Once more again rising extreme nationalism and fascism in Europe

I’ve always dreamed of a world and a universe in this way. A world that all people and all living creatures in the universe can live together in peace..

Is this possible? Yes, it is possible. But how long can it be done, it’s entirely in the hands of human beings. I’ve wanted to write this article for a long time ago. I think it has been better in these days especially just after the 100th anniversary of end of World War I; the days which the reasons of the start of the war are repeated, but still the days that the people paper over the realities. Because economic conditions are worsening, and Europeans are more likely to embrace racism, fascism and extreme nationalism. Three days ago, what happened in Poland on anniversary of independence day is the best example.

Slogans against communists, Muslims and Jews in Poland

When the demonstration will be organized by fascist groups for the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence in 1918 was banned, it was turned into a “government program”. Fascists and racist groups participated in the demonstrations in Warsaw with the participation of President Andrzej Duda. Last year, 60 thousand people attended to Independence Day’s demonstrations, in this year the participation has been about 250 thousand people. At the action, which turned into a show of extreme right and fascists, was shouted against communists, Jews and Muslims.

In the action that the police builded wall against the people who protested against the fascist demonstrators, the fascist groups shouted slogans such as “Islam is the enemy of Europe”, “Delete Islam”, “Our way is nationalism”, “greedy Jewish”, “Communists will be hung in the trees instead of leaves”.

Poland’s right-wing president Andrzej Duda told a crowd at the start of the demonstration in Warsaw yesterday. “We are walking under a white-red flag with a welcome to commemorate those who fought for Poland and the independence and sovereignty of the country,” he said. Former Prime Minister of Poland and President of the European Union (EU) Council Donald Tusk also participated in the action.

The situation for the discreet and rational Poles seems really bad. In particular, there is a large community that has never taken any lessons from history in Poland. For example, didn’t the Polish fascists ever watch this movie?

Hatred, Wołyń/Volhynia is one of the most horrible films I have watched in my life on this planet. Even to watch any good horror movie isn’t that effective like this movie. It is the best example of what fascists done and what fascists can capable of. The massacres of Poles in Volhynia by faschist, which co-operated with Nazis, how the massacre was organized within the churches, even how the children were slaughtered, and how the fascists got pleasure(!) pervertedly, even how the Polish poet Zygmunt Jan Rumel was killed brutally, and many others are described in this film. And in 2018, the fascist groups in Poland argue that the solution is again fascism. This must be a tragicomic joke!

But it is not. What happened at the 100th year demonstration in Poland is not a joke, unfortunately. People can be hostile to their neighbours they have been living together for years, or to those who come with the hope of life from outside to their land. Since the planet earth has been experiencing a new kind of migration of tribes (more last 15 years), it seems that extreme rightism and fascism will continue to increase, especially since the European continent was home to these new kind of migration of tribes. The hope that people will live in peace remains to another century again.

I had thought a long time ago, “what was the most important thing that would make people’s lives together in peace?” In fact, for this, to answer to this question was needed first: “What led human societies to fight and war? The ambition of wealth, greed or interests?” When we write these and similar reasons one by one, economic dynamics emerge. As a result of the community leaders and their relationship with the money-power centers which these leaders are somehow connected, when the economic situation in society worsens, these leaders can somehow drag the society into a war. In fact, the reason of why the economy is not reflected equally in people’s lives is these mismanagement and money-power centers, but despite this, societies can erase the reasons/facts and fight against the different groups in the same society or the people of the other countries.

There are, of course, many reasons of why they erased these facts. At first, there are a sense of belonging and self-identification. How? If a person does not endeavor to develop own level of personal learning (with or without school), when he/she finds him/herself in any economic dilemma, he finds himself among those whom he can act together with depending on the same religion or the same nationality (sometimes it can be the same race). Because he feels that he belongs in these groups. After all, when these groups gather, they don’t ask him what book he’s read yesterday. The only important point is that the same nationality and the same sense of religion are intense and unifying. The unification of the same nationality and the phenomenon of the same religion gives that person the power to relax him/herself.

