Hereafter, we will speak the other things…

Caglayan courthouse in Istanbul (Turkey’s biggest courthouse): Chairman of the Istanbul Bar Association, Umit Kocasakal and other lawyers were thrown out by the police forces from the courthouse.

These are lived today, after the killing of the prosecutor the two days ago, entrance and exit of the lawyers at the courthouse, was applied high precaution suspected of terrorism to the all lawyers. Lawyers opposed to body search and X-Ray.

English translation of the speech of Istanbul Bar Association Chairman Umit Kocasakal, you’ll hear from the video from 2 minutes on, as follows:

“In a place where I was… also over me… that intervention was made me too. Hereafter, we will speak the other things and we will tell… So far our approach was extremely sensitive, unfortunately this has been evaluated differently. If the police can do that to a Bar Association Chairman today… You see what they do to the lawyers already. But this is not going to end like this, you’ll see.”

Words are ended in here,
Laws are ended anymore.
And you beautiful Anatolia, cry!
Cry, until your tears will end…

                             anonymous Turkish folk poem

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Guilty has been found: Humor!

The cover of the latest issue; there is criticism about the previous lawsuit. cover writing at right corner:”We are still countinuing to draw” / Penguin Humor magazine

At the date of February 23, 2015 at the newspapers in Turkey, there was a news as follows:

CHP(Biggest opposite party at Turkey)Deputy Chairman Sezgin Tanrikulu, asked that how many people had been arrested on charges about defamation of President of Republic Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Tanrikulu, gave the proposal presented to the Parliament Presidency for answering of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.
“The last 10 years, on the grounds of insulting the president, has been suit about defamation case to 110 people; this is true?”

110? Is it true? Of course not, there is more and more.

Because, after than, 3 days later in March 26, another news took its place in follows at the newspapers:

“After the day, President of Republic Erdogan who has sit on the seat of president at August 10, 2014; 236 people were sued with the ‘insult’ claim in 226 days.”

So almost in every single day, one person was sued.

Usually there was a common feature of these cases. The majority of the defendants consisted of humorists. Or they were ordinary citizen, who shared a humorous element (visual or written humor text) in social media.

At March 26, that news was continuing as follows.

“Opened investigations 105 of 226 turned into lawsuit. There are also high school students into them. Eight defendants have been arrested until today.”

In general, about the people who are accused until today, if we study the newspaper archives about them, we can see the following information.

“The Penguen cartoonist Bahadır Baruter and Ozer Aydogan, were sentenced to 11 months 20 days imprisonment. Imprisonment was commuted to a fine containing seven thousand Turkish liras.
The topic at cover page about the lawsuit of that: “A citizen come into Erdogan’s presence at the Ak-saray( The residence of President of Republic with the disputed cost of it) button up his jacket in front of Erdogan.
Citizen makes it round of the thumb and forefinger, he has been also claimed to be an insult to the President of Republic with this finger.”

Let’s continue:

“A dentist was taken into custody due to claim of she made “obscene gesture” towards the Erdogan’s autocade, which passed the Doctors Street in Denizli in 21 March.”

“A student from Ege University (Izmir), was taken into custody by police at school. Student accompanied by a song with his friends, and the song was suggested that an insult to Erdogan said.”

“Laz Marks was taken into custody:
Haldun Acıksozlu, the Prime Minister of the period Laz Marks game was detained for allegedly insulting Erdogan. Acıksozlu was released six thousand paying fines.”

Haldun Acıksozlu, has created the “Laz Marx” character, he is a writer, theatre player. And he has been showing a political humor state against imperialism and capitalism with intelligence humor for decades. At his words, it is located in the dialect of the Black Sea. For me, that one is my favorite into his anectodes:

“As long as the money which is a universal gentle prosti**te and p**p of the people and all publics, doesn’t abandon to the relationships and social life; brothers and sisters are not able to kiss each other free and unreturned.” from Laz Capital

17 years old high school student is on trial with imprisonment up to 4 years for shouting slogan as “Illegal your palace illegal” in Turkish “Kaçak sarayın kaçak” in a commemoration ceremony in Konya, Turkey.

“The residence of President of Republic “Ak-saray”, which is disputed cost of it is full translation in English “White palace”.
However, you can see that,
The last two letter of “Kaçak” word so in English “illegal” word
And first two letter of “Ak-saray” is the same.
This can be used as a humor element for this reason.
In the shape of “Kaç-ak-saray”

Besides, there are a famous Turkish director and doctor, Miss Turkey-2006 and BBC-Turk announcer in the people, who has been sued.

Latest yesterday, with claim insulting Erdogan, 17 people were indicted to stand trial, to 3 years.

In this case, total case number 245. And yes, it is still “Every day, one citizen is sued”
Stabilization continues in this situation, maybe only in this situation in Turkey:)