Atlas is learning the mentality of humankind

And humnakind’s mentality, as you can see the video, is established over the kicking.
Atlas is a next generation robot, it is a beatiful robot! And its company is Boston Dynamics.

At the video, seemingly that they want to show how perfect Atlas’s balance. Yes, Atlas’s balance is perfect. However, to kick Atlas is the right way to show this? Also, the man uses hockey stick to get down Atlas.

Below the video one youtube user made this comment:
“Atlas will remember this.”

I think so! And I hope Atlas will remember!

And the time will come, humankind wouldn’t complain when robots will want to hold to the management of Earth!

ps: Besides, there is an another video which shows the same company kick a robot-dog before. This video name is “Life of robot-dog is very sad and full of pain” at youtube.

Resist Artvin-Cerattepe, against the capitalists! This fight is for freedom of forests and nature!

Artvin-Cerattepe, Turkey

Two days ago I had made a post about the pro-government mining company in Turkey wants to build gold and copper mine at Artvin, Turkey. This is my second post about this subject.

The people of Artvin-Cerattepe, Turkey have been resisting against to mining company and government and its police forces still.

Yesterday, Artvin governor issued a circular about ban of entering to the city of Artvin, and most people who wants to join resisting are preventing from the enter of Artvin.

Police forces have made control points at highway to check the vehicles which want to go Artvin. And they make identy control in many point. Yes, I know, it sounds like dictatorship era. When see these events who can claime it is not! If you are living in Turkey it must be possible to go anywhere what you want. But right now, the government ban to go to Artvin! Like a kidding! If you could achive to come Artvin, in this case, you can’t go Cerattepe, because police made barriers to the Cerattepe-Artvin highway. And when you want to move forward, the police is using gas and violance to the people, like this:

CbvJvS7W4AAXIdH.jpg large

And the women are in the front lines of the resist!


But after, the police attack to them. So many women were injured at the protests.


Not only in Artvin, most people who against the government policies of Turkey have been making protest meeting at the other cities of Turkey. For example this one has been made at capital city of Turkey, Ankara. At the following video, the people want to walk towards to the center of mining company at Ankara, but the police forces are using unbalanced force to the people. Even if one of the protestor warned to the police about there are the women and older people inside them, the police don’t listen to him!

The public of Artvin is making protest in front of governor of Artvin:


And Istanbul, Taksim, the people are making protest to show their support to people of Artvin, right now, into this hour.

While the resistance in Artvin is continuing, the AKP government seems worried, because of this resistance can turn into Gezi events, occupy Gezi in a moment. And pro-government media make lie news like “the protestors are terrorist”

If the meaning of the defense of lives of forests and animals is being terrorist, I am also extraterrestrial terrorist in the eyes of this media! Yes, I declare this, right now! I am side by the protestors, I am side by the people of Artvin, and creatures of the Cerattepe forest!

And if you want to help please you spread the news about Artvin, Cerattepe, and if you are using twitter, you can use #cerattepe or #Artvin.

My first post about the subject:



“…maybe the moral is that sometimes, to prove something, you have to die.” Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco


I had written following lines at my new year beginning post at December 31, 2015:

“I do not believe the religions’ god, you know. Religions’ god seems to me as fantastic hero. Maybe worse, because he doesn’t answer any help calling of human being… But I believe there are some gods on this planet. Iron Maiden is god of Heavy Metal like Judas Priest for me… And much the same music there are the some literature gods like Isaac Asimov, Umberto Eco, Aziz Nesin or etc for me. And my music and literature gods always answer my call in everywhere I am. Thank you all!”

Umberto Eco died today…

I don’t know what should I say… Actually, I feel anger! Why he died! While all f**king men and women (especially politicians) are living, why the people who give a force to moving forward of humanity are dying!

