Quite simple again for EU leaders, Greeks are to blame for the ongoing refugee crisis

If only it were all so simple :On Jan. 27, the European Commission issued a report saying that Greece “is seriously neglecting its obligations” and that there are “serious deficiencies in the carrying out of external border controls.” Brussels gave Athens three months to improve its border controls, or risk being ousted from the passport-free area. But kicking Greece out of the Schengen zone will not have much impact on the influx of migrants to Europe since Greece does not share land borders with any other Schengen members as reported by Stratfor.

European  Union’s original strategies of cooperating with Turkey to limit the number of asylum seekers and redistributing migrants across the Continent have clearly failed. Now, EU member states are looking for alternative approaches as they try to stem the tide of asylum seekers flowing into Europe, and they appear to have reached an agreement on who is to blame: Greece.

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They’d always find a guilty to blame for every crisis! And mostly not one, it could be more than one guilty. What did Greece people do? While many many people died on the coasts of Greece, what was expected from Greece people? When these people tried to save the refugees from death, the real responsible people, so capitalist-imperialist elites were trying to find guilty, so the guilty for crisis which was created by themselves! They never mention that they created cheap labor and they choose the refugees in such the slave markets, most importantly, they never mention these capitalist elites are the main responsible of the war in Syria. For hiding all these from EU peoples, they cheat the people by making news and propaganda. When they raise racism in one side, the other side they make profits. They are very profitable in every respect, aren’t they? And the same thing is said for Turkey people by them. “You’re responsible!” They don’t see how much people are being saved from horrible death. They only like to blame and make advertising. I know two sides of Aegean sea, in Greece and in Turkey there are fascist people like in many country. But the figure of these is not much more than the fascists in many EU countries. And most people in Greece and Turkey are trying to save refugees and try to solve their problems as much as they can by standing against all politicians, all capitalists, all human traffickers, all real responsible. Capitalist-elites want to people should think, “if the Greece seals the northern border, the refugees are not able to cross the Europe.” Are you kidding! There are the refugees are passing the borders with bicycle from Russia to North Europe. So they would find the new ways in every prevention. Maybe these will be worse results, probably worse results. Maybe the capitalist-elites want this in reality. F**k them all!

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