurdistan you know.

So, Iraq and Syrian parts of the I. map are almost complete.

And according to the I. map, (because we can see that the map of the American military officer has made the border change in the two countries-Syria and Iraq- in ten years.) after these, the order is becoming to Turkey and Iran.

Did someone say the Syria war over!

Now if the US’s control is continueing at the northern Syria and provocative arming the people, and if US government insists to be against Iran, Syria, Russia and Turkey, the big wars will come. And those ones will be more worse than previous. Because according to I. map, almost 1/3 lands of Turkey, and 1/4 lands of Iran are under the risk.

And both these two countries Iran and Turkey are not like Syria and Iraq.

When we said that these developments will be experienced in the region, and that it was a big plan like cutting lands from Syria and Iraq and others, they called us paranoiac. Here are the maps in the middle. What is happening is obvious. I am wondering do they still think we’re paranoiac?

Do you know why I’m tired my earthling friends? To see the constant war and the people who have been killed or expelled from their country due to terror and the war consequences in every minute, every day a new economic crisis (because there is almost war economy), constantly dissociated people, constantly increasing nationalist and religious rhetorics at the region, and so on. I was tired even when I wrote these. 🙂

I am sure about I am not going to write about this subject for a long time, that’s why I’m adding right now a possible future scenario in here. Yes, this is a scenario that is in the head of an extratrerrestrial. When this scenario will be happen, I am going to say at the future by adding my this post: “Look I told you before”. What an ego, haha!

Here it is my scenario:

US forces will continue to stay in Syria. Turkey kept under control in the western part of Syria’s in a year will pass to Kurds who are into the hands of American goverment control. North of Syria will be fully considered in Syria Kurdistan. It’s the same as in Iraq. Maybe they’ll do a referendum in Syria for show only. Syria will want to resist it, especially for the waterways, but it will have to deal with it and accept it in some way. PKK and PJAK terrorists events will begin within a year will improve in Iran and Turkey. After a while, in Turkey’s south eastern and northern of Iran, there will not be only the PKK and PJAK, there will be also their contrast, so the religious references militants as it was the same and Syria and Iraq (they exist already from now; such as ISIS terrorists who fleeing from Syria and Iraq until now). Perhaps, they will try to establish a new one, an another Islamic state. Already, whenever they want to establish an Islamic state, the result always be a puppet Kurdish state. What a coincidence. 🙂 It is a Kurdish state under the control of America and Israel.

There is no need to think too much on how this could be happen in Iran, because its Shia and etc. It would be the same. It happens in Iran too. This will depend on how much they will compress Iran from the outside economically.

In Iran and Turkey the religious and nationalist rhetorics will increase in thoroughly. The most people will think more that these are the most valid basis not to the division of the countries. (Due to neither the administrators of the countries nor the people do not understand that it will not be a policy with religious discourses, or, the managers know that this is the best way to put the people to sleep, they have always been the pawns of the imperialists of western, knowingly or unknowingly.) It could be thinking that if Islamists and Kurdish terrorists are fighting, why Islamic rhetoric increase? It is important to remember that there are many sects in Islam religion, and the disintegration within them is always a sharp. American government will not have the ability to directly intervene in this time. So it can not send military units to these countries with the reason of Kurdish and Islamic fights. Because one of them is Iran the other one is Turkey. Due to this reason, they will do everything they can to bring civil war in these two countries, for an international intervention could be realized by the hand of American government.

In this point, there are two options: if the civil wars break out in these countries, and if the civil wars not break out.

If it breaks out, I need to say, the civil wars in these two countries(Iran and Turkey) will paint with bloods to all regions. And the worse economic collapse will strike all world. So all of the peoples on the planet will be fu*ked up.

That’s why US and some European politicians will act and say (via their propagandas) such as “the civil war almost coming in these two countries and there is need to international solution immediately”. While they supporting the terrorists on the other hands.

So, as if there is civil war already, but due to their civilisations(!) they will want to bring issue to UN.