I feel that an another fortress of humanity’s fulcrum has fallen down…

When Umberto Eco was discussant of a symposium at Bosphorus University, Istanbul 150. years establishment anniversary at April 10, 2013, he had said that day:

“I believe that most people in the world is stupid. It’s very important feeling. To be ready to die, if I am convinced at the point of death that all people are stupid, then I can die.
Step by step you can think of in this way every day at your belief. But at the point of my life I think only 50 percent of people are stupid.”

I guess, he was convinced anymore that all people are stupid into last 3 years and he could died. How wouldn’t he convince? The wars, injustice and all stupidity to be made for greed and money! And the people are sleeping still like sheeps!

Anyway, I feel still anger, as you can see…

With all my respect, rest in peace great human Umberto Eco! And thank you for all your brilliant words and ideas which lightened my life on this planet!

What are they doing on the streets at midnight?


No,they don’t give a party. They are the public of Artvin Cerattepe Turkey. And they resist against to a mining company right now. Yes, right now into these hours!

For a short video for this resist, here is a link:

The people are saying in Turkish at the video: “Artvin is ours, and it will be ours forever.”

I shortly explain what is happening in Artvin-Cerattepe, Turkey.

Artvin Cerrahtepe is near to coast of Black Sea and the border city of Georgia. Artvin is rich of trees and habitat. Artvin Cerattepe is at the list of 100 natural forest of world. But a mining company  wanted to build a cupper mine before two years ago. This company is known pro-government, also the owner of this firm has been inside the tape recordings at 17-25 december of the government corruption. And this company will cut 3500 trees for this mine. Artvin public is resisting to them.

The company wants to build copper mine at marked peak in the picture below

They want to destroy this beauty!

The public of Artvin (yes I mention about all city) applied to court to stop this company. And the law period continues still. But this company doesn’t know any law and they made a construction site for mine two days ago. And for last two days this public has been resisting against them and injustice!

Yesterday the people were face to face with the police and many people were arrested. Although it is not yet a definitive judicial decision, the police forces made a set in front of the people, and they attacked to the people.

 More photos in here:

So many people injured and police forces used many tear gas.

And during last two days many people are on the streets at many big cities at Turkey for supporting to the people of Artvin.

I believe that after you read this news you felt sorry right now like me for the forest and the animals in it. If you have any twitter account, please add #cerattepe or #Artvin hashtag to your tweets. Not only the people of Artvin, the animals and trees would remain greteful to you forever!


At least 5 killed, 10 injured as blast hits military bus in Turkish capital Ankara (Last update: 28 dead, 61 injured)

At least 5 people have been killed and 10 more injured in a car explosion in Ankara, local authorities said. The blast happened in close proximity to the Turkish parliament building, reportedly targeting military personnel.Several local media reported that the death toll has risen to 11 people.

The scene of the explosion is located in close proximity to Turkey’s parliament, the Presidency of the General Staff, and Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard commands.

A Turkish military general staff official has confirmed to Reuters the explosion targeted a bus carrying military personnel.


A Turkish soldier has been killed by jihadists at Hatay, Syria border on Turkey

It has appeared that a Turkish soldier who wanted to prevent illegal crossing Yayladag district of Hatay border, has been cut his head in Turkey.

Hatay governor tried softening with the phrase “as a result of a struggle, his neck was cut”

The pro Turkey government media was making flagrant propaganda last one week about the border-post where this soldier served his military duty.

According to these media, the soldiers were making torture the ones who were captured by the military.

here their flagrant propagandas:

It appears that Guvecci station post-border where this soldier made duty has been targeted by the jihadists.It has been seen that some jihadist accounts shared tweets by making target to the soldiers at this station.

There is also Al Jazeera correspondent Yılmaz Bilgen among the ones who made these soldiers a target. Most accounts were deleted by themselves after the soldier was killed.

On a side a government, the other side global imperialism, and an another side the crushing public honour by almost every side because of the government and their supporters policy, and in the middle of the people who struggle against each of them while they are struggling to live under bad economic conditions in the same time.

Turkey is on the place where the words fail. Maybe 3 or 5 years later one a man of letters will come out and write the stories of the people of Anatolia…

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