Because in real, he is powerless and weak

Let’s say he has a job and he’s going to work everyday. The salary at work does not increase, but economic conditions are not good in the country. He sees that people who have not got the same religion with him and are not the same nationality, work with the same or less salary. He wants to create a resistance against them. As a result, he sees the land he lives on as the primary right of the people in his nationality and the same religion. With the time the people from different nationalities and religions become enemies for him. Who knows how many nights he became sleepless by thinking “where these guys came to my country, damn them!”. And again the next day after the sleepless night, how many times he thought, “These guys must get out of my country.”

The same example is more intense in one who is unemployed. Seeing that every door that has closed his face when he seeks a job, seeing every employer who is hiring a person from another nationality or religion with less salary, his sleepless nights are rising. The only trump in their hands in both examples is that they think that the real right of that land is the people of own nationality and religion.

This will feel true at first sight to every person. Because if the entire family of a person has lived in that land for centuries, if they have paid the taxes, if he has endured that distress with all the people on the land in any difficult time, then the genetic coding is activated and it would be created the right to think that he is the first owner of this land. People belonging to another religion and nationality who come to his country from outside reach the usurper condition. So they are chosen as enemies from first-hand.

To see the people of different nations or the people who depending on a different thought or religion as enemy

This is the easiest way. It is easiest to think that the outsiders, or the different elements among the people, they always encroach on the rights. He does not think why these people came to his country, and more importantly, he does not think about his own country’s rulers(probably the majority has always voted for them) have taken actions that would harm to those people, even his country bombarded their country.

If we speak on Poland,(from wiki page)

The Multi-National Force – Iraq (MNF–I), often referred to as the coalition forces, was a military command during the 2003 invasion of Iraq and much of the ensuing Iraq War, led by the United States of America (Operation Iraqi Freedom), United Kingdom (Operation TELIC), Australia, Spain and Poland, responsible for conducting and handling military operations. (2003-2011)

After 2011, at 2014 in this time, Poland has been one of the 77 countries in the coalition led by the US.

And one of the most famous movements of this coalition army is to hit civilians constantly in Syria!

The coalition has publicly admitted to causing 892 civilian deaths since the began anti-ISIL operation in 2014.

Monitoring group Airwars says the number of civilian deaths acknowledged by the coalition is well below the true toll of the bombing campaign, estimating that at least 6,259 non-combatants have lost their lives.

The latest news on November 9, was the same again,

US-Led Coalition Strikes Kill 26 Civilians in Eastern Syria – Reports

In short, because of the groups that extremist right-wing Poles felt belonging, in some countries people are dying, war is going on, people are becoming homeless. And when these people have to flee and become refugee, the far-right Poles and their leaders see them as enemies. It is really interesting!

An far-right-wing Pole who knows that his country is bombing these countries, does not think about it even if he knows this fact. Because that’s the hard part. And choosing that side will drive him away from the nationality and religion that he feels to belong. But he wants to belong. That’s what defines his identity; his religion and nationality. He cannot accept that the people of other countries have come to his own land because of the crimes committed by the rulers he has voted. His acceptance is not possible. Because he falls into emptiness when he accepts. This emptiness destroys his emotion and thought on retrieval.

The thing to be retrieved actually is the sense of justice

So in fact, the answer of first question I asked “What led human societies to fight and war?” is the lack of sense of justice.

People want justice essentially. If there is a life in fair conditions, if they live with equal sharing under equal social rights, then the sense of justice will be in safe. When this feeling is in safe, the people in their own society or other nationality or religion will not bother him. Because they will know that everyone lives on an equal conditions and each individual is taking his/her right; neither more nor less.

If the states and state administrators can provide justice, the people of that country can live in peace. The best sentence on this subject, I think, was told by Caliph Ali in history. He said that about this: “The religion of the state is the justice.” I know it’s interesting that I’ve put the words of a caliph in here as an atheist extraterrestrial, my dear earthling friends. But this sentence is really good, is not it?.;)

After all, if the elected rulers are not fair in the public, if the people cannot benefit from the rights equally, then the main responsible are the rulers. However, nationalism and religion are such a sharp sword in the hands of fascism that you cannot see even the reflection of the sword on the parts that it cut. Because it leaves nothing. It’s the same as it happened before, and it seems that it will happen again.