Probably in the first five years, the small lands from I. map will be taken from Turkey and Iran, and at there the kind of federations will be establish Kurdish states; such as an independent in inside, dependent on the outside. After the next two years they will declare their independence and many western countries will already declare that, especially America, immediately they will recognize these Kurdish states as countries.

Even though if I passed soft the seperated of the countries with the civil war, it will not be. Because the peoples of these two countries, Iran and Turkey depend excessively on their lands. There will be many conflicts and many people will die. Terror will increase.

There is a saying in Anatolia: “to convince for malaria by showing death.” Here likewise, in Iran and Turkey, it will be shown the death, and will convince the people for malaria. Initially, Iran and Turkey people will not agree to the decision of UN, even if they oppose it, but they will accept finally, due to they will not be able to afford more conflicts.

In the meantime, the terror will not limited with in Turkey and Iran. It will spread even to Russia more. Because there are many Islamic militants in old Soviets soils. And their numbers will increase. Already if you look at the map I. again, the mess areas will be more close to Russia anymore. So the Israel-US’s puppet Kurdish states will be the places where almost anybody cannot know what happen at there.

Already NATO bases in the east of Europe are at the command of the United States, even in the Black Sea, America is able to military exercise freely, from the west to Russia there is a threatening approach, we know. It will be unclear what will come with the terrorists from the south. When Turkey and Iran will lose the part of the territories in 7 to 9 years in my scenario, and will be weaker, so the two powerful countries as allies of Russia will be weak. There is China left behind as powerfull ally of Russia. This is actually a very long issue, but shortly I think within 10 years China will strengthen its relations with the United States rather than fight with America to consolidate its position in the world market, and China will not be a powerful ally of Russia anymore.

In other words, a serious economic crisis will be at the door of Russia after 10 years. Because during this time Russia will have to transfer more money to defend industry, so the people will become poorer and it will be very difficult to establish this balance anymore.

So in short, according to my scenario, my earthling friends, any war isn’t over, even bigger ones are coming. Are we ready! I do not know what the administors of the countries are talking about behind the closed doors, of course, but looking at what has happened so far, the scenario of this extraterrestrial seems pretty close to reality.

Of course, a lot can be done to prevent coming wars. First, it is necessary that the governments of the region to balance the income distribution, to leave religious discourses, to reduce the debt-tax burden from the public and to provide more free speech conditions. If these are done, the rhetorics of western imperialists will never find a response in the countries of the region. They do not have existence in a place where they can not find a response. It’s that simple.

By the way of course, my scenario could be canceled if Kim Jong Un presses a single button, haha!


PS: one of my previous posts about the real reason of all behind these wars:

Water Wars in Middle East written in 13 May 2015



It is being said Turkish Army Forces has seized power of Republic of Turkey; I guess, Turkey Republic experiences kind of military coup d’état right now

Bosphorus bridge

Soldiers in Taksim Istanbul

Yes, everything happens right now. Tonight two bridges of Istanbul Bosphorus were closed by military forces. Jets flied very low over the parliament and General Staff of Turkey. It is said that the Chief of Staff was taken hostage by a group which made this coup inside of army. Airports were closed to flights. State television was seized by soldiers and they announced a notice. And a few minutes ago, Tayyip Erdogan called the people of Turkey and he said that “I call the public to the squares, we cannot leave the squares to them.”

Very interesting things happen right now. I will edit this post as soon as possible.



The protests of high school students, Part III

Enter a caption

The writing on poster in English: “Be the voice, be the light!
Pertevniyal High School which has 145 years old history, as similar at other schools, it captures under cover “project school”. The pressure is increasing, the authorities are using every means avaliable for muting our voices. Friends: Be our voice, be our light!
All hail to those who don’t bow to pressure, and who fight for the light!”

