Longing for the Soviet Union

New research: The longing for the Soviet Union in the former Soviet countries is rising

According to a new research, unhappiness in former socialist countries and longing for the Soviet Union are rising.

According to a new study by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), while the dissatisfaction of people in their lives in the former Soviet countries is rising, the longing for the Soviet Union is also growing rapidly. The research from Estonia to Mongolia in 51 countries in 34 countries reveals striking results.

More than 50% of those surveyed think that their lives will improve if they return to a communist system. Only 15% of the Russians think that their lives improved after the Soviet Union’s dissolution. This ratio was around 30% in 2010. Only 9% of participants say that their financial situation has been positive in the last four years.

Another feature part of the study is the way the EBRD interprets of the datas.

EBRD interprets people’s longing for the Soviet Union as a desire to return to “an authoritarian system” or “the control economy” by reading the results of the research from the angle of “democracy or authoritarian system”. According to the EBRD, people are still hesitant about “open system, democracy and free market economy” despite the time spent there.

EBRD chief economist Sergey Guriyev says that “people could not see the benefits of passing to the free market from the control economy”. Guriyev says that the most important factor in this issue is the people lose their jobs or the risk of losing their jobs and he continues:

“If the society does not see the benefits of reforms, then ultimately these reforms will fail. At the moment, the vast majority of people in our countries prefer authoritarian rule instead of democracy. In Germany, 80% is in favor of democracy… This leads to huge, very big questions: What was the wrong and what should be done?”

Anyway, majority doesn’t care already who lives in poverty  circumstances and who are exploited by capitalism. The majority of the human beings, hey, never mind! Hymn is beatiful, isn’t it? Already my opinion, the Hymn of the USSR,  1977 version is the best hymn ever. 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Longing for the Soviet Union

  1. I understand their disgust with capitalism. But I don’t understand why people want to be ruled over instead of being free individuals. It’s just childish and irresponsible: “Mommy and Daddy state, please take care of us!”

    I am on the wrong planet, my friend! This is like me saying, Oh I want King George the III back.

    Don’t get it! Never will! I see little hope for humanity!

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    • The problem is already capitalism. They are the same people who cover up of only %1 taking advantage of capitalism by linking the matter to a form of management. This leads to ask the questions like “do you want to capitalism, or instead of it “bad(!)” communism?” every time. The following perception are constantly created on people: “If you do not like capitalism, you want an authoritarian regime definitely”. There is no such a thing. Those who are resume the perceive management against this are already elites.

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      • It isn’t about communism is bad, and capitalism is good, or the other way around, my friend.

        It is about statism, a tiny minority of psychotics ruling over the majority in the form of government, no matter what the government type might be.

        I hate capitalism, and could care less about any other ism! But I hate statism worse! And statism is what all of us are suffering from.

        Men and women are not capable of handling the power that comes with being in charge of large governments, large isms: “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”

        The USSR was far from perfect for the people who had to survive under it. I have known some. Is capitalism worse at the moment? YES!!!! But if it were the USSR, in charge at the moment, it would be the same.

        We (humanity) need to find a new way to govern ourselves that doesn’t require a hierarchy of power. Power needs to flow from the people up, not from the top down!

        This is what I believe, my friend, and it is because of 67 years of seeing all this bullshit go down, and nothing ever changing for the better.

        Small, self-governing/sustaining communities, by the millions, and death to the state!

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    • You have a lot to learn about what communism is really about. You’ve been brainwashed against it, but have you even tried to get the other side of the story? Have you even started with reading the Communist Manifesto?

      The rich aren’t embarrassed to allow their capitalist state to meet their needs, why should we be ashamed to take state power and use it to fulfill our needs.

      And there is no such thing as direct democracy, it wouldn’t last two minutes. There is always someone in charge, why not let the Communist Party take that power and represent the mass of people, instead of capitalist parties representing just the rich?

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      • Even if we do not basically agree with people on the same idea, we should not be prejudiced. The questions you asked in here seem to be written in a very exciting and prejudiced sytle.

        Even if we do not unite on the basis of an idea with them, to use such as the phrases “You’ve been brainwashed against it” without knowing these people, will not lead us to the right place.

        “sojourner”, which is he is “dear Earthling friend” for mine; he is one of the valuable people I know on the planet Earth, and I always consider “to be met him” is a chance.

