[Video Song] We’l Keep Fighting, Comrade! ہم لڑیں گے، ساتھی


“ہم لڑیں گے ساتھی، اُداس موسم کے خلاف”

This song of resistance is being made and released by pash based on the struggle of students in India. Students of JNU, HU and many other universities in India have spoken out against the anti-dalit and anti-student fascist tendencies of Modi government.

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There is a resistance at this blog!

My beloved readers, I am in great distress. If you ask why, it’s because of Migo and his fascist and wrong management of our blog.

I would like to explain briefly. As you know, at the end of every year, every WordPress blogger takes the annual report sent by WordPress. Yes I am talking about the report which set off fireworks! Many bloggers published these reports in own page. If you’ve realized, Migo hasn’t published. Of course none of you doesn’t know what kind a report was sent us.

Firstly, there wasn’t any firework in our report. I opened the report with the enthusiasm. My eyes had been locked to the screen. Migo didn’t care, but I had focused on it. In front there were drying and fallen leaves which seemed like zombi leaves, the background was dark as Gotham City. Death March was playing. Ok, I should admit that there was no music, but I could have sworn as being honest dog, I heard that moment!

And you know, as I saw at the notes which have been written by wp, there were metaphors such as Louvre Museum or NYC subway. Kind of “NYC subway train holds …. people ,this blog was viewed about …. times, if it were NYC subway train it would take … trips to carry”. Do you know what was written for our blog?

Here it is what we’ve taken:
“Any ship cannot go to the North Pole during the winter season. But there is a ship which is able to do this, nuclear ice-breaking ship for breaking ice. Its crew also is 140 people. Unfortunatelly the figure of your blog view is even no closer to that number!”

At that moment I wanted to cry but I could not! I was so angry. Migo isn’t attentive to our blog. Every day I look at who’s reading to which post or visit. Thank goodness at least one article Migo wrote last year and it has got visitors in every day, its about Nazis and Lebensborn children. If this post wasn’t, any people wouldn’t visit. Even to cheer me up, I started to look at monthly visitors figure instead of daily. But right now, even it is deplorable!

For example, look at Migo’s posts since Christmas. All full politics, grief and pain. Who cares about these! People don’t want to read like these. It should be more remarkable things. I need to take the dominance in here for achieving my goals, so for showing of the dogs can be more popular than cats and of course for more lady dogs and beer and food.

I hope you hear my voice, my beloved readers. I boycott to Migo from beginning today. At least twice Migo will give me the right to write in a month, or I will open my own blog. But I do not want to leave Migo as very emotional and sensitive dog, because I don’t want to leave this alien alone on this planet.

Anyway, if you are with me on my resistance, step forward!