Hey! Leaders! Leave ours kids alone!

James Ryan discussed his criminal complaint against 12 countries including the US and Turkey to the International Criminal Court due to war crimes and shows us the way to deal with the criminal politicians turning world into a mass grave.

They must be stopped, these so-called leaders, these so-called champions of democracy, these war criminals, these killers of hope and truth and youth.

And they must be stopped now! That’s why I requested in my Criminal Complaint that the International Criminal Court (ICC) issue warrants for the arrest of the 27 accused so-called world leaders who by their deeds are enemies of humanity. They are armed and dangerous. They finance, arm and encourage the scum of the world as illegal mercenaries to overthrow a sovereign nation, Syria. They continue to commit the crime of aggression and crimes against humanity thus violating Articles 7 and 8 of the Rome Statute, a body of law dedicated to the prevention of grave crimes that threaten peace.

But in the interests of time, and time is scarce because the Cabal’s deeds are foul and fast, I list their names below:

U.S. citizens

Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton (Foreign Minister-FM), John Forbes Kerry (FM), John Owen Brennan (CIA), Michael Joseph Morell (CIA), David Howell Petraeus (CIA), and Leon Edward Panetta (CIA);

Turkish citizens

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (PM), Ahmet Davutoğlu (FM) and Hakan Fidan (MIT);

Saudi Arabian citizens

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and Prince Saud al-Faisal (FM);

Qatari citizens

Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa (PM) and Al Thani Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani;

Jordanian citizens

King Abdullah II ibn al-Hussein and Abdullah Ensour (PM);

The names of the Cabal’s accomplices, ten other individuals from six European nations, can be found in the above-cited documents.

My Complaint cites widespread and systematic violations of laws designed to end the impunity of perpetrators of the most serious crimes that plague the international community. Furthermore, secret and illegal arms transfers from Libya and eastern European nations, primarily through Turkey into Syria, have fueled an enormous bloodbath crime against humanity. Jordan is a particularly serious violator of the Statute, procuring and delivering armaments and allowing foreign intelligence services to operate terrorist mercenary training camps in its own territory. Amazingly, Jordan is a signatory to abide by the provisions of the same Statute it has violated. A special place for Jordan’s two principals should be reserved at the Detention Center.

The evidence of the crimes of all of these infamous leaders is solid. It is up to the Court’s Chief Prosecutor to launch a detailed investigation to bring the Cabal and its accomplices to trial. I argue for their immediate arrest because they behave like uncontrollable serial murders who lie and kill with impunity. And they are now about bombing the very same group(s) they have armed.

The prime minister of Turkey, America’s naughty-boy enabler, unable to protect the borders of his own country, now argues to train more “moderate” fighters and topple Bashar al-Assad. This is where the current catastrophe began, with Erdoğan supplying his “moderate” al-Nusra friends with weapons. This would be laughable if it weren’t so criminal—a head of state admitting that he intends to continue committing war crimes! This alone deserves arrest. But this is the attitude and manner of speech of the Cabal. I have yet to hear any expert—and, as we all know, only experts appear on television—speak about the overwhelming illegality of this rape of Syria.

Oh, but won’t ISIS or ISID or ISIS and some violent Muslim from the Arab world or Florida or Minnesota or Dublin, Ireland come and slit our throats so much it will make our heads spin?

A good, logical question. My answer is, with what? If the criminals from the Criminal Cabal are now in jail, the page turns. The new page has no money, no weapons, no black market oil flowing into Turkey, no uniforms, no white vehicles, no nothing. No financing, no war. Too simple? Think about it…and think about the above list of criminal politicians and their hacks who are determining the future of our children and grandchildren. Arrest them, now!

Law and life are sacred things. Without the former, the latter is valueless and predatory. Today, we approach that sad condition. When it doesn’t suit their immediate interest, nations honor bound to abide by the humane purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations blithely ignore their airy promises and attempt to destroy sovereign nations not to their liking. Talk is cheap and bombs are loud and deadly.