Previous edit: The other two posts of mine about this subject:

Part I:
The protests of high school students against corrupt and non-scientific education system
Part II:
Those who are ready to turn their backs on the darkness

The protests of high school students of Turkey are continuing at full speed. Actually the word of “contunuing” is lack for this, the move of the high school students are growing like snowslide! Like the upper poster, the students are preparing many remarkable posters or notices. I couldn’t add all them in here, but if there are the ones into these high school students who want to see own notice or poster in here, they can make a comment below, I will try to add (Extraterrestrial promise:)). And, the high schools which published protest notice so far like following:

“Istanbul High School, Istanbul Galatasaray High School, Istanbul Cagaloglu Anatolian High School, Izmir Bornova Anatolian High School, Istanbul Vefa High School, Ankara Gazi Anatolian High School, Istanbul Kadıkoy Anatolian High School, Istanbul Beyoglu Anatolian High School, Izmir Cıglı Science High School, Istanbul Notre Dame de Sion High School, Istanbul Pertevniyal High School, Istanbul Besiktas Anatolian High School, Istanbul Bakırkoy Anatolian High School, Istanbul Italian High School, Samsun Anatolian High School, Istanbul Koc High School, Istanbul Kartaltepe Anatolian High School, Afyon High School, Samsun Social Sciences High School, Samsun Zeycan Yıldırım Science High School, Samsun Onur Ates Anatolian High School, Istanbul Korkmaz Yigit Anatolian High School, Istanbul Besiktas Physical Sciences High School, Ankara Ataturk Anatolian High School, Istanbul Beylikduzu Cahit Zarifoglu Anatolian High School, Istanbul Istek Bilge Kagan High School, Istanbul Rotary 100th Anniversary High School, Istanbul Istek Foundation Atanur Oguz High School, Istanbul Etiler Anatolian High School, Istanbul Erenkoy Girls High School, Eskisehir Kılıcoglu Anatolian High School, Eskisehir Seyitgazi Health Vocational High School, Izmir Cihat Kora Anatolian High School, Ankara Turk Telekom Social Science High School, Izmir Lieutenant Ali Riza Akinci Anatolian High School, Izmir Suzan Divrik Vocational Tech Anatolian High School, Izmir Karsiyaka Anatolian High School, Balikesir Ziraat Bank Science School, Istanbul Nisantasi Nuri Akin Anatolian High School, Istanbul Hisar High School,Bursa Zuhal Senipek Vocational and Tech High School, Istanbul Camlica Anatolian High School, Kirklareli Ataturk Anatolian High School, Kirklareli TOBB Anatolian High School, Istanbul Gurlek Nakipoğlu Anatolian High School, Denizli High School, Trabzon Science High School, Antalya Abdurrahman Alaattinoglu Anatolian High School, Antalya Umit Sercan Anatolian High School, Antalya Rıfat Azakoglu Vocational and Technical High School, Ordu Science High School, Ordu Persembe Zehra Selale Anatolian High School, Ordu Anatolian High School, Izmir Yusuf Kemalettin Perin Science High School, Izmir Mehmet Seyfi Eraltay Anatolian High School, Izmir Ataturk High School, Diyarbakir New Middle East Anatolian High School, Izmir Nevvar Salih Isgoren Vocational Tech Girls High School, Mersin Anatolian High School”

ps: If there are the schools which I missed out, you can make a comment for it.

From many city of Turkey, 59 high schools published the issue until yesterday. And yesterday one of them joined to protests. This school is Istanbul American Robert High School. Istanbul American Robert High School is the school which is accepting the students who take the best high score of tests at Turkey. This school is kind of a university by itself, as well as one of the best. If Istanbul American Robert High School has joined to the protests, it means that in Turkey, the education is ringing alarm bells on high level anymore. Now, these students in entire Turkey, seem that they do have no more patience left for the system.

And I have been seeing the quotes of Nazim Hikmet’s poems at most of the notices of high schools, especially this one;

The quotes from the poem of “The Ballad of Those Who Drink the Sun” by Nazim Hikmet Ran
Those, who cry in their houses,
who carry their tears
like a heavy chain
on their necks,
don’t set forth for the same road with us!
Those, who live inside the shells of their hearts,
don’t follow us!

