Migo and WD

January 9, 2015, Blog adventure of Migo and WD

February 13, 2015, The exam with aerodynamic of the dropped penny

February 23, 2015, The unknown series with WD

March 3, 2015, The last hero of Notux

March 5, 2015, Planet Earth news of the year 2192

March 17, 2015, The issues about “you are being watched”

April 14, 2015, The first capitalist on Earth

April 20, 2015, Amazing facts

May 10, 2015, I have a dream

June 2, 2015, A dream within a dream 

June 27, 2015, For a while

July 11, 2015, Come on let’s blogging again

July 14, 2015, This is about where I came from. At least it was supposed to be like that

July 19, 2015, The weather issues

August 5, 2015, The plan

September 25, 2015, My movie career

October 9, 2015, Happy anniversary with you all, my Earthling friends!

October 16, 2015, The unknown series with WD, Part II

November 11, 2015, Our Journey; to our friends who are always with us, and will be

December 29, 2015, My love life

January 29, 2016, There is a resistance at this blog

April 8, 2016, WD in charge anymore

June 8, 2016, In a galaxy far far away




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