What are the limits and dimensions of rising fascism in Europe

In the case of France,


We see the development of Ms Le Pen and right-wing National Front like that. Le Pen is right-wing, but Macron is really opponent of her? It’s so funny to say that he is not right-wing for someone who says these words.

“President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday it was “legitimate” to pay tribute to Marshal Philippe Petain, who led the French army to victory in World War One’s Battle of Verdun but decades later collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War Two.” (6 Nov. 2018)

Is Macron ignorant? Although his words did not have a side to be defended, immediately defended his words by the government. He did not take steps backward either. As it turns out, the fact that he joined the socialist party at the age of 24 did not create any development for him.

The map in the news of BBC in September 10, 2018, under the title “Europe and nationalism: A country-by-country guide” draws the attention.


While the rise of nationalism in the countries in the middle and south of the map depends on the fact that more refugees are in these countries, economic conditions are predominant. Well, in the north, why the nationalism is rising by 17% -18% in Sweden and Finland? The economic conditions of those living in these countries are much better than in the southern European countries. I wonder, could it be some of the Swedish or Finns decided to try nationalism as a new taste because of they were so bored, haha! Kidding aside, I don’t think so.

About a year ago I came across a video on youtube.

It was an interview with actor Gustaf Skarsgård, the actor of Floki’s role in Vikings TV series. (Okay, okay I confess, I did not find this video by chance. I’m watching Vikings TV series, and I was wondering what would happen in the new season. We, the extraterrestrials like to get spoilers, haha!) At the beginning of video, the interviewer asks questions about Vikings. As understood from the interview, the interviewer is Norwegian origin person and I guess he lives in America. The part that attracts my attention starts at 2:48 seconds of the video. During the conversation, the interviewer says that a Norwegian singer said “Norwegians are prude and stupit”. And he asks to Gustaf Skarsgård:“You are standing up for Norwegians here?” And Skarsgard answer is very natural. Like that:

“No, I am just standing up for, for, for, for humans in general. I don’t care that much about nationality.”

Yes, he says “for” four times. I think he thinks in the same time and even Skarsgard sounds like stuttering. It’s like there’s nothing he can do. His brain cells were probably shocked by the question. He is a very good player, and as well as being a good player, he obviously has improved himself. He is capable of a being universal actor. (Not yet, because Galactic Council Universal Art Administration, Human-made Visual and Performing Arts Department, did not take Vikings usage right yet; when they take, he can be universal.;))

If you are a person like Gustaf Skarsgard, that is, language, religion, color and race are not important for you, you can confuse in front of such a question with a momentary pause. But the interviewer goes on and says:

“Scandinavians, we have to stick together too you know.”

Apparently the interviewer is insistent. Somehow he wants to establish a bond by referring to more general population, he points to all Scandinavians. I don’t know why he’s doing this. Have the Scandinavians ever been exposed to racism in anywhere on the planet? Are they an oppressed race? For them, “Scandinavians and dogs cannot enter” on the doors of restaurants was written? Did the other people search for Scandinavians door by door for burning or killing/hanging them in history? Was any banner hold such as “get the hell out of my country” by pointed to Scandinavians in any country? Is there something the world doesn’t know about, but only the Scandinavians have quietly endured and this interviewer knew? Why this interviewer was wanting to create a Scandinavian union like the power of Voltron? I’m confused. Gustaf Skarsgard seems to be confused too; this should be caught unawares. At first, Skarsgard says yeah, but he come to himself with a smile: “Yeah,… Europeans… and the members of the planet and all.”