Millions of red hearts are burning
on the fire
falling from that sun!
You take your heart out of
the cage of your chest too;
fling it into the fire
falling from that sun;
take your heart along with our hearts!

There is a raid,
a raid to the sun!
We will conquer the sun;
conquest of the sun is soon!
As you have guessed this poem is very long but I have translated just this short part. Because especially last part, “There is a raid, a raid to the sun! We will conguer the sun; conquest of the sun is soon!” is using often at the protest notices of the high school students of Turkey in these days. And of course Nazim Hikmet was/is great poet and I am sure he is smiling to these children in that place where he is rest in peace.:)

While children want to scientific and modern education, their families some of them published the issues too. Yes, they don’t sit anymore:) One of them came from the parents of the students of Istanbul Cagaloglu Anatolian High School:

“Our children cried. We heard them and we reply!…We disobeyed, we answered! Our children are the real owners of the Istanbul Cagaloglu Anatolian High School with their own intelligence, labor, the support of their family. They choose to be individuals, not to be slaves.
We have too much to learn from children who lay claim to their freedom, schools, most importantly lay claim to the tradition of brotherhood and solidarity. They are the owners of a bright future and the passengers of light. We are on the way fo our children, we are in SOLIDARTY with them.”

And, some members of the some alumni associations of these high schools also issued statements to support the students in the schools they graduated.

Of course, by the way, there are the reactions againts the protests of high schools. One of the came from Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

President of Republic Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with making reference to the repeatedly statements issued by many rooted high schools against pro-government managments, said: ” We know the ones who didn’t take a lesson from all these incidents, and they pursue the new unrests by scratching still to the high schools and universities.”

And the police forces came to one of these high schools, to Samsun Anatolia High School at the request of the school management. The students published notice before the graduate, when they came to school for graduate, the police forces were at the school. For this event, the students made a ptotest and their familes to joined to them. And after then, the students have published another issue again:)

Besides, after Istanbul Beyoglu Anatolian High School students published issue,
an offical letter which was written by Ministry of Education came to the students. According to letter, the boy students will no longer accept to the school.

I think these protests are very important for Turkey. These children are not moving with political ideas, they just want their future. And the politicians of government are not aware that they are in big mistakes with playing the education system like ping pong ball. Probably, at the near future, we see the consequences of these protests. And I think the winning side will be the students; because no matter what happens, always the future would be winner. And the youngs of mankind are the future!

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Those who are ready to turn their backs on the darkness


As you know my Earthling friends, I had shared the unusual and effective protests of high school students of Turkey against non-scientific and corruption education system, with you four days ago, in this post:

The protests of high school students against corrupt and non-scientific education system

The protests of high school students are also spreading to other schools. If the protests of high school students are flag race, it seems that the flag won’t fall into place:

First: While the principal was giving his speech during the graduation ceremony, Istanbul High School 2016 graduates turned their backs on him to protest to him.

Second: Galatasaray High School student have put an advertisement with the title of “urgently, seeking the new principal”

Third: Graduates of Cagaloglu Anatolian High School published a notice like the other two.

Yesterday and today, the protest reactions continued. Contemporary educational demands of students and their protest against the reactionary layout which wants to surround the students, go on. New high schools are attending in these protest in waves.

Izmir Bornova Anatolian High School- The students have issued an announcement

Istanbul Vefa High School (the title which I used for this post is actually their announcement’s motto, and the full form is as follows) – “We are ready to turn our back on darkness with other schools which are suffering from similar problems!”

Ankara Gazi Anatolian High School students have published a notice too. And as others, they have said they will not surrender to the darkness with the general lines in this notice.

And Kadıkoy Anatolian High School students, they have prepared the notice which you see it’s picture at the top of this post. This notice is quite a sharp wit and satire example. As follows,

The students troubles should have been told at this notice within its without strikeout shape in actually; but when you read with in a shape at the picture, so by scratching out some words of it, as if there is no problem amongst the students and management of school. Some of the words have been removed, it emerged such sentences from the remaining words:

“As the students of Kadıkoy Anatolian High School, our activities which we wanted to organize are supported by managament of school. There is no problem in our school.”