Lies and deceptions fuel barbaric, murderous hordes on the payrolls of the great powers and their secretive intelligence operators. Justice too long delayed is justice denied, said Martin Luther King almost fifty years ago. Can we not arrest this rush to chaos, this deadly, immoral, illegal marathon of aggression? Only the law can stop these deadly, dark powers. This court, the International Criminal Court, is now the only judicial institution that can save the international community that it has pledged to protect.

But with the courageous support and determination of the International Criminal Court we, the vast majority of peace-loving members of the international community, can become a huge force for international restraint and even peace.

But first we must eliminate the toxic, morally corrupt “leadership” that knows only hate, violence and treachery. We can do it. We are smarter and braver than all the ignoramuses that put the world in this catastrophic condition. Put them away forever! Let them spend the rest of their lives trying to understand the dark sarcasm that they’re now just another brick in four walls without bricks.

for full article:

Aydınlık Daily.


James Ryan biography: He was born and raised in New York City. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, he holds advanced degrees in economics (MBA) and English literature (MA), a Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA) from Columbia University, and a Ph.D. in literature. He writes and has published poetry, fiction, literary criticism, and political commentary. He taught creative writing at Columbia University in New York and literature at Kadır Has University in Istanbul, Turkey.

There is no military solution to Syria issue

Reuters/Reuters – Boys inspect a vehicle which was damaged in what activists say was one of Tuesday’s U.S. air strikes in Kfredrian, Idlib province September 24, 2014. REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah, photo was taken from https://ca.news.yahoo.com/air-strikes-syria-hit-islamic-state-held-areas-074935020.html

Russia’s Ambassador Ankara, Andrey Gennadiyevic Karlov gave an interview to Turkish newspaper “Cumhuriyet”- November 12, 2014

Some specific answers as follows from this interview:

Why tragedy in Syria could not prevent last three years?
-3 years ago, when the events begin, we warned to our partners, the result would be like that. Unfortunately our prediction has come true. We have tried to explain “there is no military solution to Syria issue,” to particularly US, EU, NATO countries. We were expressing that we need a political solution; because of that Geneva process was occurred. Unfortunately, our American partners, said to us “You do not understand something, the process will be over very quickly,” the same as in other events. Here, for 3 years this tragedy has been continued; many people lost their lives, continues to lose. Syria has a special place in our point of view, because there are tens of thousands of Russian lives.

– Do you support the coalition now?
-This is a very difficult question. Necessarily it needs to struggle with ISIS. And we contribute to this struggle. Example, we are giving ammunition military vehicles to Iraq. We are not part of the coalition that is constituted by United States. Because, in terms of international law, the coalition against ISIS is the short-term and one-time coalition. Especially this coalition was created to achieve to the specific goals. Similar coalitions were formed before, will be formed in the future. But such a coalition’s activities must be compatible with the UN Charter. You can do this in two ways in terms of international law. One of them is with the decision of UN Security Council, and the other is that if this or that country management has recourse for support. I’m sure that Assad wouldn’t recourse with such a claim to United States. On the other hand the United States does not want to take decisions in the Council. The attempt of the walking around sideways to UN is very dangerous, and there are examples of such attempts but they end up badly. For example, in Iraq and Libya. There is no question as “Let’s fight with ISIS” We have to fight with ISIS, but how? This is most important. The drug should not allow to disease progression.

How do you evaluate the formation of the Kurdish region in Rojava?
-Rojava is part of Syria. The passing of the peshmerga must be approved by Syria management. In our opinion, Syria is a unitary state and should remain so.

Do you think Assad still strong?
– I think anybody in the world can not give a complete answer to this question. Assad seems still strong. Because, Assad has been in power three and a half years, and he was re-elected as head of state. This country really needs the political reforms. This was recorded in the Geneva meeting. But I would like to underline that political reforms must be part of the political dialogue. Otherwise, conflicts will continue. Currently Syrian army is fighting with terrorists, fighting international terrorism. No matter how much the international terrorist in Syria, the position of Assad will be so strong.

