It was like a dream


“I think this photo was one of the most important pictures of the Occupy-Gezi resistance. BDP written on the flag represents the the currently party HDP, Kurdish nationalists party. The woman with Turkish flag that represents the Ataturkist. The man who made hand sign of wolf in the lower right corner that represents the Turkish nationalist, MHP party. So basically everyone was united against Tayyip Erdogan management and his party AKP government in those days. 50% population of Turkey had merged with others against AKP(it’s vote rate 50% of Turkey population) without discrimation. That’s why, it was like a dream.”

Today is 3rd anniversary of Occupy-Gezi park.

There is much to be said on it. Just it was a dream, only I can say. Last year I have posted about this. I had written more details. And I am sharing same post again. I am sorry from those who already have read same post last year. But I don’t find enough to write more on it for myself right now.

If you want read or re-read, here it is:

“When you’re angry you’re so beautiful, Turkiye!”

Kazakhstan born Robin Hood of the science


by Mehmet Somel, May 23, 2016

A young scientist supports scientists of the poorest countries with Sci-Hub database and challenges the monopolies.

Alexandra Elbakyan was born in Kazakhstan in 1988, while USSR was on the edge of falling apart. She was interested in science since childhood because of Soviet science books which she described with her own words “expository the miraculous events as scientific way with breaking down the superstitions”. She studied computer science and neuroscience, at this time she developed a interest in to be hacker.

Elbakyan knew the difficulties of doing scientific research in Kazakhstan, that is not in a Western country. So, she knew the answer that is given to a gradute student in Kazakhstan, Turkey, or in Kenya, Mexico, when this student achieves to the article which looks forward to read: “You have to pay $ 30 to read this article.”

Whereas, it is possible to access to these articles through university libraries of Western countries. Thereby the scientists in many poor countries, they had to ask for these articles from their acquaintances in rich countries with request and gratitude.


Elbakyan knew both the problem and the solution. After a while, she worked in a computer security company in Moscow, after she worked in a neuroscience project in Freiburg (Germany), then she was in Atlanta (USA). And when she returned to Kazakhstan in 2011, she had decided to Sci-Hub project that will shake the academy.

She began to copy the e_articles and books to her creation Sci-hub database with the ways which she kept in secret. Through this database, which can be easily searched, researchers and scientists anywhere in the world could have limitless access to the articles.

Elbakyan is describing this database with these words:

“We are fighting against inequalities in access to information in the world.”

Elbakyan against the Elsevier giant

As long as Sci-Hub came to be known, the world scientific publications monopolies began to grumble. As a result of the lawsuits filed by Elsevier which is biggest and aggressive one of them, in 2015 at US, address was closed. But Elbakyan was prepared for this. The database has been moved to Currently it continues to serve on web page,

According to a news which was published last month in the journal Science, Sci-Hub currently contains 50 million scientific sources. Its daily downloading average is 200 thousand.

If the searching source is not in the database, it can be brought through the interfaces which are accessed by Sci-Hub.

Tehran is the city where most downloading made. There is highly demand Sci-Hub from the scientists in the countries which have limited resources of libraries but many researchers are trained, like Iran. Due to the database of Sci-Hub, it is possible to guess that many researchers life becoming easier.


Interesting thing is, there is highly rate downloads from the US and Europe. For the possible reason of this, it is stated that the Sci-Hub is the ease of downloading when it compared to download the article on the university library sites.

Elsevier and other companies, clearly blame to Elbekyan with being theft and hacker. They claim that she stole the articles from the libraries of Western countries with fake email addresses.


Elsevier is pushing for bringing her to the United States and she trails in here for the hacking crimes. The young scientist, was forced to hide address due to these threats. Also she has to a break her neuroscience researches in this case.

Threats are not taken lightly: Three years ago, again for the reason of sharing scientific resources, an American hacker Aaron Schwartz was asked 35 years imprisonment. Schwartz had put an end to his life in 2013.