At the bottom corner of the notice, represent seal of school management have been placed, and over the seal there is writing “it was examined”. So shortly, with this notice which these students prepared, they told how the management of school cencored the truths and the truths can be turned into another form by management. This notice of students is short but brilliant and wit expression of their protest.


I cannot reach the speed of high school students protests 🙂 After I added this post, I have seen new ones that joined the others at news portals tonight.

Here are the other high schools students which they published notice that they will stand up against the darkness.
Izmir Cıglı Science High School
Beyoglu Anatolian High School
Notre Dame de Sion High School

Related news and some parts quotes with summarizing from,



The protests of high school students against corrupt and non-scientific education system

Before the news, I have to tell firstly how is the education system right now in Turkey, and how was it before?

In Turkey, with the governments of AKP (Tayyip Erdogan political and power party in Turkey), education system has been crashing down day by day during last 10 years.

At Turkey, the high schools are sperated into 6 groups according to their levels. These are;

“Regular high schools” which are providing basis education(every graduated form secondary school can go on without test to them)

“Vocational high schools” for to access to the profession of vocation from basis with a test score (not necessary the high test score)

“Anatolian high schools” the graduated from secondary school can go on these schools with high test score

“Science high schools” and then again graduated from secondary school can go on these with very high test score

“Private or fee paying high schools” the students have to pay the high moneys for them

and there is another one “Religious vocational high school” in Turkish “Imam Hatip high schools”, they give religious education in the forefront. Tayyip Erdogan always mention with proud that he graudated from “Imam Hatip high school”

Actually, their first aim is to educate students for mosques as imam; so staff muslim religious men for mosques. The second aim is “religion teacher” (there is a religion lesson in high schools at Turkey, a hour for a week)

Until 3 years ago, the numbers of high schools in Turkey were like that,

The most common ones were regular high schools. Almost every two neighborhoods had one “regular high school.”

This means that for example about 3 million population city of Turkey, there were nearly 50 “regular high school”.

Every three county had one “vocational high school”.

It means that again for 3 million population city of Turkey, there were nearly 10 “vocational high school”

Every four county had one “Anatolian high school”,

For 3 million population city of Turkey, there were 7-8 “Anatolian high school”

Every city had one or three “Science high school” (according to their population)

1 or 3 “Science high school” at the same population city

And every city had one or three “Religious vocational high school” so “Imam Hatip high school”

1 or 3 again “Imam Hatip high school” at the same population city

Right now, with changes made in the laws of the AKP government, their numbers have become in this shape like that:

“Regular high schools” number are very few anymore, because of the AKP government’s laws most of these schools turned into “Imam Hatip high schools” at the rate of 80%; and turned into “vocational high school” at the rate of 15 % ; and turned into “Anatolian high school” at the rate of 5 %.

While a city of 3 million population had 50 “regular high school” three years ago, now same city has max 5 “regular high school”

Please it wouldn’t be understood that Anatolian high school numbers were increased from my upper words, “regular high schools turn into Anatolian high schools at the rate of 5 %.” Becuase their numbers are still stabilize because some of Anatolian high schools turned into “Science high school”.

And same again, please it wouldn’t be understood that Science high schools numbers were increased.  Because some “Anatolian high schools” were turned into “Science high schools”.

Becuase the most pity one into the high schools has been the “Science high schools” which were the best high schools at Turkey. And maybe you will not believe in, but some of them are being turned into “Imam Hatip Science high schools” !!! Yes, religion and science in this age!

What a complicated mess over education system, isn’t it!

AKP wants to destroy the secular education system totaly, with increasing Imam Hatip high schools.

Deputy of the minister at the period had already stated as follows:

“As the ministry, we increased the number of Imam Hatip high school from number of 440 in 2002-2003 to number of 1017 in 2014-2015”

The AKP government not only made changes on the school system. In addition, with it’s “Ministry of Education” and AKP bureaucracy that AKP is doing pressure the schools which are not related with religious education system.

