Planet Earth news of the year 2192

These news were taken by Galactic News Agency in the year of 2192. WD was very insist about to learn what will happen at next on planet Earth. And, I’ve wanted to come true of WD’s request:)

Greece: The echo of the unsuccessful 15th socialist revolution in Greece, is still continuing. The reading of the names of the nine left-wing party leader who emerged after Tsipras, were not similar with an old revolutionary name; and this situation had been disappointed. Reading the name of the new leader of the left is to be similar with a famous fascist leader, has created a complete chaos. The professor of Earth Revolution, who spoke on the cause of the failure, has made the following statement: “If we look at last hundred years, the last nine leaders were not so bad. However, I don’t think much of him, the 10th one. Even that man’s mustache tells us a lot. Socialist revolution can not be done with this mustache.” According to result of the survey, which was made after this great and effective explanation; the %93 of Earth population is agree with the professor.

United States: China gave a helping hand to United States that has lived for the last 40 years with the hunger, which has emerged with the result of the destruction of agricultural land and the collapse of the food industry. However, when US has discovered that food aid packages, which were sent to America from China were imitation foods, US officials got angry. Chinese officials have said that they do not have any responsibility herein. They added; “This could be a game, we sent those over Japan and you should ask to the Japanese officials.” It could not be reached yet to Japanese officials. As it is known, after the last earthquake happened with nuclear explosion 55 years ago, there wasn’t Japan Island no longer. Japanese government officials had begun to live at the base of the moon. However, US officials are still cautious. Aside from the absence of the Japan Island, they’ve announced that they would make application to the United Nations because of to learn why Chinese Aid Minister laughed while he made this statement. But the United Nations said that they will able to discuss this file after 15 years, due to they do have 1 million “Complaints about teasing of the statesmen,” currently.

Iran: Iran Minister of Related to Nuclear Missiles Issues has announced that “Iran doesn’t have nuclear missile with battery operated”. All planet is confused.

France: In France, 15 billion articles, which have been written about “What’s witty remarks, what is not?” removed to the state archives. A government official has announced that all cases were abortive trial so far, because of they haven’t clarifed still what witty is. Let’s recall some incomplete cases:

-The anecdotes with begin “One day, Jesus, Moses and Mohammed, went to a bar”.

-The advertisements with starting: “Effective cleaning with the latest technology for whites or blacks”, and etc.

-The jokes about circumcision of Moses and Mohammed.

Saudi Arabia: The association management, which was created by Saudi Arabia and the gulf countries made a new decision. They said that they were with together all the oppressed people all around the world. In today, 40 years after the end of oil reserves on the planet, they said that they have opened a fresh page in the leadership of democracy. The authority has added: “This case is nothing related with that our countries are the world’s poorest countries anymore.”

Turkey: An official from Turkey said that they taken significant steps towards democracy, after they lived 8 Islamist, 12 military and 15 civilian coup for last 200 years. After the last 15 years passed in the silence, the bets are being made on about who will make a coup. The majority is thinking that a new civilian coup will recently occur due to the number of those, who are waiting Islamist coup to be quite low compared to the others, who are waiting military coup. The Earth Coup Professor, who spoke at a program on television, has made the following statement. “I would like to say that before the bets closing. We should not believe the statistics too much. The recent data had told us 15 years ago that the military coup will happen. But, the civilian coup was. I put my bet on civilian coup.”

England: Coming out from Buckingham of Elizabeth II, who will celebrate 103rd birthday again this year, is not expected. The subject of her first 103rd birthday has been 173 years ago, is still being discussed in her last 103rd birthday. Experts are agree that she is on another planet for 173 years. However, if she is not in this planet is heard, England, which is collapsed as the economical, will never again recover. 69 years ego, after Scotland left the UK and immediately disintegration process, England had broken into parts. Even London had wanted independence, if you remember. That’s why more than a few centuries, Elizabeth II’s birthday celebration will be in the news.

Russia and Germany: Russia and Germany have decided to not make “Which one is more powerful animal; Bear or Eagle?”contest in this year. At the moment according to those, who are the backstage, “Vodka or Beer; which one is better?”contest can made again, after 10 years later. Due to the Earth arm industry completely fade away and there is no longer any possibility of an armed war, the countries on planet Earth has tend towards to this type of entertainment. Of course, some people are getting injured or die in these contests. For example 65,000 people lost their lives 10 years ago, at “Vodka or Beer; which one is better?”contest. Of course, this is not a great lost for a population of 30 billion planets.

Canada: In the aftermath of the global warming, Canadians gave up expectations of the possibility of that the most fertile lands will be in Canada, on planet. Canadians, who are wishing to seek asylum to African countries says that Canada has become more uninhabitable as Venice, after this great deception. The one authorized of United African Countries say that they will not accept it because they have the best soil fertility on the Earth. And the authorized added: “If Europeans pay their debts to Africa, we’ll think about it.”

India: Due to India was the first country, which has established first and last successful colony on Mars, you know, almost all of India lives on Mars. We will receive our news from Mars agency about them. Yes, Mars reporter, you are on live, you can speak:

“In here, Martians and the Indians are starting to build new cinema center. They are trying to decide about giving a name of this place “Mar-Ind-wood”. But, because of there is no correspond of “wood”word in the Martians languages, it could not still get full result. I will transmit new developments.”