        This human kind planet is not black and white. People can divide this world in two very sharp lines easily, like black and white. But there are other colors in this world. If the person I know, so he is “sojourner”, who has got anarchist and the younger soul (he is more determined and fighter than many young people) and is against capitalist elites and corrupt system,

        it would have been a great loss for me if I had given up to know “sojourner”, because he preferred an another color.

        Like great poet Nazim Hikmet said:

        “To live! Like a tree alone and free
        Like a forest in brotherhood”

        Without knowing people, we shouldn’t use judgmental sentences. There are ways of living unifying and brotherly on this planet. If we fall into this dividing mistake, it means that we are already in the position that the capitalist-elites want.

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      • If you read my comment, it reveals my position on this entire issue. PERIOD!!

        I despise the state of any kind. And I have no need to learn anything! Comprende!

        If you choose to worship at the alter of state, then do so. But please, don’t preach to me. You sound like a Christian fundamentalist!



      • I apologize for my first response here. I completely overreacted.

        Let’s just say that we see things differently, and let it go at that.

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      • The world is now quite stress for all ordinary people. The first steps can sometimes be taken under this stress. I hope that we can reach a planet where different discourses can be directed towards a common goal.

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  2. Thank you, my friend! I appreciate you and your friendship more than you can know. But I completely overreacted! This was my fault!

    Your words touch me, and I could not agree more. More than anything else, my hatred of the state is centered on its divisive ways of conquering humanity. Like you, I desire a united humanity, because before we are anything else, we are all human beings, and therefore, we are all connected, we are all family, no matter our political or religious beliefs.

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    • “Like you, I desire a united humanity, because before we are anything else, we are all human beings, and therefore, we are all connected, we are all family, no matter our political or religious beliefs.” I agree with you! However, we can add to your words “all humans and extraterrestrials” and “religious and non-religious”. 🙂

      And thank you for your friendship too! We are all in same ship, this is the only important matter. But WD says to me right now: “Migo, you know only your spaceship; what ship you are talking about!”

      Yes, WD is bored this winter.:)

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    • No problem, Sojourner. I am also sorry for my hostile tone. With all due respect however, I think it is possible that some of your judgements are based on false information (propaganda) that has been spread about communism and the USSR in particular. For example, I agree that the state is not the most just way to organize a society, but did you know that there was no homelessness in the Soviet Union and that healthcare and education were free? I also have spoken with people who grew up during Soviet times and most of them seem to really miss what they had.

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      • Thank you for your comment and apology!

        But I guess I don’t understand why you think I’m singling out Russia, when I slam statism?

        If anything , the vast majority of my posts deal with the hell capitalism and western imperialism have caused in the world.

        And yes, I am aware that people are cared for better in Russia, and that most Russians despise what has taken place since the USSR.

        I also admired Castro, and when he died, I know I posted a few articles about how he had taken care of his people after he drove the US out.

        Believe me, I do not buy into the propaganda of the state I exist under,and so I’m not sure why you have come to this conclusion. Take a few months, if you choose, and read several of my posts on issues, and you will find that I lean heavily towards anarchism.

        But as far as Russia goes, Putin has held strong. And I hope he continues to do so.

        But in the end, human beings in power, controlling massive government, will sooner or later, become despots. And history is my witness.

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      • Castro wasn’t a despot. Stalin wasn’t a despot despite the many, many lies told about him. We need some tough hombres, though, to wield power to elevate the working class while ruthlessly crushing its enemies. Power is neither good nor bad on its own – it depends on what you do with it. I don’t believe that power necessarily corrupts everyone. It was an aristocrat who made that silly statement. I’m sorry, but I really hate that trite saying about power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

        Most anarchists seem united in their hatred of the Soviet Union which they characterize as equal to or worse than the US. As long as you agree that there was no equivalence between the USSR and the US then I think we can get along okay.

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      • I have noted, as well, that some anarchists seem to be very anti-Russian. I do not hold to their views on Russia.

        And no, power, like many other things, is not evil in itself. But I feel as if most human beings are not capable of handling great power, great wealth. But that is simply an opinion based on my experience.

        And just so you understand, I am not claiming to be an anarchist, but I am definitely leaning in that direction.

        But I can definitely tell you this, I am no lover of this government or capitalism!

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