A History of American Communists (full documentary) — United States Hypocrisy

Seeing Red: stories of American Communists is a 1983 Academy Award-nominated documentary film directed by Julia Reichert and Jim Klein detailing the greatly overlooked history of the Communist Party of the United States and its supporters, which at its peak in the early 1940s boasted nearly 100,000 members. Founded in 1919, the Communist Party USA split from the Socialist Party of America following the Russian Revolution and went on to play a defining role in the American Labor Movement and the early part of the American Civil Rights Movement throughout the 1920s, 30s and 40s…

Seeing Red tells the stories of the dedicated women and men who fought for unionization, equal rights and the 8-hour workday, who dreamed of an America where workers had rights to collective bargaining and to be free of discrimination by their employers. Watch the feature film…

via A History of American Communists (full documentary) — United States Hypocrisy

4 thoughts on “A History of American Communists (full documentary) — United States Hypocrisy

  1. The unions and the civil rights movement were invaded and corrupted as soon as they became a reality. Communism was never going to be given a chance, with all the Anglo-Zionist pigs running this freak show!

    My mother and I were in several unions, and they were all worthless. The unions became as bad as the corporations.

    As far as I can tell, my friend, there is no out for humanity. We are all doomed, as we have been from the beginning.

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