Happy 4th anniversary!

(This year, at 23 April, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, organized by the municipality of Izmir, 18 rock bands from Izmir performanced the songs of Barıs Manco in Izmir fairground. Under the name of “Izmir’s children”, all together sang his songs. This one is one of those songs with name of “Tomato, pepper, eggplant.”)

Today is the day we, WD and I left 4 years behind us and stepped the new year in our blogging adventure. We are happy to reach this day! Without all of you this happiness would be lack! And thank you all our earthling friends, for your existence on this planet and your friendships!

PS: I have been living trouble with sinusitis since 3 day. I would like to say many things today, but my eyes getting watery while looking screen. This year my traditional sinus trouble hit me little bit early.:)


13 thoughts on “Happy 4th anniversary!

    • Thank you my earthling friend Carol! I am greatful to Sojourner too,(his ears must be burning :)) thanks to him, I met your amazing blog! I am also more fine, next to my sinus problem it has been a teeth problem; that’s why it(recovery) has been more long in this time. WD and I send our best wishes to you and your loved ones!

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    • It is not easy to maintain blogging, you’re right, Varsh. But WD and I do our best, you know. 😉 I am also better now. And thank you, you have been with us along our journey, my earthling friend! I hope we will share many things too after this.:)

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