For example,

AKP’s Ministery of Education, has assigned the “religion teachers” as the high school principal, the right rteachers who gained this title were banished to the high schools at the cities from very far away where they lived. They applied pressure and intimidation on them. And the teachers who graduated from universities as being school teachers, even if they were able to pass written exam of Minister of Education, they failed at spoken exam of Minister of Education(What a coincidence!). There have been many young teachers have been waiting to be teacher at schools for years (including physics or language teachers). Because of the system of AKP doesn’t accept them as teacher, they work as construction worker or another works at Turkey. And some of them suicided, unfortunatelly. This government hands are covered in with these teachers bloods!

And after this prologue,

If we come to the news,

Some high school students are now resisting against this system with high voice. Before then, and actually still, while their families are protesting the turning the schools into the “Imam Hatip high schools”, the students are making very good protests anymore with freely. Especially during last three years and still, the familes are making protests against this policy of government at almost every “regular high school”. But the mainstream media doesn’t broadcast these news, world public thinks that Anatolian people are accepting every policy of AKP government and Tayyip Erdogan’ policy, like every event!


Istanbul High School 2016 graduates, (which is Istanbul High School that was establihed in 1884 is one of the very successful Anatolian High Schools for Turkey, not just for Istanbul), while the principal was giving his speech during the graduation ceremony, they turned their backs on him to protest to him.


Besides, they issued a statement.

In general at statement, the students of Istanbul High School mention about the management of the school allow all kinds of unscientific activities, on the other hand, the necessary activities not to be allowed by management for proper training.

And in some places it contained the following words.

“We have seen the darkness and bondage.*

We collected our courage from their captivity. We’ve read to destroy the dark, we did get rid of our dogmas. When we’ve fallen down our brother, our sister raised up us. We know, behind us, we have teachers who watch us. We missed our teachers who were assertive, giving us the strength, trust us, didn’t lock on us, we miss you.

Our sisters and brothers,

If the teachers who are liable with educating to you, they remain in silent; If administrators are writing permission slips as bribe; if scholarships are seemed for kind of hush money, it means that the nightmares collapsed upon on you. Then lift your head from your test books no longer. Get up your beds. Get rid of those nightmares.

Collected, organized, stand up arm in arm; Shout shout shout until everyone heard:

We are in favor of free thought.

We are in favor of democracy.

We are in favor of human rights.

And we will always hold on love and brotherhood to everything.


You; the blind boatmen who have seen the murder,* single punch in front of everyone, the intellectuels that the next generations will lean back on you, you will be the savior of yourself without waiting savior. You will be.

Our brothers and sisters,

This force is you. This force has into your vessels and brain. It is you.

Before the mistrals crash down your roof;

Now, you be the sound, the light, the punch!”

At the * parts, it has made directioning to the poem of Nazim Hikmet.

And today, it became another high school protest. This time, the students of Galatasaray High School, also this is another important and historical high school of Turkey, have put an advertisement with the title of “urgently, seeking the new principal” 🙂


At the advertisement, the students say follows for the seeking features of new high school principal:

“Galatasaray High School graduate; who has a good head on the shoulders and compos mentis; preferably 120 higher IQ level; can communicate at a minimum level with young people; protects students more than his seat; has never been a slave for any Sultan, befitting to Tevfik Fikret* position.

Salary: High (civil servant salary + foundation cheque + also we are saving money)

PS: Already, the school is being managed by the students. It is enough if you work from your home and not to screw around with the students”

*Tevfik Fikret is the one of important Turkish poets and graduated Galatasaray High School at 1888 with ranking first in class.

edit: Today, at 6 june, as 3rd, graduates Cagaloglu Anatolian high school published a notice like the other two.

This is a long long way I know, but if there are the students like them on the planet Earth, there is always hope for the future!