“Syrian state is the watch tower of Iran-Russian.” I am using this definition, which is made in his comment by my friend from the earth, Oktay Dogangun for my post:


And again and again I have to say:“The only solution of this terror problem in the Middle East would be common decision of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Russia. Andrey Gennadiyevic Karlov is right “There is no military solution to Syria issue”

for full interview: http://www.cumhuriyet.com.tr/haber/dunya/139935/iki_taraf_da_korkuyor.html

American governments or Nazi scientists, which one is the bad wolf?

Continuously about a week, the news about the Nazis is being put into a certain place on the world agenda. Of course, this is a conscious guidance. It’s called social engineering. Before each world war or big trade issue (both of the same), the people who want to attract the attention to another issue are hypnotizing to the communities. This is not new for this planet.

The latest news about Nazis is about paying salary to them by American government for years.

News link:http://news.yahoo.com/expelled-nazis-paid-millions-social-security-010341906.html

What the Americans, who struggle with high levels of unemployment, will think when the read this news?
And, what will the American government say to the other countries? :”All these years I’ve paid a lot of money to the Nazis, I’m penniless, I can’t go to the hot war” Will they say to these?

Is this a new pretext the countries like Turkey, which are American government can use own power and initiative for going the war?
Will American president say like these? “I would do anything to overthrow Assad, but I have no money. You do it in my place. I can not tell all these reasons to the American people like petrol, weapon trade or gas.”

The events on this planet seems like a joke.

If you accept that these Nazi scientists came to your country…Wait a minute; this information was incorrect. In fact, these scientists were brought to America with an operation in 1947, in a manner contrary to the principles of the international war law after keeping in a place for two years.

Let’s look:

Operation Paperclip: This operation was implemented by an order of Harry S. Truman himself.

During the two years, according to western sources 1500 scientists, according to Russian sources 1800 scientists, total number with their family 3700 people, were kept in a place illegally. I think 1800 number is the more convincing. Because, the Russians must have done calculate better number of the scientists, who slipped through them fingers after WW2:)

So, is it a coincidence, most of these people were the scientists, who worked on the space science, which is one of the most important science branches in today and the future? Even then, the Nazi scientists, who captured in Argentina and the other Latin countries, had lived in these countries with America’s pass clearance.

                    A group of 104 rocket scientists (aerospace engineers) at Fort Bliss, Texas

The names of the most important in the Operation Paperclip are following:
Source quote from Wikipedia same page:
Rudi Beichel, Magnus von Braun, Wernher von Braun, Werner Dahm, Konrad Dannenberg, Kurt H. Debus, Walter Dornberger, Ernst R. G. Eckert, Krafft Arnold Ehricke, Otto Hirschler, Hermann H. Kurzweg, Fritz Mueller, Eberhard Rees, Gerhard Reisig, Georg Rickhey, Werner Rosinski, Ludwig Roth, Arthur Rudolph, Ernst Steinhoff, Ernst Stuhlinger, Bernhard Tessmann, and Georg von Tiesenhausen (see List of German rocket scientists in the US).
Sighard F. Hoerner, Siegfried Knemeyer, Alexander Martin Lippisch, Hans Multhopp, Hans von Ohain, and Kurt Tank
Medicine – biological weapons, chemical weapons, human experimentation, human factors in space medicine:
Hans Antmann, Kurt Blome, Erich Traub, Walter Schreiber, and Hubertus Strughold[19]
Hans Hollmann, Kurt Lehovec, Johannes Plendl, Heinz Schlicke and Hans K. Ziegler
Otto von Bolschwing and Reinhard Gehlen

Even one of them is a scientist, who did experiment on humans.

Anyway, all in all, let’s calculate “how many people are blind in front of the history.” These scientists, who were the architect of the American space science, which America pride on always is becoming target. Who is more hypocrite? To benefit them by deleting their Nazis past but after then to get rid of them in many ways with bringing forward. Is it really an innocent act?