Leonid Leonov: All the blood that has been shed has turned the air bad

He was also one of them, who signed to “Letter of Seventy-four”;in Russian, “Письмо семидесяти четырёх”. “Letter of Seventy-four” as known a letter that signed by anti-Perestroika writers. They had penned the letter with a sharply language about that they were disturbed the division of Soviet Union and anti-Russian propaganda.

Quotes from the letter,

“Russophobia in the media today in USSR, catch up and overtake the overseas anti-Russian propaganda… Russian people quite often are being named “chauvinists”, threatening other nations and peoples… To do this means rewritten the history of Russia false and mockingly, thus that the defense of the Fatherland, the holy heroism Russian patriotic feeling is treated as a “genetic aggressiveness, self-sufficient militarism”… Progressive media, including the bodies of the CPSU Central Committee, implants blasphemous concept of “Russian fascism…”

They were patriots, they believed the planet will be never the same again. And they were right.

If it is noticed after 1991 to claim “the concept of the nation state” and love of the motherland, has become synonymous with fascism by the mainstream media. Those, who swallowed the biggest bite by dividing of the Soviet Union, then turned their eyes to other countries in the region, like Sauron eye. If you pay attention again, after 1991, there is a fact behind every war in the Middle East. UK, US or France or any west country can protect the integrity of nation-state. But as you understand from experiencing in Iraq and Syria or the others have no rights for them!

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Leonid Leonov
From The Thief (1927)
Translated by Hubert Butler


“…Things are going badly with everyone nowadays. You’d think that all the blood that has been shed has turned the air bad. And you’ll have to go on breathing it a long time yet, till a breeze comes. The armies were too keen by half…”

“The sun is passing through a terrible phase. Mitka is plague and anarchy and ignorance and even ruin. He is the lump of wood from which the progenitors of the future man will be carved. But humanity will not go to the dogs all the same. I’m a melancholy fellow, but I maintain that the organ of laughter, the spleen, will scent the danger in time and…

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