US which accuses Russia with the reason of hitting civilians, bombed the hospital in Afghanistan: 19 DEAD

At Afghan city of Kunduz, US army has caused the death of at least 19 people by bombing a hospital that managed by Doctors without Borders in early hours in today. 12 health care workers including Chief physician of the hospital and 7 patients has lost life, dozens injured. There are 3 CHILDREN among the dead.

Yesterday, US officials who criticized Russia because of the launching to ISIS on Syrian positions with air strikes, had accused Russia with targeting civilians. Even one day hadn’t passed, US airstrikes killed civilians.

The tragicomic part is, according to the United Nations:
Bombing of hospitals in Afghanistan is ‘possibly criminal’

The UN human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, said it was “utterly tragic, inexcusable, and possibly criminal”.


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8 thoughts on “US which accuses Russia with the reason of hitting civilians, bombed the hospital in Afghanistan: 19 DEAD

  1. “possibly criminal?” It is criminal! But the UN will do nothing, since it is run by the same elite power that runs this government.

    If the world hasn’t figured it out yet, the US and NATO countries are all hypocrites and mass murderers!

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    • UN same as it ever was, already no one expect anything from UN. But at least they can stop talking, they seem very silly with every statement! And absolutely right my Earthling friend, all members of NATO are guilty for almost every war on this planet!

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  2. Terrible, i don’t understand why they did that as i don’t understand the difference of “possible criminal ” or 500% criminal regarding this bombing 😦 sad feelings this weekend

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    • Definitely, there is no difference “possible criminal ” or 500% criminal regarding this bombing, but my Earthling friend, if they would have been tought like you or felt like you, the world would be very peaceful planet. And don’t be sad, every bad things will pass someday:)

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  3. It is tragicomic…as you said. It reminds me of the war in the Balkans in the 90s when the US “accidentally” blew up the Chinese embassy. This was blamed on usage of an old map. When the recent fighting in Yemen started, China made sure to explicitly send the GPS coordinates of their embassy to the US so that there would be no excuse. It’s sad, but such iron-clad protection is the only thing some entities (like this hospital) have. The Chinese knew from experience that the US could not be trusted insofar as competency. Hopefully the Doctors Without Borders will do the same thing in future conflicts: make a highly publicized and airtight transmission of GPS coordinates to the US military so there can be no excuse. –Paul

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