Fly red flags!

I am happy, today, I am happy after a long time on this planet!

A city in Turkey, yes, a city mayorship of Turkey was took by the Communist Party Turkey, TKP. I had shared with you in December 2017, Ovacik county municipality has ruled by communist party member Mehmet Fatih Macoglu with my post “Communist bees” you would remember. And that man, was the candidate of the city Tunceli where Ovacik in at today’s election 31 March! And he took the Tunceli city’s mayorship! He rised such a star from among many ugly politics!

I want to cry!!! But I cannot, because of the extraterrestrial situations, as you know, our eye drops are not working too much. But if I had I would do!

I was waiting until that moment. Right now, the vote boxes open 85% in Tunceli(Dersim). But the difference between his votes and the closer competitor, HDP’s candidate is about 4,5%. This is not a difference easy to close. So Macoglu took!

You fly all red flags my earthling friends! I am happy, I am drinking vodka right now as you can guess, and this happiness I guess due to I felt real hope light! Nazdorovya! Haha!

This will change many things I know!

Salute you all my earthling friends and comrades! One of the city of Turkey will be ruled by Communist party after this! If it is happenning in Turkey, it can be in everywhere! Don’t lose your hopes ever!!! This order will change! Nobody has to live with this capitalist slavery order!

And salute you Fatih Mehmet Macoglu proudly!

Let’s fly all RED FLAGS today or tonight!

I guess, I will edit this post tomorrow with sober head, whatever, haha!

April 1, edits: real edits not jokes. 🙂

The news about his win:

Historic Win: Communist Candidate Wins Municipality in Turkey by teleSUR

Great victory: Fatih Mehmet Maçoğlu becomes Turkey’s first communist mayor! by In Defense of Communism

TKP wins Dersim municipality in Turkey by

Edit 2: Elections overview between 2014 and 2019

On images,

AK Parti or AKP acronym belongs to the ruling party and is managed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan

CHP: The opposition Ataturkist party, the largest number of seats in the oppositions parties at parliament, managed by Kemal Kilicdaroglu

MHP: Turkish nationalist party at parliament

HDP: Kurdish nationalist party at parliament


You can see at upper image where Communist Party Turkey has taken. I’ve put TKP symbol on Tunceli(Dersim), of course! What a wonderful feeling to do this, haha!

In 2014 the results was like that:

2014 s

Also, interesting results came today especially from Istanbul and Ankara. Istanbul and Ankara have been ruling by AKP for last 25 years. And today we can see that both city taken by CHP.

The voters’ figures of Istanbul is about 9.3 millon, and Ankara is about 3,5 million. Both of their votes is equal almost another 10-15 cities in Anatolia. And such as Izmir (its voters about 2.9 millon), many city with a lot of voters especially at the shores taken by CHP in this election. I guess, these results will bring interesting period for Turkey’s political agenda in next days.

8 thoughts on “Fly red flags!

  1. Good! I am glad this has happened, and I am glad for you, my friend!

    “This order will change! Nobody has to live with this capitalist slavery order!”

    Let us all hope!

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    • It’s really great result my dear earthling friend! It will give hope to all the people on the planet! I woke up and checked the result again, and saw it is still same result. And I am smiling.:)

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      • Nazdorovya! I only hope it’s not an April Fool’s thing. I’ll wear a red scarf when I’m out today to mark the occasion, along with a gilet jaune, of course . . . Now for a little sip of something satisfying to go with a little smoke of something else. Enjoy your victory!

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      • No, it is not April Fool’s thing, haha! You can believe in! I knew that you will have the same feelings like me earthling friend! This one is really great achievement in Turkey. What he did in Ovacik county will be example what he will do in Tunceli, Dersim city. And from there it will be example and give courage to many people on the planet!

        Another good news for you: TKP actually increased its votes many place. For example in Izmir, in some counties of Izmir TKP votes have been between 1,5% and 2,5%. Even it is more than Tunceli.:) But as you know there is election threshold and also due to Izmir voters’ figures much many than Tunceli, it did not take any county in Izmir. But again, this rising fulls with hope!

        And take little sip for me too! Nazdorovya! I guess I drank a bit much last night and I don’t think I can drink today; so I pass the torch to you today, haha!

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    • Thank you Dr. Bramhall! As the secretary of Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Leonid Ivanovich Kalashnikov said yesterday, it will be “This success is the first sign of future victories”. I have much more hope for the future of the planet anymore! 🙂


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