Most likely, after Skarsgard’s first “yeah” response, during the milliseconds it has been transferring in his brain like that: “What I am saying! Why only Scandinavians? No, all Europeans. No no, why only the Europeans! All members of the planet, yes, we must all stand together.”; like every rightminded and humanist human being. This was reflected in his words. (PS: Even though WD has understood his words as unite against extraterrestrials, I do not agree with him.:))

After all, this very short moment and detail in this video had led me to think a year ago. I’ve always thought that northern Europeans are less nationalistic and more inclusive societies. Of course, I had information about the period when some Norwegian collaborated with the Nazis. Like some informations as described in this article: The Dark Sides of Norwegian History

I even don’t mention about what happened to Lebensborn children especially in Norway.

Or again, when we look at history, we know that a group in Sweden has united with the Nazis. Or what happened to the Indigenous people of Northern Europe, Saami / Sami people (In Turkish and Russian, they called as Lapon people and their land is Lapponia) who are lesser known among the indigenous communities in the world? If you look at what is told in this film, no good things have happened to Sami people in Sweden.

I knew these facts, but I still was thinking that Scandinavians could always be less nationalistic and even less racist in Europe. I think mine was a stereotyped idea about Scandinavians.

While the economic conditions in the Scandinavian countries are better than many European countries, where this mentality comes from? And according to bbc’s article, nationalist parties are almost effective in one-fifth of the population of these countries. I found an interview-article about it. The title and link is in here: “Why is the far-right on the rise in Scandinavia?

When you read it, even though it was two years ago, you can observe some things. There are some comments under this article. And I think the most remarkable comment is following:
“Because the left has abandoned their own people and jeopardized the safety of citizens with reckless illegal immigration policies. The left deserves its fate and I truly hope their only way is OUT.”

In other words, when left-leaning people lose their sense of security in their own country, they question the decisions of a leftist administration. For example, the article says “Sweden by alone received more than 160,000 asylum seekers in 2015, more than any other EU state” This looks good from the outside. So, it means that among countries that bombed Syria, at least Sweden accepts own responsibility. But if the arriving refugees create a security threat, it is still up to the laws that the government will implement. However, in order to put pressure on government decisions, I do not understand the logic of moving from left-wing to right-wing. Does it mean they tried all the ways and decided to be the rightist when they could not find any solution? I do not think so. It’s the easy part, and it’s nothing but to take the easy way out.

When talking about rising fascism, it is not possible not to pass over Ukraine. After all, this beautiful country is now almost becoming synonymous with fascism. In Ukraine, fascism is even bigger. Even children are now trained in Ukrainian nationalist camps. Details and videos of AP news dated 12.11.2018: Training kids to kill at Ukrainian nationalist camp

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — The campers, some clad in combat fatigues, carefully aim their assault rifles. Their instructor offers advice: Don’t think of your target as a human being.

So when these boys and girls shoot, they will shoot to kill.

Most are in their teens, but some are as young as 8 years old. They are at a summer camp created by one of Ukraine’s radical nationalist groups, hidden in a forest in the west of the country, that was visited by The Associated Press. The camp has two purposes: to train children to defend their country from Russians and their sympathizers — and to spread nationalist ideology.

“We never aim guns at people,” instructor Yuri “Chornota” Cherkashin tells them. “But we don’t count separatists, little green men, occupiers from Moscow, as people. So we can and should aim at them.”

I think we will write more and more articles about this and we will read the news. Of course, there is no cure for extreme nationalism, you can’t cure people by giving a medicine. But with justice, education and equal conditions, you can save people from extreme nationalism and fascism. Of course, in order to do this, the public needs to act in an organized manner.

In my case, the situation is worse. We already had a limited number of countries that we can visit on the planet. For example, we, the extraterrestrials can never go to US, because since Roswell, we are all considered as the experimental object at there. We can’t go to Japan either; even if Japanese people look polite and rational, they have interesting thought structures, and we have our suspicion and fear that they will make us test subject. As a communist and atheist alien, we cannot go to Ukraine, for example. Ukrainian man says clearly that you have read above, “we can and should aim .. little green men …” The fascists in Poland want to use communists instead of leaves in the trees; you have read also this upper lines. There are many other countries in the list, but these are the first. For us, the first ages of humanity were unique times to visit the planet earth. The human race was not so intensely spread into the continents. The ones, Homo Sapiens who started to be exist, were engaged in the slaughter to the Neanderthals and wiping them off the planet. Already in the rest of their times they were living in the caves by painting and they were trying to make human babies. So it was the best time for us. But not now. And unfortunately, much worse future is waiting for both us and common sense people.


