Atlas is learning the mentality of humankind

And humnakind’s mentality, as you can see the video, is established over the kicking.
Atlas is a next generation robot, it is a beatiful robot! And its company is Boston Dynamics.

At the video, seemingly that they want to show how perfect Atlas’s balance. Yes, Atlas’s balance is perfect. However, to kick Atlas is the right way to show this? Also, the man uses hockey stick to get down Atlas.

Below the video one youtube user made this comment:
“Atlas will remember this.”

I think so! And I hope Atlas will remember!

And the time will come, humankind wouldn’t complain when robots will want to hold to the management of Earth!

ps: Besides, there is an another video which shows the same company kick a robot-dog before. This video name is “Life of robot-dog is very sad and full of pain” at youtube.

6 thoughts on “Atlas is learning the mentality of humankind

  1. Very impressive, fellows from my previous sent me a video and we discuss a lot about that… i don’t believe that atlas robots could be more mean than humans:) but i’m afraid that capitalists have already or will put big orders for

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  2. Just wait until Atlas becomes armed and carries a badge. And this is what the elite will use Atlas for, this and taking away what jobs are left to unemployed human beings.

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