Those who save the honor of human beings

California burning…
Forests are crying, while they die… animals try to survive and run away while they force to leave their homes; and most of them died…


A young man…
What a beautiful human being you are!



Maybe just for a moment, but he saved…

While the hypocrite politicians cry crocodile tears, and while they mess up the planet earth with capitalist-imperialist elites by hand to hand, those like that young man try to save the earth in reality. They don’t do this to make show; they just do without any profit, applause; just do without thinking themselves. Already did not mankind make planet to this shape with thousands of applause and appreciation? Same mankind, didn’t utter of wars with great applause and enthusiasm? Did not it embrace the politicians while they slaughtered the people, while their words were sheeding blood? And don’t they still do?

Meanwhile a young man puts his life on the danger and tries to save little rabbit…

While the axe of wars are not burying in the ground yet, some people come out of different corners of the planet earth, and they show the actually what life it is.

One of them is a 11 years old girl from Turkey; in February 2017, she saved a little new born kid at the hard and sharp mountain road under the snow.


When she returned from school, she went to goat pen at mountain slope and saw that one of the goats gave a birth. She immediately has put the little kid into the school bag and tied it back of her dog, and the she picked mother goat up on her back. A 10-kilometer-long road went up the hill. Someone else saw her while entering the slope and took her photo.

While the politicians and elites mess up the planet, she has only thought to save little kid…

And two other them from Russia,

They saved a dog…

Two road workers in the Karelian region of Russia’s border with Finland rescued a dog which was about to freeze in the iced lake.

While the politicians and elites mess up the planet, their only thought was to save the dog…

And I know that there are many of them on the planet, but I could put only four of them in my post.

Probably if this planet still stands up, because of it is for the sake of those people and the people who have and share same thoughts and feelings… for not anything else.

And I don’t know why but when I think that people who save the honor of human beings, always this song is singing into my mind. Maybe I am in hope while think them; this song is to all my earthling friends, and for those beatiful humans!


8 thoughts on “Those who save the honor of human beings

  1. Of course I agree with you, my friend. And I am moved by these stories, too.

    But we seem to care more about animals than we do human beings these days. Men, women and children, all over this planet, are being beaten, harassed, tortured, raped and murdered. And beyond you, me and a few others, where is the outrage?

    Yes, I was touched by this man saving the rabbit yesterday. But I wonder if this liberal Californian would have risked his life to save a homeless person who was facing the same end?

    Sorry to be so negative, my friend, but between Darwin and Galton’s Zionist funded faux science and organized religion/government, many of us have been so desensitized and dehumanized that animal life is now considered more precious than human life. And then we wonder how the atrocities committed all of the time can happen.

    All life is precious, including the lives of men, women and children.

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    • Nobody says that human lives are less important than animals. For me, all living creatures’ lives, the lives of humans, animals, and plants have the same importance. All livings’ lives are connected with each other. But inside them, only humans can have the power to destroy the planet nature; so the whole life on the planet can be destroyed in the hand of the humans; not by animals or plants.

      But when looking at human beings, (I do not know that you are reading or the seeing news at west about violance on animals or nature by humans, but in east almost everyday we read and see many of these news), there are less people who try to protect nature life. So when the humans have the power to protect the life on the planet, or to destroy the planet, only few of them choose to protect. These people are valuable in this case. They are stepping forward to be language of the livings which cannot speak human languages, with big responsibility of human beings; which is every people needs to carry.

      You have said, “animal life is now considered more precious than human life,”; there is not a thing like that at east of the planet my earthling friend; maybe at west it could be, and you have said these due to that; but not in here. And, can we make generalisation over the tendency of western people, while most human population live on the east of the planet?

      About these humans’ (in my post) political opinions; I do not have any idea what they think. They are mostly anonymous. While we don’t know even their names, how can we know what they think about politic; or do they have any politic idea? In my post, the second sample of them, is a 11 years old girl. She is one of them, and I do not think so she has got any politic idea. I have put her story in here to show they might be in every age, and show not neccesary to seperate them with each other. And for adults of them; maybe that young man who saved the rabbit is a socialist, who knows. 😉

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      • “You have said, “animal life is now considered more precious than human life,”; there is not a thing like that at east of the planet my earthling friend; maybe at west it could be, and you have said these due to that; but not in here. And, can we make generalisation over the tendency of western people, while most human population live on the east of the planet?”

        I never said all of humanity. I live in the west, not the east. And here, there is much more empathy for animals that people.

        Consider this, Migo, is the US waging war on animals or people? This will tell you that humanity means next to nothing in the west.

        I love animals! And I hate what is done to animals. But if we want cruelty to animals to end, then we must BEGIN with being concerned about the state of humanity!

        If I see a child in danger and an animal in danger, the child gets saved first! And if this is wrong, then I am on the wrong planet!

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      • All capitalist govenments like US government are against whole nature including humans, animals and plants. Already there is no need to declare war of US’s government against animals or plants; for example you know after US military forces left Vietnam, they left behind them 2.2 billion hectares of forest and agricultural land which had been bombed. All forests and animals and plants died with humans. After Iraq war, when US forces left, the budget that needed to build up again the agricultural lands was the 11 billion dollars. It goes on like that. These figures show that there is no need that any capitalist government declares to war against nature, they are already in war against all lives on the planet.

        And if I see a child in danger and an animal in danger, I save the both of them in same time. Yes, I do have some skills as an extraterrestrial like to save two different living creatures in same moment. 😎

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  2. Here is an example of what I am talking about, my friend:

    I can’t find the quote, but years ago, I read an article by a PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) idiot, and he said, “I would rather see my own daughter suffer than a poor, defenseless animal” What kind of a sick asshole could make such a statement about his own child?

    This is the lunacy that is the west today, my friend.

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    • From a quote from the article you have put its link:
      “Since 2000, an area of fertile ground roughly twice the size of the UK has been seized by land grabbers and consolidated into large farms, generally growing crops for export rather than the food needed by the poor.”
      And many of the fertile grounds on whole plenet are destroyed by humans due to their capitalist’s aims.
      What will be result? Hunger to death of who human beings? It is so pity my earthling friend. While one kind(human) hold all kinds’ livings into its hand, that kind spend all living areas due to profit. A kind of corruption has never seen any corner of the universe! I am always feeling so sad, maybe a few things give me a sad feelings like in the times when I see the burning forests.

      While rich humans exploit from the poor people, animals and plants identified such as collateral damage.

      And I have read an article about 3 years ago, a water that a person who live in England spend per a day is equal a water that a person spend in Africa in two weeks. There are only two groups on this planet – the oppressors and the oppressed. And among the oppressed there are animals and plants with poor people.

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