My next post related with the “the protests of high school students”:
Those who are ready to turn their backs on the darkness

Quotes and photos were taken from:


Some good things happen on Earth

This advertisement was made by LOSEV (Turkey Foundation for Children with Leukemia)
The boy says in the advertisement that
“My name is Serdar, my mother and my father loves me so much,
and my doctor and my nurses loves me too(while he takes his periwig off),
can you hold my hand before sleeping tonight?”

This advertisement and the other advertisements of LOSEV are not being allowed to broadcast on tv as public service ad at Turkey becuase of Radio and Television Supreme Council. (at Turkey RTSC decides to every tv broadcasting and it totaly belongs to government, and in Turkey some foundation can have many field at broadcasting because of they are pro-government, some can’t, LOSEV cannot have.)

Two days ago, PayPal announced that the company will stop its operations in Turkey in effective from 6th June 2016. And added “Customers can log in to your PayPal account balance in the account and, if there is an applicable money, they can be transfer that money to bank accounts in Turkey.”

So many PayPal users or customers in Turkey. And it left the money in their PayPal accounts. These accounts mostly small figures intı the accounts, like 5, 10 Turkish liras, 1-2 USD or Avro. And so many costumer probably won’t intent to take back these money form the back. And one Eksi Sozluk‘s user (Eksi Sozluk is a participant discussing social platform in Turkey last 17 years, even Eksi Sozluk more popular than twitter in Turkey) started a compaign for these money accounts. These small money started to transfer to LOSEV (Turkey Foundation for Children with Leukemia)

LOSEV is making really good works for the children with Leukemia in Turkey. And they stand with the donations.

The campaign has spread immediatly to the social media, like via twitter. And according to LOSEV twitter account into just last 24 hours, fund-raised;
41.591,53 TL (about 13.000 USD)
17.274,07 USD
802,30 €


It is really amazing, because as much I’ve seen that the money accunts are very small on  the Eksi Sozluk platform.

People share how much money left into their accounts and they transferred, at the web page.

in  page of Eksi Sozluk,

we can see for example very small figure of the moneys, 0,98 USD, 1,76 USD, 1,95 USD, 4 TL, 1,50 €.

They are making a big lake! 🙂

Thank you to show us the good things happen on Earth!

Also, I will edit after 6th June this post.



Exactly two years ago today, it has experienced the biggest occupational homicides at the history of Republic of Turkey. Two years have passed over the day which the 301 miners’ breath wasn’t enough to reach the exit door of the coal mine at Soma.

There isn’t any meaning the question of “Is there anything changed after the massacre?” Because, Soma massacre occurred again and again every day during two years.

Only just a few months passed over it. Without becoming cool of the burning coal at Eynez mine at Soma where 301 miners lifeless body left behind, 10 workers lost their lives inside the elevator that crashed down from the thirty-second floor of the giant construction area which is built by Torunlar(building company) at Mecidiyekoy, Istanbul.

The common point of the two businesses of the bosses is that they have taken the high privileged government jobs at the period of the AKP. In fact, the second one was a school friend with Erdogan from imam hatip high school(kind of religion schools at Turkey). But the original partnership was safe box.

After then, the massacre continued at Ermenek. This time, the boss of the coal mine was not a friend from high school, but he was an utter pro-AKP, a money-hungry coal merchant. Already almost all the coal mines in Ermenek, was ran by his family. 18 miners have died with the explosion of the water which filled in the old gallery with coming from the active part of mine quarry. Hundreds of meters under the ground, they died by drowning. It was found slime and water in their lungs at autopsy, not carbon monoxide.

After Ermenek, massacre continued at Sırnak. This time, mine quarry was illegal. For a time, they couldn’t make identified who died. After Kozlu. And then the others…

Soma massacre continued at the coal mines, construction areas, factories, truck haulages during two years.