However Elbakyan is satisfied. Despite all the slanders Sci-Hub is tremendously popular into scientific community. 88% of the respondents who joined to a survey within the scope a published news in the journal Science said that they support to Sci-Hub. Even over 50 years old readers who never used the Sci-Hub database, have indicated their supports at similar rates.

Elbakyan also says that the servers of Sci-Hub are in safe with the financial supports that she gets. She is sure that the project will continue even if she would be imprisoned.

She opposes the likening to Robin Hood and she says:

“What Robin Hood made was illegal. To share the books and articles can not be illegal.”

News sources:

Michael S. Rosenwald, 30 March 2016, The Washington Post, “This student put 50 million stolen research articles online. And they’re free.”

John Bohannon, 28 April 2016, Science News, “The frustrated science student behind Sci-Hub”

John Bohannon, 28 April 2016, Science News, “Who’s downloading pirated papers? Everyone”

John Travis, 6 May 2016, Science News, “In survey, most give thumbs-up to pirated papers”

“Universal Science”

“Science is universal and for all mankind” is a popular claim. If any student who stepped into the research life in Turkey realizes that it is a clearly lie: You can not access freely to scientific articles as electronical enviroinment.

If your university library has rich sources or the article that you wanted to read has been published in “open access” journal, you are in luck. Otherwise, you have to pay tens of dollars to access to the article.

In this case, most of people begs to the author of article or colleagues in a rich country for sending pdf or the article, or gives up to read.

The sad side of this, the scientific studies are being carried out by high incidence of public support in the world. But it comes to the sharing and publishing of the results of the researches, the things are changing. In here there are a number of monopolized companies like Elsevier, Springer, Wiley etc. They work with incredible profit margins up to 40%.

If the aim of science had been really to serve to all mankind, the scientific publishing would have been carried out by public institutions without profit making purpose. This is a simple solution for humanity, but bad solution for capitalism.

This article was quoted from Turkish journal (bilimsol is translated in English as scienceleft)

its link:

Still I am waiting

In last April when I was sick, I’ve watched a manga adapted animation tv series with an Earthling friend’s recommendation. Yes, I had plenty times for watching kind of these things at those days. 🙂 I love Japanese animation genre films, but I had never watched the tv series before. I am talking about “Shingeki no Kyojin”. It’s translation in English is “Attack on Titan”. It’s story, musics, characters, almost everything of it is super!

Imagine a world surrounded by high walls and you have to live inside it. Titans(giants) live outside the walls. These Titans are eating humans, they are attacking to the humans in everywhere they saw the humans; their meals are men, women, children, elders indiscriminately, so entire human race. The teams are being established for defense inside the walls, and for reducing the population of Titans outside the walls. The young humans are selected for training according to their abilities. The aim is to train those who can make fatal blow to the Titan’s neck which is only point for killing of Titans.

The human race inside the walls, they seem they came from every corner of the world, sort of United Nations community. So, human race is encircled completely.

One day, a hope is coming to the light for humans who don’t know what Titans are and where are they came from. This hope is begining with the emerging about the truth of Eren Yeagar who is one of the main characters of the story.

Eren Yeager is a nervous young, in fact he is a type has adolescent attitude. At first, we see from his name and surname, how the community inside the walls is close to united nations. His name “Eren” is came from Turkish, his surname “Yeagar”, actually spelling as “Jeager” is came from Deutsche(according to web pages).Another important character in the story, Mikasa Ackerman, she is Eren’s adoptive sister. And another one is Armin Arlert, he is childhood friend of Mikasa and Eren.

And there are many more inside the story’s fiction. As I said like all nations are together.

(Guren no Yumiya- Shingeki no Kyojin opening theme 1)

Another important character is Captain Levi who cannot be passed without specifying of him.

They and the others are trying to find a way out. Because now, the walls are started to destroy by the Titans. Circle thoroughly tightens, and the humanity is on the brink of extinction.

Why I loved so much this story? Maybe, even if the creators of Attack on Titan should have thought a different subtext, I think so far to the last chapter, the story shows how can humanity compress itself by own, and everything doesn’t consist of only black and white. There is nothing much that they can hope. Even the weapons in their hands against these Titans are very feeble, even sometimes it needs to see the deaths of some fellows at teams for killing the Titans. But the result? There is a constantly ongoing will such as steel. We can define it as a survival instinct. But it would be short. Somehow the human species can survive. So they could have lived in different corner of the world dispersedly without putting themselves in danger. But they don’t do this. They choose to be organized to fight and to evaluate all data with scientific thought while they do this. They have some losses always. But there is no war without any loss.

When this animation is watched, actually it is impossible not to understand that real world is not so different. If you want to take a healty result against everything(you can put its name for the real world), every way of this is passing through to be organized consciously.

(Great performance of Guren no Yumiya with violin by Taylor Davis!)

And of course, the musics of Attack on Titan are marvelous. Most of them has been very famous from now. Briefly, Attack on Titan is complete visual and cerebral festival. And I am still waiting the second season. It is been said the second season will come on at spring 2016. Spring has already came to northern hemisphere, or if they expect the spring comes to southern hemisphere. 🙂

One another important note is the discussions about the origin of Eren name as far as I saw internet.

First I need to specify that these discussions show this animation has been watched from the beginning without understanding of it. Because the aim of the animation is to explain the results of all races of the human species, if they act with together. At the world of Attack on Titan, it is being showed how people are combined without making discrimination of the races. So, this animation is on the basis, anti-racist. If you would try to seperate the people, it means that you intend to show racist behavior. Racism is underlying of this. Why I used word of “racism” which has got high affect? Because I’ve seen some discussions at web pages and some people used such ignorant sentences. When these are read, people can have thought easily “some races cannot be hero or main good character at movies or animation or etc, like Turks.” How it can be described, if this is not racism?

Yes, racism is in everywhere. People don’t miss any opportunity to show their intent to racism 🙂

But if it necessarily needs to clarify subject,

“Eren” name is an essence word of Turkish as both etymologhy and linguistics and also sociology, historical. It is a Turkish essence word which has got a meaning and place into this fourth.

The word of “Eren” is derived from the word of “er”. The word of “er” is seen at first in written shape at the Orkhon Inscriptions, so pre-1300 years. Its meaning is the man, soldier. And it is still using in the same shape today’s Turkish.

At Turkish, the words are derived by bringing addition to the roots. Both verbs and names are derived from the root of “Er”.

For example,

The verb of “ermek” means that is to achieve a desirable thing.

The names of “Eren” means that a person who have reached the desired thing.

Also eren word is used an adjective.

That’s why, “Eren” word has been using as name for 1000 years at Anatolia, with the result of about 2000 years culture which came from Central Asia. Even, “Anatolian holy person” as being “Erenler” (-ler- addition makes plural to the word) takes an importantant place in Anatolian folk culture.

According to latest the name statistics of Turkey, every one of 920 people has got “Eren” name. So according to latest population census of Republic of Turkey, 87,819 people’s name is Eren.

In which country at world about 88,000 people with “Eren” name are living, other than Turkey?

I guess, those who make discussion about the origin of Eren name, you have learnt the answer anymore. 🙂

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk: “Then, trying to maintain of Ottoman State and it’s descendants is to make biggest evilness against the Turkish nation.”

işgal toprakları
The lands of Anatoia view before May 19, 1919

“I’ve landed on Samsun on the May 19th day of 1919. General situation and outlook: The allies of the Ottoman Empire defeated in Great War, each side of the Ottoman army was damaged, with the heavy conditions “Armistice Agreement” was signed. Over many years of Great War, nation has been tired and poor condition. Who dragged the nation into Great War, they fallen into the concerns of their benefit and they have fled from the country. Vahdettin who is sultan and caliph had been corrupt, he has been seeking for himself and nefarious ways that for only throne could be maintained. Istanbul government of Damat Ferid Pasha headed was weak, dishonorable, cowardly, only they complied with the sultan’s request and buckled under any condition that would protect themselves with him.

The weapons and ammunition were taken from the hands of army and still are being taken.

Entente states, they don’t consider it neccessary to abide by the decisions of Armistice Agreement. With the falsification reasons, the navies and troops of Entente States are in Istanbul. French had entered the city of Adana, British had entered the cities of Urfa, Maras, Antep. Italian troops in Konya and Antalya, British soldiers in Merzifon and Samsun. Officers and special agents of foreign states are working on each side. Then, for days before we recieved our initial promise, 15 May, 1919, with the approval of Entente States Greeks Army is landed on Izmir.

Furthermore, the Christian minorities in the entire country are trying to crash of the state to obtain the hidden, open, specific needs and objectives a moment ago.

The nation which wasn’t aware that they remained without leader, is waiting to the things to come into the darkness and uncertainty. Those who begun to understand the disaster and weight of the horror, they make every effort that they accepted as the remedy of liberation within the framework of their strenght which is effected by the events and environment.

The nation and the army as well as they are unaware of the treason of the sultan and the caliphate, they connect internally to the authorities who has got these titles with the ties of religion and tradition which have been ingrained for centruies and they are docile… They are not able to grasp the meaning of liberation without sultan and caliph. Those who will reveal their thoughts and views which are incompatible with the nation beliefs, unfortunatelly they would be irreligious, stateless, unwelcome…

In fact, at those days we were in, the foundations of Ottoman Empire had collapsed and its existence had ended. The Ottoman Empire was disintegrated completely. In the middle, there was only an ancestor homeland where a handful Turks lived. At last, the colonialists were trying to ensure for sharing of these lands. Ottoman Empire and it’s independence, sultan, caliph, Istanbul government; all of these were the meaningless words and out of concept. What kind of help is thought to ask from whom for who’s immunity and what? In that case, what could be solid and real decision? Gentlemen, there was only one decision in front of this situation. This is to establish a new independent Turkish State which is based on national sovereignty as unconditional.

Here, it has been decision which we thought before leaving Istanbul and we started to implement no sooner than we did set foot in Samsun, Anatolia.

The logic and steady thought which were based on this decision: The basic principle is that the Turkish nation needs to live as dignified and honorable nation. This can only be achieved with completely independence. No matter how rich and prosperous, a nation which is devoid of independence, can not save itself from being servant in front of civilized humanity. To ask the protection of foreign state is nothing else to reveal the deprivation of human nature, weakness and incompetence. It can be never considered that those who didn’t fall into this inferiority situation will bring the foreign management willingly. However, Turk’s honor and capabilities is very high. Such a nation, rather than live as prisoners, its destroying is much better. If so, Independence or Death! That will be the watchword for those who want the real salvation. For a moment, let’s assume that has experienced the failure about the implementation of this decision. What would happen? Captivity. Well, will not the same result emerge with abiding by the other decisions?

With this difference; a nation which has risked own life for independence is divert itself with thinking that it has made the every sacrifice which should be for human dignity and honor. And of course, if they are compared with disgrace nation which wears the captivity chain to own neck by own hand, they will be in an another place at the eyes of friends and enemies. Then, trying to maintain of Ottoman State and it’s descendants is to make biggest evilness against the Turkish nation. How a lot of insane people(*) who hadn’t conscience and thought connect anymore with public and country can be seen appropriate for the protection of honor and independence of the public and country?

I want to say my last words particulary to the youth of our country.

The young ones!

You are the ones who increase our courage and continue. You will be the most valuable example of the idea of freedom, human virtue, loving of country and people with the decency and wisdom that you took in.

The rising new generation! The future is yours. We have established Republic. You are the ones who will keep it alive and make it valuable.”


(*)Ataturk mentions about Sultans and Istanbul government, while he is saying a lot of insane people

These are Ataturk’s words from Nutuk (about 620 pages). Today the anniversary of May 19, 1919. This day is the day a public awakening. This day is anniversary day in Turkey every year, as Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day.

Mustafa Kemal presenting the Nutuk at the Assembly, 1927.

Background (Calligraphy): Hakimiyet Milletindir means “Sovereignty Belongs to the Nation”

The Nutuk (Modern Turkish: Söylev; Speech) was a speech delivered by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk from 15 to 20 October 1927, at the second congress of Republican People’s Party. The speech covered the events between the start of the Turkish War of Independence on May 19, 1919, and the foundation of the Republic of Turkey, in 1923. It is an important source for the study of Kemalism. It took thirty-six hours (on a 6 day span) to be read by Atatürk. Scholars have since identified the Speech as the foundation and model followed by Turkish historians for the official historiography of the Turkish Republic.

this is quoted from wikipedia

I’ve tried best I can as always for the translation. I never find the translations about Turkish historians researches or the translation such as Nutuk or Independence War of Turkey. Turks are very lazy about this subject. Turks do not make enough effort about telling themselves to the world public. Turks are closed society. And they expect to be understood by world public without telling them truths. That’s why, many wrong informations in the middle. And of course, I wished I could make copy and paste, it would be very easy for me 🙂 If there is more better translation of this text of Ataturk you can make comment and thus, I can correct my wrongs.

The Reality Behind the Panama Papers

Ivar Jørdre


The 11 and a half million leaked documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca have proven, once again, what we have already known for some time – that the ‘offshore world’ of tax havens is a den of money laundering and tax evasion right at the heart of the global financial system. It‘s the purpuse of the system AND it‘s capitalism, man!

Despite attempts by Western media to twist and make us believe the revelations into a story about the ‘corruption’ of official enemies – North Korea, Syria, China and, of course, Putin, who is not even mentioned in the documents – the real story is the British and the US government’s assiduous cultivation of the offshore world. For whilst corruption exists in every country, what enables that corruption to flourish and become institutionalized is the network of secretive financial regimes that allow the world’s biggest criminals and…

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CIA “Accidentally” Deleted and Destroyed Its Only Copy of Senate Torture Investigation — The True News

By Andrew Emett

As the government continues to suppress the entire 6,700-page Senate Torture Report, the CIA inspector general’s office recently admitted to “mistakenly” destroying their only copy of the classified report. Although CIA Director John Brennan possesses another copy of the torture report, he refuses to send a replacement to the internal watchdog’s office.

Last summer, the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Justice Department were privately informed that CIA employees at the inspector general’s office had both destroyed the disk and deleted the file containing the full Senate Torture Report. Despite the fact that the Justice Department ordered all copies of the classified document to be preserved, acting CIA Inspector General Christopher Sharpley was unable to locate another copy and eventually informed the Senate Intelligence Committee that his officers has mistakenly ruined their only copies.

On November 9, 2005, CIA Director of National Clandestine Service Jose Rodriguez Jr. authorized the burning of 92 videotapes depicting the harsh interrogations of Abu Zubaydah and ’Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri. In response to the destruction of those tapes, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence voted to review the CIA’s Rendition, Detention and Interrogation program on March 5, 2009. With access to over six million pages of CIA documents, the Committee merely provided a superficial summary without bothering to interview any participants or victims of the RDI program.

After CIA employees were caught hacking into computers belonging to members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, CIA Director Brennan falsely accused the oversight committee of stealing classified files. Refusing to publicly apologize for his false accusations, Brennan later privately apologized to then-Chairperson of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Although then-CIA Inspector General David Buckley found his Agency guilty of hacking into the Senate Intelligence Committee’s computers, a CIA accountability panel later overturned his findings. Since the CIA announced Buckley’s resignation early last year, his deputy CIA inspector general, Sharpley, has been serving as acting IG until the president finally appoints and the Senate confirms a new replacement.

“It’s breathtaking that this could have happened, especially in the inspector general’s office — they’re the ones that are supposed to be providing accountability within the agency itself,” CUNY School of Law Prof. Douglas Cox told Yahoo News. “It makes you wonder what was going on over there?”

Instead of releasing the entire 6,700-page Senate Torture Report, Sen. Feinstein disclosed a roughly 500-page executive summary chronicling the CIA’s kidnapping, torture, and blatant deception towards Congress and the American public. While referencing multiple human rights abuses, including waterboarding, forced rectal rehydration, and the murder of Gul Rahman, the summary neglected to mention the deaths of Abdul Wali and Manadel al-Jamadi under separate CIA interrogations or the rendition and torture of an Egyptian cleric named Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr.

Immediately after replacing Feinstein as the new Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, Sen. Richard Burr sent a letter to the White House and several other federal agencies in January 2015 demanding they return every copy of the Senate’s full 6,700-page torture report. While ignoring the Burr’s ultimatum to return the classified document, no federal employee appears to have the courage to share the historical document with the American people.

Ordered to preserve the document while not reading it, the CIA inspector general’s office instead uploaded the file onto its internal classified computer system before destroying the disk and “mistakenly” deleting their only copy of the file. On Friday, Feinstein wrote a letter asking CIA Director Brennan to give the inspector general’s office a new copy of the Senate Torture Report.

“Your prompt response will allay my concern that this was more than an ‘accident,’” Feinstein wrote. “The CIA IG should have a copy of the full Study because the report includes extensive information directly related to the IG’s ongoing oversight of the CIA.”

While declining to comment on Feinstein’s letter, Dean Boyd, the CIA’s chief of public affairs, recently told Yahoo News, “I can assure you that the CIA has retained a copy.”

Given the Agency’s history of deception and Brennan’s refusal to provide the inspector general’s office with another copy, the CIA once again appears to be operating without any oversight or accountability. Although the IG is responsible for independent oversight of the CIA, the IG actually reports to the Director of the CIA, according to the Agency’s website.

With the exception of former CIA contractor David Passaro, who beat a detainee to death with a metal flashlight, no CIA officer has yet been charged with committing torture, murder, or destruction of evidence. No charges are expected from the so-called Justice Department.

Andrew Emett is a Los Angeles-based reporter exposing political and corporate corruption. His interests include national security, corporate abuse, and holding government officials accountable. Andrew’s work has appeared on Raw Story, Alternet, Activist Post, and many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @AndrewEmett and on Facebook at Andrew Emett.

Source: The Free Thought Project

This article was quoted from  CIA “Accidentally” Deleted and Destroyed Its Only Copy of Senate Torture Investigation — The True News



Exactly two years ago today, it has experienced the biggest occupational homicides at the history of Republic of Turkey. Two years have passed over the day which the 301 miners’ breath wasn’t enough to reach the exit door of the coal mine at Soma.

There isn’t any meaning the question of “Is there anything changed after the massacre?” Because, Soma massacre occurred again and again every day during two years.

Only just a few months passed over it. Without becoming cool of the burning coal at Eynez mine at Soma where 301 miners lifeless body left behind, 10 workers lost their lives inside the elevator that crashed down from the thirty-second floor of the giant construction area which is built by Torunlar(building company) at Mecidiyekoy, Istanbul.

The common point of the two businesses of the bosses is that they have taken the high privileged government jobs at the period of the AKP. In fact, the second one was a school friend with Erdogan from imam hatip high school(kind of religion schools at Turkey). But the original partnership was safe box.

After then, the massacre continued at Ermenek. This time, the boss of the coal mine was not a friend from high school, but he was an utter pro-AKP, a money-hungry coal merchant. Already almost all the coal mines in Ermenek, was ran by his family. 18 miners have died with the explosion of the water which filled in the old gallery with coming from the active part of mine quarry. Hundreds of meters under the ground, they died by drowning. It was found slime and water in their lungs at autopsy, not carbon monoxide.

After Ermenek, massacre continued at Sırnak. This time, mine quarry was illegal. For a time, they couldn’t make identified who died. After Kozlu. And then the others…

Soma massacre continued at the coal mines, construction areas, factories, truck haulages during two years.

It wasn’t enough. Massacre continued at the Assembly tables. After Soma, the government changed dozens of laws which weren’t relative with each other by putting forward to improve the working conditions of the miners. With all that, as soon as laws pass the parliament, in this time thousands of miners found themselves at the door of mines(fired from job). Such arrangements, two minimum wages, 6 hours working per day, plus 4 days annual leave have been appetizer of mine bosses who stopped the producing at mine quarries. Bosses took what they want into three days, and on the other hand the “spring cleaning” was also completed. When the mine quarries began production again, all the miners who were fired from job were not able to take back to their job. So once again the massacre returned back to the coal mines in Zonguldak, Kütahya, Ermenek, Nevsehir and etc from Assembly’s halls at Ankara.

Massacre sometimes has been the slap of Prime Minister on the face of a miner who sought refuge in the store while he was trying to run from the police violance during protest; sometimes it has been the undersecratary’s kick at the back of a miner who felt anger and pain at the same time while he was falling down the ground. And sometimes, the massacre has been the becoming unemployed of more than two thousand miners without taking “a single penny”; sometimes it has been the law cases which opened against the miners who protested “the statesmen”, and their testimonies at these cases.

The massacres at Soma continued during two years.

Actually, the massacres hadn’t started with Soma. While Erdogan was thanking to the Ministers of Labour who have worked at AKP’s period(into last 14 years of AKP governments 4 Minister of Labour worked) from the reading desk at the first day of “International Occupational Health and Safety Conference” which held eighth in this year, the number of workers who lost own life in occupational homicides has reached 15,000 people during his ruler. AKP has been the power which caused to infected most blood of workers to the hands of capitalism.

We are in the day of “anniversary of Soma massacre”. And the massacre is still continuing.

This article was written by Alpaslan Savas, and it was quoted from Sol Haber(left news) link:

and my another post about Soma from last year 13 May;

The confessions of capitalism

This picture was taken from

Hi … I’m Capitalism!

I raised up your daughters with Barbies, today why are you are surprised when they want money from you for plastic surgery!

I’ve created a huge fashion industry for the sake of my interests!

I’ve achieved what I wanted; most of the 17-year-old girl are disturbed by their physical apperance.

I’m Capitalism! Now, looking a fashion magazine for 15 minutes, is enough to dislike of a woman from her own body.

I’ve so much changed of your point of view about capitalism that the life story of a thief and elitist CEO can be “perseverance and success story” for you.

I’m capitalism! I don’t have any concern in a society where a person wastes time an average 5.5 hours per day by watching TV, doesn’t read books and very few go to theater and cinema.

I’m capitalism! And Steve Jobs, of course, was very important person, he has skill to producing machines which were only 1% of us needs while he was very succesful in product at third world counties with cheap labor.

Of course, all the capitalists will talk like a “saint”, like Bill Gates, a saint who lives in a worth $ 150 million, 66,000 m2 house!

I am capitalism and because of me there are so many bloody knife fights between inherited relatives.

Each year 20 million children are dying because of hunger!

I am capitalism, and because of me there are 600 million obese and 1.4 billion hungry people in the world!

I’m capitalism and a farmer who sells coffee bean to Starbucks has to work 3 days to buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks!

I’m capitalism and the Far Eastern girls aged 6-12 years are sold for $ 200 as sex slavery!

I am capitalism and the “free market economy” is the biggest lie of world! 24% of American says that if it would be neccesary for being a billionaire they can make that they refuse own family.

I’m capitalism and I make a call to the women! Please run to Victoria’s Secret without thinking that you turned into an object.

I guarantee when you buy a very small underwear with $ 80, you will be very happy with!

I’m capitalism! Last I’ve heard that 15-year-old boy sold his kidney to get an iPad. I have been tickled with pleasure!

I’m capitalism and Madonna has  8 houses in only London, the average size which may be large enough to be shelter for the 600 homeless!

A child who works for Disney factory in Thailand, has to work 55 days to save the money to go to Disneyland!

Despite the 90% world’s gold reserves in the hands of the African continent has, there are only 4 African billionaire in the world. Each year, 8,5 million worth diamond is mining, this is very enough to solve the continent’s hunger problem.

I am capitalism and you love the diamonds! 1 million people for earning $ 1.2 per day in India are producing these diamonds!

I convinced to the world that a beautiful woman is a blond woman. That’s why in Asia 300 million women are using bleaching soaps regularly.

64% of Hollywood stars who you admire of their life are cocain addicted.

I am capitalism and while each year 20 million children are starving, you ashamed to wear the same shirt twice a week!

I am capitalism and which god that you are talking about! You realise anymore, I am the only god you adore!

Which god you are talking about while Muslims worship in the 5 star luxury hotels with Kaaba views!

Which god you are talking about while Christians celebrate the “Christmas” for just shopping and having fun!

Nobody knows there are 7 million homeless people in USA, because all Americans are seen on the screens they live in villas with pool!

I am capitalism and I am succeed again! I made the women believe that they don’t have any clothes although their wardrobe fills full.

50% of the world’s population has got only 1% of the world’s resources and wealth.

1% of the world population owns 50% of the world’s resources and wealth.

I’m capitalism, and bankers are my children!

85% of Americans said that they can choose a fascist government if the economic situation could improve. That’s the power of this capital!

I am capitalism! And,

How bizarre is that you set up a government which precencors to your opinion and takes your freedom from your hands, eventually will kill you by police bullet!

How bizarre is that you provide the money for establishing a government which breaks your nose and puts you into jail with your own tax money!

These words were quoted from Joseph Stiglitz‘s letter from his book “The Price of Inequality”

Italian Ivy League economist pulled off flight and interrogated for ‘mysterious’ scribblings flagged up by another passenger… which turned out to be MATH


An Italian Ivy League economist sitting on an American Airlines flight from Philadelphia was flagged by a passenger to the crew as being a possible Middle Eastern terrorist scrawling threatening notes.

But Guido Menzio, a 40-year-old professor at the University of Pennsylvania, wasn’t writing secret messages.

He was solving a differential equation.

And yet Menzio’s flight from Philadelphia to Syracuse on Thursday night was delayed by more than two hours after the woman sitting next to him told the crew she was worried about her seatmate.

The woman, whose identity was not revealed and is believed to be in 30-something, initially told a flight attendant that she was feeling too ill to travel, an American Airlines spokesman told the Washington Post.

But when they escorted her off the plane, the woman told the crew she had actually been feeling suspicious of Menzio and wanted to be booked on another flight.

Then it was Menzio who was being escorted off the plane, where he was informed by an official that his seatmate had suspected he was a terrorist – specifically bring up his ‘cryptic’ notes in the unrecognizable script.

Menzio laughed and showed officials what he had been working on, an equation related to a talk he was on his way to giving at Queen’s University in Ontario regarding menu costs and price dispersion.

The professor was soon allowed to return to his seat, and said the pilot seemed embarrassed by the whole thing.

A sample of his works

Math has been always horrible subject for most human. But in this time not for school children, it gave the fear to the aduts:)

For me, math is the one of the most valuable and enjoyable subjects for understanding to universe as much as physics. First thing came to my mind when I’ve read this news, “how  couldn’t they understand these were the differential equations?”. If these notes were seen a person who has at least high-school graduate at Turkey or Russia(these two which I know their education system, maybe there are more at east), this person could undersand easily these are differential equations.

After I thought that “this is not about the math or etc.” This is about the fear. At USA or some European contries, people have been too much horrified that their psychology are fragile like crystal anymore. And after, I thought, what if they live in any east country, what would they do? Every day living with real terror. Probably they commit suicide, because obviously they are not able to live with real terror events every single day.

Actually the government of USA terrorizes the own people with horror. For doing this it is using propaganda tools. For example I’ve watched a Holywood movie recently, and one character was saying to the other: “Only paranoiacs could be survive”. I had laughed when I heard this. ( which it was a thriller movie):)

And creating horror is effecting people in every angle. I am quite sure, the USA government calculated the all parts(sociological, psychological, mental etc) of this.

According the scientific researches continuous horror is killing brain cells. People would have only one idea at one point for focusing, they don’t have any change to think in different areas while living with continuous horror. It is not like the old times anymore. Ages ago, horror was giving a chance for surviving of people, and they made houses and weapons for protecting. But todays, continuous horror is killing the people from inside of them. I think they calculated this too!

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