“UFO attack to Turkey”: In another means “Trolling the whole world by the people of Turkey on twitter”

In the early hours of today, a hashtag was opened on twitter. Hashtag “UFOattacktoTurkey”. In about an hour, this twitter hashtag rised to number one in the world trend. Within a couple of hours, many twitter users around the world have supposed this news was true. But in fact, it was only a few Turks planned movement that has trolled the world.

The group in the background of the event is a group from Turkey which is called “goygoyrail” -goygoy means kind of chatty-. Before today, the group had already announced on their social account that it will do it. They said that shortly: “Without insulting anyone, we will pretend to see UFOs in every city, and we will send tweets on this subject. And we will troll the whole world.”

Certainly they have been successful. They have been number 1 on the twitter trend all over the world in a couple hours. In Turkey, this subject has been taken as humor and entertainment, however it seems that a lot of people on planet Earth have taken it seriously. Here are a few tweet examples from Turkey:

In English: LATEST NEWS: The aliens who have heard the opportunities given to the Syrians have applied to become citizens of Turkey.

In English: Theeyyy try to do it with UFO’s that they could not make weapons at coup attempt on July 15th . Hey aliens what do you think you are!

In English: The aliens who saw the people of Turkey

In English: They say that aliens are attacking; don’t ruffle me temper, I would send 5 million refugees to the space.

In English: If we don’t find anyone to fight, we would fight with aliens, Turks are warrior nation:)

In English: Ooo great! We saw the 1 US dollar has been 3,40 Turkish liras, we saw AKP, we saw coup attempt, and now UFO’s? What kind of generation what we live in!

Upper one is from: Antalya, Muratpasha municipality official twitter account,

In English: While there is Antalya like heaven, aliens what are you doing in Istanbul? Antalya coordinates; 36°54`01″N, 30°47`34″E, when you come, tweet it

-Below one is from CHP (main opposition party)deputy Aykut Erdogdu

In English: I think we’re going through national insanity … We’ve went mad all together … Good night to all of you ….

In English: If aliens invade Turkey, Azerbaijan people are ready to help to the Turkey


And some of them except Turkey think that this is true news and it is being cencored:

#ufoattacktoturkey trending around the world and #twitter is #censoring

#ufoattacktoturkey was trending globally on twitter, now it’s censored. there are reports of similar lights from texas, denver and the uk.


As a result, I agree with CHP deputy Aykut Erdogdu as partial. It seems that the people of Turkey are going through national insanity. But into these insane situations of the world, it probably may be to try protecting mental health with this way, in funniest way, haha!

9 thoughts on ““UFO attack to Turkey”: In another means “Trolling the whole world by the people of Turkey on twitter”

  1. This was the general attack you’re talking about last week? However, i didn’t expect you to come back to earth this way Migo ans so soon!

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  2. To tell the truth, it’s kind of disappointing that it isn’t true. Sometimes I feel like only a higher power could save mankind from itself, be it a god or beings of your nature, Migo. Oh, but that’s right, beings of your nature already abound. A few more is all we need, and we can turn this ‘thing’ around. May the invasion continue!

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  3. This is so funny! I appreciate the Turkish people’s sense of humor 🙂 I think it’s definitely one of the best ways to deal with the problems a country has–with jokes. As long as people stay smiling, it keeps a country’s morale up even if it’s by alittle bit.

    Seeing aliens for real would be quite exciting though, I would love to see if there was life on other planets 🙂

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    • “As long as people stay smiling, it keeps a country’s morale up even if it’s by a little bit.” Yes, you definitely right dear Ars! Also you say that “Seeing aliens for real would be quite exciting though…” But, for remaining our mystery, and keeping alive the people’s curiosity about us we are not being seen around. 🙂

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  4. It reminds me of Orson Welles’ radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds in 1938. Many Americans thought the USA was really under attack from UFOs even though it was just a fictional radio show 🙂 Many people panicked. Thank you, Migo, for this interesting story! –Paul

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