It wasn’t enough. Massacre continued at the Assembly tables. After Soma, the government changed dozens of laws which weren’t relative with each other by putting forward to improve the working conditions of the miners. With all that, as soon as laws pass the parliament, in this time thousands of miners found themselves at the door of mines(fired from job). Such arrangements, two minimum wages, 6 hours working per day, plus 4 days annual leave have been appetizer of mine bosses who stopped the producing at mine quarries. Bosses took what they want into three days, and on the other hand the “spring cleaning” was also completed. When the mine quarries began production again, all the miners who were fired from job were not able to take back to their job. So once again the massacre returned back to the coal mines in Zonguldak, Kütahya, Ermenek, Nevsehir and etc from Assembly’s halls at Ankara.

Massacre sometimes has been the slap of Prime Minister on the face of a miner who sought refuge in the store while he was trying to run from the police violance during protest; sometimes it has been the undersecratary’s kick at the back of a miner who felt anger and pain at the same time while he was falling down the ground. And sometimes, the massacre has been the becoming unemployed of more than two thousand miners without taking “a single penny”; sometimes it has been the law cases which opened against the miners who protested “the statesmen”, and their testimonies at these cases.

The massacres at Soma continued during two years.

Actually, the massacres hadn’t started with Soma. While Erdogan was thanking to the Ministers of Labour who have worked at AKP’s period(into last 14 years of AKP governments 4 Minister of Labour worked) from the reading desk at the first day of “International Occupational Health and Safety Conference” which held eighth in this year, the number of workers who lost own life in occupational homicides has reached 15,000 people during his ruler. AKP has been the power which caused to infected most blood of workers to the hands of capitalism.

We are in the day of “anniversary of Soma massacre”. And the massacre is still continuing.

This article was written by Alpaslan Savas, and it was quoted from Sol Haber(left news) link:

and my another post about Soma from last year 13 May;

More and more and more refugees

the ways of r

According to the deal which made between AKP government of Turkey and EU, the first refugees and immigrants who entered Greece as illegally started to come to Turkey today. The ways of them are starting from Samos island of Greece to Cesme, Izmir Turkey and from Lesbos island of Greece to Dikili, Izmir Turkey. Yes, they are coming to my city, Izmir.

Already Izmir does have thousands of refugees, what the hell is this s**t!

AKP government announced that “the refugees who accepted by Turkey will sent to their homelands according to deal.” But it seems that this is not reflecting the truths.
At Dikili it has been a public protest against AKP policies on this weekend with huge crowded.


One of the speakers at the protest, the Mayor and Dikilim Platform spokesman Mustafa Tosun has told the reason for their reluctance to refugee camps at Dikili district. After the rumors that refugee camps be set up Dikili, he said that “we tried to get answers from the authorities about camps but we could not answer,”. Also he added: “We said that Dikili is not suitable town for camps because of Dikili is the tourism and greenhouse district. We weren’t informed yet by the government authorities for camps but it is being said that it will built refugee camp at Kaynarca, Dikili in 800 thousand square meters for 20 thousand refugees people. If 7-8 thousand people live the other camps in every 200 thousand square meters. It means that more than 20,000 people will be inside the 800 thousand square meters. Dikili will not able to shoulder this!

Yes, both Dikili and Cesme are the torusim towns at Izmir city, west coast of Turkey.

The other side, this might be a method to punish of those who didn’t give vote for AKP government policies. Because, if you look at below Turkey map you can see that AKP couldn’t get enough vote at last election from the all west coast of Anatolia.

vote map

You see Izmir is the one of these cities where the people who are mostly against AKP policies, live in Turkey. Also Izmir is the 3rd biggest city of Turkey. These camps seems like a punishment for Izmir public.

At old times, these election maps were different, the colors were spreading with almost equal way entire Turkey. But last 15 years, the map turned into this shape.

Especially the people who live at the red cities at Turkey are lonely people. Because they are managed by a government which they never liked and they are not able to accord with. Also, the most of the world sees them as the parallel with this government, even if these people never voted.

Sometimes, when thinking over this election map, I am seeing these people at red cities stuck between land and Aegean sea, and stuck between AKP government and the world public. Most of the world public doesn’t want to understand, already AKP government never liked and understood them. What is the solution: maybe to jump to the Aegean sea, I don’t know:)

quotes from: