Western left thought hypocrisy

Rahmat Gul / Associated Press Afghan women march in the street outside the Supreme Court in Kabul demanding justice for a woman who was beaten to death by a mob after being falsely accused of burning a Koran last week.

In fact, the left thought is based on which basis? Freedom, equality and social justice in the basic sense.

What did Europe add over it, after the French Revolution? I’m curious. French revolutionaries have thought that “people ought to eat both bread and cake”, and they initiated change to this revolution. Then, the steps that were taken in the UK on behalf of democracy.

Let’s make a pause in here. I said about the steps in UK. These steps were taken by England because of it has the universal values or just to develop a new class? If UK did that for universal values, then why UK has created colonialism for centuries in the same period? The generated result in here “social justice, freedom and equality are for British,”; doesn’t it? At that time, in reality there is nothing that UK has done on behalf of the left thought.

Another dimension of the exist left thought is the communism which was placed as regime. This has the tough generalizations of left stream more than the western left thought which is soft and avoid of meddling. Even, enough to terrify to the western leftists. Once upon a time, they were terrified that the revolutions have been created in South America, when they watched in dismay. Thanks to them all. While the bombs were poured down to Vietnam, the fishes of fresh water, western leftists have been famous heroes with their protests from afar. But somehow, anyone couldn’t stand by the communists, who were the real hero of Vietnam War. How many people know the name of a Vietnamese Communist hero? Or should I ask like that: How many people know the name of the western leftists against the Vietnam War; may be artists, writers or politicians. Are the names of the Vietnamese heroes remembered and need not be known prior to these western leftist people?

Western left thought is hypocrisy; it is clear. After Greece’s revealed democracy, in fact any of Western leftists did not do anything in reality on universal form. Western leftists have its own norms; they looked at the people, who were not one of them dismissively.

Men and women have been standing for three days in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is oppressed country. There’s a war on its soil for 50 years. People are uneducated. People are poor. Any of them cannot discuss with you marxism, communism, the future of left or over bourgeoisie “at the level what you want(!)”. I do not know have you ever been in Afghanistan? But if you have been at there, you would have seen what is to be incapacitated and poverty in real sense.

These people went out to the streets after the lynching of Farkhunda.

Well, do you think it’s easy that they went out and to revolt.

This is unlike the protests in Europe or America. There are highly suppressed feelings, thoughts and great fears at there. The meaning of this protest is very important for the world revolution history. Look at the faces of the people in the photographs; anger, suppressed, fear, rebellion, conscious and noble stance. They are all in one.

This is unlike to oppose the construction of the building central bank in the middle of Europe.
This is unlike to be on streets to oppose police violence in the middle of United States.

This is Afghanistan.

This is the land forgotten by the world.

This is the place where the people, who are ignored and will be ignored by the hypocritical western leftists, lived. In fact, this is the place where has echoed the thoughts of rebellion of the people, who want ” the freedom, equality of social justice” in the real sense.

That will never understand by the western leftists.

And I’m proud of these people. As same as, I am proud of the Vietnamese heroes “flying aces in Vietnam War”, MIG-17 and MIG-21 pilots; Nguyen Van Nghia, Liu Hui Chao, Nguyen Nhat Trieu, Nguyen Dang Kinh, Pham Thanh Ngan, Vu Ngoc Dinh, Le Thanh Dao.

10 thoughts on “Western left thought hypocrisy

  1. And there are many here in the West who still think we liberated the people of Afghanistan. They have no idea about the role the West has played in oppressing the Afghan people since long before 9/11.

    But like you said, the “left” here in the West are hypocrites. They pay lip service to notions of equality, freedom and democracy, but in truth those concepts only apply to them and their own. Today, our liberals are nothing but platitude-spewing neo-cons, pretending to care about the rights and quality of life of others, but in reality they only care about their own interests and serving the interests of their masters

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    • Liberals carry the flag of the left concept in the West; this is funny for me. For example, in Turkey liberal means that the democrat who walks with the capitalism. Left parties are not mentioned in here as liberal. Does not explain the situation already that the heirs of left idea are the liberals in west. Two and two is four. The leftist shouldn’t fed from the capitalist system. This is a chaos of confusion.

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      • Exactly. We have a political party, the New Democratic Party, or NDP, that was founded on socialist principals. Now, however, they have completely abandoned those principals and are just another capitalist party. It’s sad, because one of the founding members of the party, Tommy Douglas, was voted as the greatest Canadian. He was a champion of the working class and it is thanks to him that Canada has universal health care, which, by the way, our current politicians are doing everything they can to destroy.

        An interesting piece of trivia about Tommy Douglas, He is the grandfather of the actor Kiefer Sutherland, but don’t hold that against poor old Tommy, rest his soul 😉

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      • I do not know the left situation in Canada. But the event you told is interesting:) However, would the working class in entire world wants to same thing? And, the working class is real basic? If the west and east working class are separated in basic demands, this would create the paradox, wouldn’t it?

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      • I guess they would cancel each other out and there would be no working class left in the world 😉

        But as for the left situation in Canada, there is none. We have three main political parties and they are all guided by capitalist ideology

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      • “But as for the left situation in Canada, there is none.” You made me laugh. You say these words so calm, hhaha.

        And in these days I am in a mess-up, confusion and divide into pieces in as mental and physical situation. And thanks for your existing on this planet my dear Earthling friend:)

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  2. The west thinks they liberate people all the time. This is precisely the same overused narrative that keeps the western public complacent with the war crimes our governments commit, all in the name of freeing oppressed peoples-that we oppressed. Unfortunately, as long as people are dumb enough or ignorant enough to believe this, this will continue to happen

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    • Because of these believers are on the west, the west needs to develop in idea area. But due to they see themselves as advanced, they will not do anything about this. And you are right, this will continue to happen.

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