Migo and WD

January 9, 2015, Blog adventure of Migo and WD

February 13, 2015, The exam with aerodynamic of the dropped penny

February 23, 2015, The unknown series with WD

March 3, 2015, The last hero of Notux

March 5, 2015, Planet Earth news of the year 2192

March 17, 2015, The issues about “you are being watched”

April 14, 2015, The first capitalist on Earth

April 20, 2015, Amazing facts

May 10, 2015, I have a dream

June 2, 2015, A dream within a dream 

June 27, 2015, For a while

July 11, 2015, Come on let’s blogging again

July 14, 2015, This is about where I came from. At least it was supposed to be like that

July 19, 2015, The weather issues

August 5, 2015, The plan

September 25, 2015, My movie career

October 9, 2015, Happy anniversary with you all, my Earthling friends!

October 16, 2015, The unknown series with WD, Part II

November 11, 2015, Our Journey; to our friends who are always with us, and will be

December 29, 2015, My love life

January 29, 2016, There is a resistance at this blog

April 8, 2016, WD in charge anymore

June 8, 2016, In a galaxy far far away

September 22, 2016, Summer’s end

October 9, 2016, Happy 2nd anniversary with you all, my Earthling friends!

February 16, 2017, Flu

April 1, 2017, Boring Day

April 13, 2017, The unknown series with WD, Part III

May 14, 2017, My philosophical considerations

May 26, 2017,  The distances

September 11, 2017, Let’s begin again!

October 9, 2017, Happy 3rd anniversary

October 23, 2017, The interview with Migo on communism, Marxism and the extraterrestrial civilizations

January 28, 2018, Old black-white French noir movies, my love life and toilet door

September 17, 2018, Hot days, very hot days, very very hot summer, being a rock star, betrayal of the best friend, and that SMELL!

October 9, 2018, Happy 4th anniversary

April 19, 2019, The planet of the things

October 9, 2019, Happy 5th anniversary

October 3, 2020, Longest hot summer, longing the yellowed-dirty towels, drill sound

October 9, 2020, Happy 6th anniversary

December 12, 2020, WD has more important issues

4 thoughts on “Migo and WD

  1. I was so grateful to see your recent visit to my blog, Migo. You and WD have been in my thoughts since I read the news about the earthquake. I hope you are both safe. I send my best wishes to you both and all of the people who were effected by the tragedy.

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    • You are too kind and thoughtful human being, my earthling friend, Carol! Yes, that tragedy happened at eastern part, but we reside at western part, so the coast of Aegean sea. Actually, our region is on the fault line, but it is a different fault line from eastern. Also as you wish, I hope the people who lived this tragedy, get through this as soon as possible. Thank you for your concern and your kindness my earthling friend!

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      • I am so grateful to hear that you are safe at the moment – although for all of us that could change without warning at any time. Thank you for inspiring me to pull out my old world atlas to learn a little more about geography. (The internet is a poor substitute when it comes to maps.) Sending my best wishes.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you too my earthling friend! Also, the sense which the books give is always different whether it’s atlas or not.:) We are sending our best wishes to you!

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