27 thoughts on “Once more again rising extreme nationalism and fascism in Europe

  1. You wrote,

    “However, nationalism and religion are such a sharp sword in the hands of fascism that you cannot see even the reflection of the sword on the parts that it cut. Because it leaves nothing. It’s the same as it happened before, and it seems that it will happen again.”

    Fascism is just a symptom of a much more virulent disease: politically/religiously/economically organized and completely divided humanity.

    As you know, my friend, the worldwide religious/political/economic powers that be want the rest of us divided and at war with each other, so they can quickly, and as effectively as possible, exterminate the vast majority of us. Nationalism, patriotism, racism, sexism and religious and political dogma (of all varieties), keep all of us divided and at war with each other continually: “I alone have the way” is the cry of the religious hierophant and political ideologue. When in fact, none of us, nor our religious/political/economic dogma, have the answers to our immense problems; for if they did, we would not be stuck in this current state of hell on earth: “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls, and echo the sound of silence” You want truth, then stop looking to the political ideologies and religious dogma. They don’t work, they are a manipulation, period! And history is my witness.

    Until the rule of law, worldwide, becomes this: “live and let live”, which means not forcing our political/religious/economic dogma on each other, this hell on earth will only continue to worsen. But of course, this would never happen, and for the reasons you have pointed out here.

    There is no solution, no savior, coming to deliver us, whether that savior be a religious or political/economic one! Humanity is doomed, my friend. It always has been: “The dye is cast, the writing is on the wall.” We just don’t want to face the sad, horrific truth!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you this detailed and good comment, my dear earthling friend!

      Already any verse, any dogma, or any frozen and petrified rule or practice should not be a heritage of the humanity! Blindly acceptance of the ideas that human beings can take a step forward, does not bring bright future for next generations. Every generation must find the new ideas, and they need it to put on the old but can be improved ones, even they need to change these ones sometimes. If people do not build new ideas, it always takes humans back. Which is, this is what happened especially last centuries.

      For example, I have the idea of Marxism. (Is there anyone still doesn’t know this:)) I know that in essence Marxism can be use for the goodness of all human beings. But the bad rulers who used Marxism in the different names for their interest in last century, and the high black propagandas against this idea on world wide, and the rising capitalism, and other many things, Marxism is not be in a place that it can be used. We cannot throw away any healthy research that has been on this idea for decades. For humanity, Marxism draws a fundamental architecture, where equality can be ensured in every subject, from justice, to health, to education and everything. And Marxism says, in fact, “you can build a brilliant tower on top of this architecture above the clouds, but you can also make a hut.” If humanity until this day, put aside even making the hut, if it has been trying to destroy this architecture from its foundations, what is the crime of Marxism in here?

      For example, there is the biggest threat waiting for the humanity, especially for laborers in the next century. This threat is a very large scale robot technology that extends to AI-structured factories, work places and even agricultural areas in large scale. Who has a solution, or who has the base enough to produce a solution? Nobody has. But Marxism has the basis for producing solutions. The important thing is to develop new ideas on Marxism by seeing and evaluating this suitably to age.

      Of course, in the year of 2380, anyone will not be able to prevent the robots’ revolution; but this is another issue, for now let’s we save just next 3 centuries, haha!

      Liked by 3 people

      • Yes, I agree. Marx and others have offered up ideas on how to fix this age old curse, but the masses continue to buy in to the lies and agendas of the inbred elite powers that be, the very creatures who are seeking our destruction.

        And you are so right, my friend, what is facing the largest portion of humanity (“workers/laborers”) in the near future, is AI, which will put an immediate end to the ‘working class’ (what little is left), since all the jobs will be done by AI.

