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The mythological King Midas’ touch turned everything to gold, whereas King Corporate-Capitalism’ touch turns everything to SHIT!


From Jakarta and Yogyakarta:Andre Vltchek

It was once again a hot, muggy day in Jakarta. The air was full of pollutants, epic traffic jams blocking entire center of the city. Biasa, as locals would say, or in a lax translation, ‘business as usual’.

It is September 29th, 2017, Friday, just one day before the most sinister anniversary in the entire Southeast Asia.

On September 30th, 1965, the Indonesian military obeying orders from foreign powers (mainly the US and the UK), overthrew the progressive and anti-imperialist government of President Sukarno, murdering between 1 and 3 million men, women and children (including almost all members of the Communist Party of Indonesia – PKI). This was done with the direct help of almost all the major religious organizations (Muslim, Protestant, Catholic and Hindu). The bloodshed continued well into 1966, and the “Rivers were choked with corpses and ran red from blood,” as I was told by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, the greatest Indonesian novelist. All the hopes for a socialist, just and egalitarian motherland were wasted.

Before the coup, Indonesia used to be a true internationalist nation, and was one of the proud founders of the Non-Aligned Movement (the West Javanese city of Bandung hosted its establishing conference in 1955). President Sukarno and his progressive and patriotic government used to hold in their hands almost all the natural resources, trying to build a proud, artistic and productive nation. Sukarno once even humiliated the US Ambassador, in front of a huge crowd, at a packed stadium: “To hell with your aid!” He did not need any Western aid. He was presiding over potentially one of the richest nations on Earth.

The Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI), the third largest in the world after those of the Soviet Union and China, was going to win the elections, comfortably and democratically, in 1966, while being fully supported by President Sukarno. Their manifesto was clear: anti-imperialism, social justice and land reforms. But who were some of the largest landowners in Indonesia during that period? Religious leaders! And they, together with the military and corrupt elites, decided: “No!” This has to be stopped! No justice. No internationalism. No socialism.” They betrayed the nation and its people; they committed treason and on September 30, 1965, overthrew socialist democracy.

The results were horrifying. Perhaps the worst massacres of the 20th Century took place. Mass slaughter, mass rape, and cutting off of female breasts, torture, and shortly after the initial horrors, overflowing prisons and concentration camps. Around 40% of all the teachers of Java were slaughtered and the military was substituted into the school classrooms. Film studios and traditional theatres were shut down, and writers were sent to Buru concentration camp. Intellectualism was fully discouraged, while Communism, the Chinese language and culture, but also all progressive arts and creativity were either ridiculed, or out rightly banned. Promoted instead, were Western-style turbo-capitalism (that which was invented for the colonies, not that for the local consumption in Europe and North America), ‘religions’ (based on repetitive rituals, not on intellectual or spiritual search for God), ‘family values’ (read: patriarchal oppression), an empty pop culture, and selfishness, boosted by consumerism. All this combined gave birth to some of the worst corruption levels in the world.

Indonesia as it used to be before September 30, 1965, died. Unable to produce anything of substantial value, it began perpetrating the unbridled plunder of its own natural resources, predominantly on behalf of foreign conglomerates. The entire beautiful and naturally rich, enormous islands, like Borneo (the largest island in Asia and the second largest in the world), Sumatra and Papua, were converted into devastated, poisoned and fully privatized ecological and social nightmares.


It seems that killing everything decent and hopeful has not been enough for this regime. Even memories have to be killed, even dreams. The great progressive past of Indonesia is being smeared and twisted, until there is nothing more left, only confusion and mechanical religious, family and commercial rituals.

Now, one of the mainstream Indonesian magazines Tempo put on its 25 September – 1 October 2017 cover: “SEKALI LAGI HANTU PKI” (“Once Again, Ghost of PKI”).

Whenever it suits the corrupt elites, the military and the religious cadres (three main pillars of the Indonesia oppressive regime), the Communist ghost is evoked. It is depicted as a monstrous, nasty, and murderous creature. Indonesian children were taught that the Communist hammer was there to smash the heads of the people, while the sickle was – to cut their throats…

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via 52 YEARS AFTER FASCIST GENOCIDE, INDONESIANS SCARED OF “COMMUNIST GHOSTS” | OffGuardian — An Outsider’s Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)


  1. I’m glad you’re better now. This is a dreadful story you tell from 1965.i was too young to even notice it having happened I can’t possibly “like it” but I do just about remember the East Timor part 10 years later.

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    • Thank you, my Earthling friend.:) And definitelly horrible events, about half million people have been murdered and over a million was imprisoned with torture! This is dark face of the humanbeing.


  2. https://louisproyect.org/2017/10/17/qa-with-an-algerian-journalist/#comment-340230
    I’ve been following this acccount. He is interesting in a very different way to you- his perspective I mean.
    Thanks for posting the original piece which I now know more about. I can’t like it but i do appreciate it.

    I saw this and it ties in: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2015/jun/07/joshua-oppenheimer-the-look-of-silence-interview-indonesia
    Thank you

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  3. The internet can be a help to link together those who agree on aims and objectives. Quite a lot of things posted would have been better left unpublished: But who am I to judge others?
    Anyway thats why I limit my output generally until something seems to be actually worth sharing with the universe of our small planet.

    So I think maybe I appreciate your sense of perspective, which I noticed from the beginning.

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    • I have been blogging last 3 years, before than I didn’t have experiences on any social media or something like that. And still don’t have any account(like facebook or twitter) on net except my blog.(actually it is not only mine, it belongs to mine and my dog comrade WD, on the planet:)). We have seen many things you know, so many different people, so many ideas, so many events into these 3 years. Also, I have really precious Earthling friends who I met through the blog, (and I believe I am still meeting with the new ones:)), maybe they are the people for me, who are agree on same aims or objectives with me, like you said. Even if some of them we do have the divergency on some points, but we always find way to settle on these points. This is the describing of friendship by the Earthlings, isn’t it?

      I can understand what you meant when you said “I limit my output generally until something seems to be actually worth sharing with the universe of our small planet.”

      For example, I like to read my friends’ blogs, when they put a post, and make conversation with them. That’s enjoyable! What kind of thing is this for me, hımm, maybe I can describe it like this way: Seeing their world, reading their writings, gives me the feeling of being in a kind of energy multiplier environment. It’s like having a chance to catch the most precious atom in the billion molecules. Or, it is like the beginning of listening to the most harmonious music in millions of frequencies. I had already come to the planet Earth by following such a frequency band from far-far away. :))

      And it emerges that when everyone decides to open their own little universe. If you ask my condition. According to WD, I share everything, even I can announce and share to the world, even my sneeze, haha! Of course I don’t know, how my sneeze can important for the human beings, but this is me, recording every single things about humans and myself about my life on the planet. Yes, all needs to be reported to Galactic Council by me.;)

      And, I appreciate your sense of perspective, too! And I am glad you shared with us a part of your universe. 🙂

      ps: by the way, everything was not perfect for me on the blogging journey, many blogger banned me, still do, because of I have tried to correct of their wrong knowledges, if I am sure my knowledge in hundred percent. Even maybe in later years, about 100 years later, if the people would make a list about bans, my ban record(kind of criminal record) would be the first top on the list; maybe they will wrote on my avatar, “this one was the most wanted,” haha!


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