День Победы 9 мая, Victory Day May 9

While celebrating May 9 Victory Day, lets we look at the some pictures that shows how Soviets achieved this victory:

According to the report of the chief of staff of the 150th Infantry Division, when the Reichstag was taken, 2,500 people were killed and 1,650 people were taken prisoner. The losses of the Soviet troops incurred during the storming of the Reichstag are not exact. It is known that on April 29 the 150th Infantry Division lost 18 people killed and 50 wounded, the 171st Rifle Division – 14 killed and 31 wounded.
The fighting was going on day and night. Soviet soldiers who breaking into the center of Berlin, broke through tanks at home, knocking the Nazis out of ruins.
Until April 28, in the hands of the defenders of the city, only the central part remained, shot from all sides by Soviet artillery.
The storming of Berlin is the final part of the Berlin offensive operation of 1945, during which the Red Army seized the capital of Nazi Germany and victoriously completed the Great Patriotic War and World War II in Europe. The operation lasted from April 25 to May 2.
A Soviet soldier is bandaging a wounded Berliner.
The ruined cabinet of Adolf Hitler in the Imperial Chancellery.
Operation to capture Koenigsberg: The German command took all possible measures to prepare the city-fortress Koenigsberg to a long resistance in the conditions of the siege. In the city there were underground factories, numerous military arsenals and warehouses. The defense system included an external defensive circuit, which had already been overcome by Soviet troops, and three internal contours. In the center of the city there was a citadel.
Budapest was liberated from the Nazis.
Connections of the 3rd Ukrainian Front entered the territory of Bulgaria. Residents of the city of Lovech meet the Soviet soldiers-liberators.
Also, with the fall of Berlin and the loss of vital areas, Germany lost the opportunity for organized resistance and soon capitulated.

These photos and informations were taken from Russian 9 May web page.

This war against fascism was not easy, and success of Soviets at war has been trying to be ignored by European governments for last decades.

The following quotes from Kemal Okuyan, Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey, today’s article from SoL.org:

“The US and the UK were no more innocent than Hitler Germany in imperialist competition. Nevertheless, these two imperialist countries were making unmatched maneuvers to save themselves from the responsibility of war resulting in the bloodshed of the Soviet peoples, in which they were using a “libertarian” intelligence which had neither a backbone nor a memory. We made a mistake, it was necessary to keep the sins of the United States and Britain on the agenda constantly, but when this wasn’t made, the Soviets and Nazi Germany, plus Stalin and Hitler have been became identified in same impertinence area.

During the war, the alliance between the Soviets and the United States&Britain was so temporary as imperative as for all three. It was completely rotten, because the alliance was class-based mixed. The ideology of the Alliance was absent because of the existence of opposing ideologies. The Alliance could not agree on the definition of the enemy. It was not true that between 1941 and 1945 a “front of democracy” was established against fascism. A wing of western imperialism defended its own interests, the Soviet Union itself and humanity. It was the Soviet Union that held the promises of the war for four years as well as the war, and conformed to the rules of  morality and diplomacy in relation to its allies. Before the end of the war, before Germany surrendered, that were the United States and the United Kingdom, which started a new war (it doesn’t matter cold or hot). We allowed this fact to be forgotten. With this, the lie that the Soviet Union represented authoritarian and the US represents a libertarian world, grew day by day.”



13 thoughts on “День Победы 9 мая, Victory Day May 9

  1. You are right in many respects here! The Soviets have been disrespected by most Western historians. We should be celebrating what the USSR did against Nazi Germany. From my own research, I would say that it was really Russia who won WWII for the Allies.

    Ironically, the biggest Russophobes in the U.S. now are the socialist Democrats. They are now like the oroboros which is biting its own tale. They have become, in many ways, diametrically opposed to their former ideals.

    In any case, I celebrate Russia’s immense contribution to World War II!


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    • Yes, definitely Soviets have been disrespected by many European historians; not only by them, also by EU. For example, 9 May is celebrated as Europe Day by EU counties from 1950 with the offer of French Foreign Minister Schuman. In here, there is a conscious underestimate, and conscious removing of the masses from the truths. That’s why-with many side effects- many young European doesn’t know what Soviets did at WW2.

      By the way, did you notice the detail of the photo of “The ruined cabinet of Adolf Hitler in the Imperial Chancellery.”, my dear Earthling friend?

      Hitler had really world globe ball in his chamber! Like in “The Great Dictator” movie of Chaplin! Is there any possibility that Hitler did the same as Chaplin has bounced the globe ball in his ass at the movie? Even thinking about it’s possibility of being true makes me laugh a lot, haha!

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      • Haha 🙂 yes! I don’t like how the West tries to diminish the Soviet role. Same with Operation Gladio. I don’t agree with these methods to make the communists look bad. It is a horrible disaster in the history of Italy…all those false-flag bombings and terror attacks blamed on the socialists. –Paul

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      • I missed it Miggo, I saw the news comments early this morning from you, and Pauly. I was a bit ashamed I had not looked closer the first time. However, as was taught to me since I can remember…read, save it, look at over and over. This is how we keep from repeating it. We sadly are in the ball around the cat’s neck for now… I never liked hitting the like button. Sharing is the best, and always comments are appreciated…now I must find one of my favorite movie clips and reblog as long as copy write rules are not in play 🙂

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      • Music is always good! As Goethe said: “One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.” I guess, Goethe wasn’t mentioning the movie when he said picture(:)), but it has fitted for this age with this shape.

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