I don’t have any idea where all liquids come from Migo’s body! Migo’s nose, eyes, all are leaking the weird liquids. All extraterrestrials are like Migo, when they sick? Maybe this could be a clue about how Earthlings can deal with Extraterrestrials when they come and invade our planet. They are weak against our viruses and bacteries; hey I am telling you Earth scientists, who say life has begun at outer space! If it had been like that, extraterrestrials would have been very powerful against the Earth’ sickness!

Anyway, today is the third day of Migo’s flu. I am bored already now. Before than Migo has been very busy-also we know that when Migo’s busy, Migo doesn’t see anything except the works he focused, including me unfortunately-, and I didn’t do anything exciting for last 10 days according to my figures. This is injustice!

I am the most intelligence, well-informed and emotinal dog on the Earth! And I stucked between Migo’s flu and world issues; so my world issues, beers, beatiful lady dogs and good foods! I want to return to all my world issues immediately!

7 thoughts on “Flu

  1. Actually, bacteria taking down invading extraterrestrials, is the end-game plot of HG Wells’ War of the Worlds!

    WD, take care of Migo, or I will put a hex on your girlfriends, which will make them all think you smell bad, like a kittie!

    Get well, my friend, and stop leaking!;-)

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    • WD: “HG Wells didn’t know the bacteria thing, because he hadn’t an intelligence dog friend like me! But you know the truth sojourner, my people friend, and thank you for spreading this truth against extraterrestrial’s invading!

      And if you see any of lady dogs which you guess she could be my girl friend, please let me know, I didn’t see any of them in this winter! Damn it!”

      Thank you! Also, I started to think WD will not stop talking, and yes I am trying to fix this leaking, my dear Earthling friend.:)

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  2. Get well soon, Migo. And just so you don’t think that I’m ignoring you, I’m not. It’s just that I’m oversubscribed to so many blogs at the moment I can’t get around to responding to everything. I’m going to have to choose, to shorten the list a little. You, of course, will remain on it.

    Take care,


    (P.S. drop me a line if you have time and feel up to it.

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    • Thank you! And why would I think like that, my Earthling friend? Did I make something that you will feel like that? This is the blog worlds, and I know that sometimes people may be busy sometimes people do have plenty time, and we cannot guess, which time that they have at that moment. Friendship is good, and make us feel confortable. Because our friends never misunderstand, never take offense. When the right time come for them they will appear or answer.:)

      By the way,
      WD is asking: “Ask him Migo, did he forget to reply to any of your comments? Pressure on him. He didn’t arrange me beatiful lady dog for date! This can be our opportunity, pressure on him!”
      Migo: No WD, this would be your opportunity, not mine.
      WD: You selfish alien! I will be single for entire my life, thanks to you!


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