The borders of the madhouse in 2022

Those who hope that something will change in 2022, raise your hand! yeah! There isn’t much, I know. 🙂 The planet has been a madhouse literally for the past two years, and everyone has felt to be in a tight corner. When I say everyone, I mean ordinary citizens, of course. We are faced with a virus that does not infect the rich, and even the rich have become healthier and wealthier thanks to this virus.

I think that in 2022, everyone who feels stuck in a corner will come out of their place and decide to face this madhouse. Of course, the play makers can also expand the corners and boundaries of the madhouse in this sense, and new scenarios can be added end-to-end. This would certainly be a move to be expected for them. So it will be another difficult year for ordinary citizens. A new virus or variant, yeah maybe; food crisis, yeah probably; financial crises yeahh high possibility; more police states, definitelly!

I would like to say that everyone should prepare themselves, but there is not much to prepare. I think you just have to stand up, against everything that can happen. Because I have never given up hope on humanity, I know that these times will pass, even if there are great destructions!

-Are you going to stop giving speeches, Migo?
-I honestly don’t care if the planet looks like madhouse besides what we’ve been through with Zed, who has been causing trouble in the last months!

-It didn’t cause that much trouble, don’t overdo it, WD.

-What! First, the house was invaded by fleas due to him. We even had to throw out my bed because of it. What we experienced during that 15 days was horrible! Then you had him trained because he was an uneducated brat! You paid money to trainer, and you spent my dog food money. Then you said he only has 1/4 Husky gene but this has totally Husky acting. The brat is only 4.5 months old, but he is constantly grumbling, just like the Huskies, don’t you realize! He licks the walls, and finds a place to dig in every park, digging greedily as if he’d come out of Venezuela if you let him. And a complete cannibal eats everything, even though it hasn’t got full teeth yet. A complete mess!

-But Zed talks well about you, WD.

-Hmmm, really? Like what did he say?

-He said that WD may be a boomer but funny.

-THAT BRAT! Are these good words about me? if I get a hold of him! Hey Zed where are you!

Anyway, my dear earthling friends, as WD tries to find Zed, let’s add our traditional wishes to this New Year’s post. WD and I wish to all you healthy (as mind and body), peaceful and happy new year with your loved ones!

By the way, after midnight I will make a toast for Dave. Because 1 January is his birthday! I know the ones who knew and valued him, even if there is no opportunity to toast to him, will commemorate him in their own way. Happy birthday my beloved friend from now; you have never been forgotten and you will never be forgotten!

14 thoughts on “The borders of the madhouse in 2022

  1. I have not forgotten Dave either. I still can’t write even one little post, since he walked towards the door, leaving us all behind in that little room at the far edge of the hall, turned off the light, mumbled ‘good night. See y’ll tomorrow’…but never came back. We all sat there around the table at breakfast, staring at his empty chair

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    • You describe well Kat. Thank you stopped by! Some people will never be replaced. Dave is one of them. And many days in last year when I met a situation or read a news, I’ve thought what would he said. What would he comment? Just I remember his all sayings and I try to complete his sentences. But not enough of course.

      And if he saw our comments, I suppose he would have said something similar like that:
      “You know folks I had said many times I’ve been fed enough with this all bulls*it. I would not have made it this far, if you my old and new friends were not on the planet. That’s why you need to screw them all and live deeply! Thank you for all your thoughts but life is for living and learning, not to think too much this old fox!” That’s probably would be the old fox saying.:)

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  2. Happy new year to Migo and WD!
    I couldn’t agree more from the following statement you made : “We are faced with a virus that does not infect the rich, and even the rich have become healthier and wealthier thanks to this virus.” Effectively, the economy for the masses continue to struggle in a more and more police state until indefinitely!
    And Happy Birthday also for Dave! He will stay forever with his texts in our memory!

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    • Usually when I make this comment, people say, “after all, it’s a virus for those with weaker immune systems, so the unemployed, the socially disadvantaged and the poor have a higher risk of infection.” I tell them, “it’s proportionally correct, there is a link between nutrition and immune system, next to the genetics. But why are the waiters who serve them always wearing masks while the rich people are vacation on their yachts or dine in luxury restaurants are unmasked?”

      Yes, there is this virus, but it is stupid not to see those who take advantage of it and not to notice the distorted truths that have been inflated with so much media. The humanity, which remained silent when its first freedom was taken from it, seems to have given up its strings for now. Major economic crises and more dictatorial administrations are right on the doorstep, as you said.

      And my dear earthling friend, I’m sure Dave is smiling at us right now as he sips his skotch whisky from where he is.:)

      Happy new year to you too!

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  3. Thank you for remembering Dave, Migo! Sending my best wishes to you, and to WD and Zed. May the new year bring unexpected positive blessings for all who have suffered during the years of the virus. 💜

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    • Dave is always with us.;) And thank you for your beautiful wishes too dear Carol! I, sorry we, WD and I ( Zed does not talk much yet, he doesnt have full teeth yet; even he has got I am not sure WD will give a chance for him here to talk with you, this is his kingdom as he says always, haha!) hope new year brings you the healthy and peaceful days with your loved ones!

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    • All healthy and peaceful days be with you Nick and Jake! “I don’t hold out big hopes for year 2 of the NWO…” Count me in.;) Thank you always your good friendship and support dear earthling friend!


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