        I read an article the other day, and it said that humanity must change, from being asleep and sheep-like to being awake, conscious and aware, before anything good can ever truly come in this world. And I agree with this conclusion.

        No political ideology, no matter how well intentioned/good it may be, will fix a humanity that is fast asleep and sheep-like.

        It is humanity that must save humanity, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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      • “I read an article the other day, and it said that humanity must change, from being asleep and sheep-like to being awake, conscious and aware, before anything good can ever truly come in this world. And I agree with this conclusion.”

        I agree with it too! And it must change!

        If there is a light and humanity wants to reach this light, it must overcome all obstacles and stand up against all tyrants, all capitalists! There is this power in humanity. I believe in this! History is light as well as it is dark. The man who created both. I’m not desperate, I’ve never been, and I’ll never be!

        (Yes I know, it was kind of speech, because as you can guess dear Dave, I’m drinking right now and there’s this song in the background I am listening; all the winds are now next to me, I can fly soon, haha!)

        By the way, I put my bet on robots against human beings.:))

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      • It may be not disconcerting, my earthling friend. 😉 By the way, the link you added was broken. I have found the page on your blog with my super cool extraterrestrial skills, and edited. 😎

        Liked by 1 person

      • I have checked. The link is definitely the following:

        If you have some good ideas on how to turn citizens from being biophobic to biophilic, please kindly let me know in the comment section of the said post. Those ideas will be even better indicators of your “super cool extraterrestrial skills”.

        Thank you in anticipation. 🙂

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    • Hi sojourner,

      I read your comment with great interest and noted your statement as follows:

      Humanity is doomed, my friend. It always has been: “The dye is cast, the writing is on the wall.”

      Even if humanity were to survive and later conquer other planets, there will be no guarantee that humanity will not repeat its mistakes and export its problems to other extra-terrestrial worlds, as I mentioned to migarium in a very long, special and important comment of planetary and even interstellar significance, located at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/soundeagle-in-debating-animal-artistry-and-musicality/#comment-9635

      As you mentioned “the worldwide religious/political/economic powers that be want the rest of us divided and at war with each other”, you will find in the special post containing the said comment that not only are humans being divided, there is also a great division between humans and nonhumans, which will or can ultimately lead to a global extinction event, which has already started!

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    • I have read it, dear Dave. And it’s good piece! As he said(quote from this article you shared):”Political theorists, from Aristotle and Karl Marx to Sheldon Wolin, have warned against the rule of the uber-rich.”

      This call was made; but whether or not to evaluate this call depends on mankind, you know.;)

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      • Absolutely! I just stated this in my last comment to you. It isn’t Marx’s fault that no one listened to him, and those who pretended to listen took his wisdom and used it for their own sordid gain.

        Russia and China both make a mockery of Marx’s wisdom! The inbred elite hate the truth, they despise it, because they despise humanity.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Because it is as phony as this capitalist hell, and you are anything but a phony, my friend! You are real, and you know the truth, and you love and desire a better world and life for all people!

        Liked by 3 people

      • These words are one of the most beautiful words I have ever received in my life on this planet! I want to frame these words and put it on the wall! In return, any word I can say in front of yours would be lack! Many many many thanks dear earthling friend! (If I had read this comment last night, I would have drunk a little more.:))

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  2. Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented:
    Well worth a read……….
    The words contained in this article speak to truths we don’t even know exist within ourselves. To read them is to recognise in ourselves the same envy, anger, blame and irrational urge to belong to something that as an ideology is neither qualative nor justified. The British, French, Spanish and Dutch Imperialists went to America and wanted what was never theirs and murdered to gain “ownership” and yet the US citizens are staunchly American and their Land of the Free and home of the brave is to their minds, their heritage. How arrogant is such wrong minded nationalism given the circumstances they acquired what isn’t and never was theirs?
    Unless you are aboriginal or inuit, no-one can claim a heritage to a given geographic location with any degree of truth, because indigenous peoples have always been wiped out by the occupiers, most especially in Europe and the Americas and of course Australia.
    The authours understanding of historical events and human nature has perspective and understanding.

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